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can i become a Pain Manag. nurse?

  1. 0 Hello all!
    i am an RN for 8 years, and also have a B.Sc. Pharm (pharmacist) degree from Israel. I'm planning to move to USA .this degree is not useful in USA (at least for today).
    i know that there is a specialty of Pain man. nurse, and it's very close to my pharm degree and to my knowledge about the drugs. am i right?
    are there any other specialties, that are close to medicaments as the PMN?
    what should i do to become a PMN in USA?- courses?degree?
    Thanx a lot!:heartbeat
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    check out: american society for pain management nursing

    journal: pain management nursing

    best wishes in your journey to the us.
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    Another closely related field is palliative care nursing which covers managing other symptoms as well. Good luck in your endeavors and welcome.