Did my internship, ready for written test (NY) how was it for you?

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    Well, last time I left off at waiting for the date I'd do my internship at a nursing home and I have finished it already. I was there for four days, for 8 hours each day, I got to shadow the other CNA's, they were also very nice and open to explaining anything I needed answers on, I assisted in bathing, feeding, ostomy care, bed making, etc. So although it was just 4 days I was able to get a taste of waht it's like.

    But since I was a student in the PCT program, not just the CNA course I am a little confused as to whether my written test would not be only on CNA skills, I'm sure I'll have a mixture of questions ranging from CNA to EKG/Phlebotomy. Has anyone taken a PCT written test? How difficult did you find it?

    All I know is that it's 100 questions, and I have been practicing online at the NHA website, I bought a practice course for PCT questions that I can do online when at home.

    I know the CNA part I have it all down (at least for the written part) I'm trying to soak up as much as possible on EKG & phlebotomy as there are some things I do forget at times, so I'm afraid only for this part when it comes to the written exam.

    Anyone with something to say on this?
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