EMT looking for PCT work in Socal

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    Hi guys, im an EMT i currently work at a retirement community, before this i worked on a transport ambulance for about a year. i was wondering how i would go about getting hired as an ER tech? a few people ive talked to say start off as a transporter or on another floor.

    i have my ACLS, CPR, and EKG cert. im planning on getting my philebotomy cert during the fall

    i applied to a few local ER tech/PCT positions in orange county (mission hospital) and got back nothing..

    what would be the best way to get noticed?

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    Go to an ER and ask the greeter (or who ever is sitting in the front recognizing critical patients) where the office of the manager is. Take them a really good looking resume in a nice outfit and tell them your experience and that you'd love to come work in their ER. Applying online isn't always the best option because HR just looks people over.
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