Dialysis Technician

  1. 0 I am interested in becoming a dialysis technician versus a CNA. I was wondering would I need to get a certain certification before I apply for a job? I heard that on the job training is offered through Davita? Basically I am pretty much clueless about how to become a dialysis technician. I was wondering how to become a dialysis technician?
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    My best advice is just to go in there and ask what additional training you need to be employed there. From what I know they like cna's to have exp and to have phlebotomy exp. But you never know, they my just hire even with a cna license. And train you to be a dialysis tech. Good luck
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    You will get paid training for about 3-4 months, by a preceptor. After 18 months of employment/training you will have to get certified, the test is quite easy. good luck.

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