Effective pain management and EOL

  1. 0 Looking for EBP articles dealing with pain management in terminally ill patients....not just CA patients. Having an "issue" with some nurses I work with not treating pain in these patients....and labeling them as drug seekers. Even had one nurse "question" my practice because I gave ativan and morphine to a patient dying of end-stage COPD. I'm not going to change MY practice....but would like some hard information so that maybe I can change THEIR practice.
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    found these in our hospice forum:
    the last hours of living: practical advice for clinicians

    copd & hospice

    end stage chf symptoms?

    might want to seach our website using term "end of life care" to see other articles http://allnurses.com/forums/search.php

    sounds like great idea for inservice re end of life care
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    Thanks Karen!!

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