Any Pain Management NPs here? Any Pain Management NPs here? | allnurses

Any Pain Management NPs here?

  1. 0 I'm curious, as I'm considering becoming an NP specializing in pain management.

    I initially planned to work in telemetry, then CCU, and then become a cardio ACNP. But my last clinical was on a tele floor, and it was pretty boring. I think that cardiology might be a little limiting for me.

    Since I have an interest in the psychosocial as well as the medical side of things, I wonder if a field like pain management would be a better fit. When I was first looking into nursing programs I was focusing on the closely related fields of oncology, pain management, and palliative care.
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    Guess not.
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    Joe, did you end up in an NP program? If so which specialty? I really want to go the psych route to work in pain mgt, but the basic requirement that most practices want is the ablity to write for opioids. Wonders where you ended up.
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    I've been a Head Nurse at a pain management clinic, and this is a possibility I want to pursue as well...