break through pain dose calculation

  1. 0 Can someone please help me? I am in my second semester of my PN program and we are learning about pain management. How do I calculate a break through dose? Is is 10% of the total medication (regular schedule + prn) administered in the previous 24 hrs? Can someone give me an example that is not too complicated? Thanks!
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    I was taking Avinza 60mg daily and then oxycodone 5 mg for breakthrough pain. I could take 10 mg four times a day. When I had my knee replacement they had me on Percocet q4 then for breakthrough they gave me 10 mg of oxycodone q2. This was all scheduled. Even though I said I didn't need that much my doctor wanted it that wayI'm a chronic pain patient and an RN. The mistake some pain mgmt doctors make is not telling the patient to take the breakthrough pain med before the pain gets bad. I always tell my patients let me know when you start feeling a little pain that way it doesn't get out of control Sorry I know you got more than you ask for but I hope this helps

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