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  1. Hello NPs/PAs

    I was offered an NP position over the phone at a clinic that serves chronic pain pts. The position was advertised for $3000 per/wk, but no benefits offered. WOrk hrs 40-50hrs per/wk, no more than 50 hrs. I was told that the employer is generous and he compensates well because he does not want to deal with benefits. However, vacation after 12 months, 2 wks thereafter per yr. Its a 12 month contract with automatically renews yearly if both parties are happy. Non compete cause is 5 miles within the office for 6 months. I was wondering, is this type of contract the norm?

    Also, what is the norm for the np role in pain management? This job is located in FL, where Nps cannot prescribe controlled substances, I was just wondering what else is done that would justify that high a salary? I meet with them in a few weeks, but just wanted to know if anyone can tall me about NP role in chronic pain management.

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