Dialysis technician

  1. Hey there, so I am a last year RN student with one year CNA experience in long term care, and one year in a large hospital's float pool. I am considering looking into working as a dialysis tech while I finish school, as this may be the kind of nursing I'd like to do. I have looked at DaVita, does anyone know how complicated the work is, or if it is common to get hired without dialysis experience? Any info will greatly help! Thanks!!
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  3. by   statnie83
    I work at Davita I have been a PCT for 18 months and over all it's great. I'm in my first semester of the ADN program and I work 24-26 hours per week right now, only for health insurAnce. I work 1 16 hour day, and 1 10-12 hour day. I love my unit over all. We really do have teamwork. We tend to be short staffed alot, but EVERY tech and Nurse help EVERYONE! I went I with no experience. I was trained with a wonderful and by the book preceptor and I passed my exams with flying colors. My FA is ver accommodating with my school schedule. It's a great company to work for. Overall they take care of the us.

    Best of luck!!
  4. by   FutureRNGreen
    I agree davita does hire pct's but it is also hard to get in davita you have to keep on applying because i am a pct and i just gave up with davita