Pain Therapist?

  1. Is there such a thing as a pain therapist? I am thinking the job would demand an RN with pain management certification. Does anyone know if these nurses exist as consultants within hospitals or if those with the certs work only in oncology or hospice areas? Thinking of promoting this position within our facility.
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  3. by   eamon66
    <P>I work as a clinical nurse specialist within an Acute Pain Team here in the UK. We deal mainly with postoperative patients. The criteria for becoming a Acute Pain Nurse specialist includes extensive surgical experience, a sound knowledge of epidural and patient controlled analgesic systems and preferably qualified to degree level. Possessing a certificate within Acute Pain Management would also be a huge plus. I haven't heard of the term 'pain therapist'. Does your area of expertise involve chronic pain management? I would imagine the qualifications for this would be very different to acute pain. We could certainly do with a chronic pain nurse at our hospital as we frequently receive referrals for patients with </P>
    <P>non-malignant chronic pain and there really isn't a plan in place for this client group. </P>
    <P>Take care, Eamon</P>