My pet peeve regarding pain issues

  1. how many on here experience nurses hesitant to medicate for pain for whatever reason..."addiction", "constipation", "they are faking it, they only want the narcotic", etc. not long ago a nurse told me she wouldn't give a patient their msir as they were faking pain, only wanted to get "high"...this patient was a sweet little old lady with compression fractures. as a nurse with severe djd and back issues, i informed this nurse that i pity anyone who would ever accuse me of drug seeking or that i was faking pain. she looked at me funny, then went and gave the msir!
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  3. by   Josh L.Ac.
    Unfortunately, some nurses fail to administer pain medication because they erroneously believe that the patient is drug seeking.

    But unfortunately, some patients are indeed drug seekers. In addition, some patients fail opiates and should be detoxed off of them.