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My First Code

i hadn't been a nurse for very long, but i was asked to team lead, do charge and supervise nursing... Read More

Marvin the Painted Lady

I had been a nurse for about a year and I loved working in my little LTC in a tiny town. The town... Read More

There is alot of fertilizer in some cardiac patients

"Funny Nursing related Stories" I was a fairly new step down unit RN in a teaching hospital... Read More

Sabbath Baby

by NY2LA

She spilled out of the elevator as the doors opened, huffing and puffing. I could still feel the... Read More

I'm going to jail for sure!

In 1992, I was a brand new LPN (probably even had the new nurse smell) working on a busy med/surg... Read More

A "Hallmark Christmas in Shriner's Hospital"

In 1972 I was injured in a series of events that lead to my eventual hospitalization in Shirner's... Read More

Candid Camera

A few years back, I was working for a small community mental health office in washington state. I... Read More

Melts in your hand, but not in your mouth

When I started out as a C.N.A. my first job was in a LTC facility. I had always wanted to be a... Read More

No name-calling allowed!

I was orienting to a new floor just a few weeks ago, and I was enjoying my new job immensely. In... Read More

I see the light ... Lift me up.


Before I begin my nursing story, I need to give a little background. While I was still in the... Read More

The Bee Keeper- funny nursing story

I had been an RN for about 8 years working only in PICU or NICU, when I took a position in the NICU of a brand new hospital. The doors had only been... Read More

Remember the Geri-Chair?

Long ago and in another state, I worked on a med-surg floor of a famous hospital. At that time, patients waited in the hospital for nursing home... Read More

You Can't Be Naked in the Hall

by AliRae

I've been living on a floating hospital in Liberia for the past nine months now. Coming from a PICU background, I started out completely daunted at... Read More

We'll have a farting contest if you let me put an IV in you.

I was working at a large hospital in Sacramento at the time. I worked on a Diabetic/Renal Transplant unit. We did transplants on people from 18... Read More

A First Assessment

I have been a nurse for over 18 years now and am blessed to have had many accomplishments throughout in my career. I am so proud to be a part of the... Read More

I married Santa

Several years ago I was working as a new LPN on a busy Med-Surg unit in a small town in Northern Minnesota. As you can probably guess, we dealt with... Read More

you should have studied

by 13386

I m from India, a developing country.. it is a country of love and traditions .people find helping each other as a general responsibility,,, yet... Read More

My Husband's Challenging Post-op

by padme

So in my first year of nursing school, a lot of interesting things began to happen in my personal life, medically speaking. I did not have a medical... Read More

Clinical Experience 101: Learned Lessons

by l.a.m.b

Being a nursing student is one of the most stressful roles one can have. The lack of sleep, endless careplans, compiling long medication lists,... Read More

Cherry Chapstick

While taking my prerequisites to enter nursing school I held a job as a cardiographic technician at the local hospital. I was responsible for... Read More