What should I expect in pain mgt?

  1. 0 I'm considering a part time job with a community health center's Pain Clinc. I'm an RN who has worked about 1.5yrs in Med/Surg at a large hospital and plan to continue my regular weekend schedule. I've had many pt's with chronic conditions, ortho pt's, post-surgical, and OD/Detox pt's.
    I'm just not sure what to expect my role to be in Pain Management. I haven't had any experience in a clinc setting. How does a pain clinc operate? I'm not sure where to besides here for info.
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    We run a Pain Management Center in the hospital I currently work at. The RN's work in 3 areas, Pre-procedure, Assisting with procedures or PACU. The nurse preop gets the pt hx, radiology reports, med list, vitals etc. The Procedure Nurse assists and documents during the procedure. The patient is taken to the PACU for observation for a short time and instruction are given and vitals are assessed. You will meet patients who have chronic to severe pain due to disease process or injury. It is a very fast paced are to work in, seeing anywhere from 12-40 patients a day. Many you will see regularly because of type of pain.
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