glad to find you here!

  1. 0 Glad to find parish nursing here as this is my first visit to!
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    Welcome to the site!!

    Is parish nursing something you are interested in or are currently doing? Feel free to ask questions and I will try to answer.
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    I am very interested in Parish nursing I would like to know if this is a certification or requires some special training? I would like details. I have had a model of nursing in my mind and when I came across this today I thought someone read my mind. So excited for details. I am a registered nurse in Colorado with 11 yrs experience and a calling from God to change my path.
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    Hello kelsu67 Welcome to the site and to the Parish Nurse forum.

    Although Parish Nursing has been recognized as a specialty practice by the ANA, certification is not yet required or available. There are many parish nurse training programs around the country.

    Read through the threads here, and post any questions you have.

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