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Defining Delegation: Managing Others

Every nurse is a manager. Nurses manage patient care, their own time and each other. Managing... Read More

Reasons to be a Nurse

by corne

People have different reasons why they choose to become a Nurse. Some people see it as a tool to go... Read More

Pediatric Burn Case

As a student nurse, I was assigned an 18 month old burned boy. My instructor thought that the extra... Read More

The Path

The Path of smoke and ashes It was the end of Nurses' week 2007; I had just parked in the North... Read More

Taking the person but leaving the body behind

My grandfather was a brilliant man. Many children may say that they want to be a firefighter or an... Read More


Have you ever had a coworker die on you? Yes, really die while at work with you? I have, more... Read More

Art of Nursing

Nurses are old and young, tall and short, skinny and wide. We come from all walks of life. Some... Read More

Putting A Face On Mental Illness: A Personal Story

by Bugaloo

I was just a baby when my mother's little brother, Bob, tried to take his own life. He was 18. My... Read More

Patient Teaching Guide: Coumadin Therapy

by Bugaloo

This is an informational guide that I created for patients who are presently on Coumadin or... Read More

Helpful Hints: Female Patient Urinary Catheter Insertion

With some female patients, insertion of a urinary catheter can be difficult. The level of... Read More

Drive Through Dialysis: A Study in Resource Utilization

I recently applied for a nursing position for which I was required to write an essay describing my... Read More

What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me

by Bugaloo

Although at times I dream of having a different type of career, I know that I would never be... Read More

Do you recognize abusive behavior in your unit?

by cmo421

I am sure all reading are thinking that they would never tolerate any such behavior. But do you? Think of the unconscious post op that comes in... Read More

Beginings and Endings

Beginnings and Endings Through the glazed windows of my soul I watch as the scene played out before my eyes. I stood quietly observing the final... Read More

War Veterans...

by psalm

In my five years as a registered nurse I have met many interesting patients. Some occupy my memory because of their convoluted medical histories and... Read More

Changes in Healthcare and How it Affects Nurses

by Bugaloo

It is ironic that I wrote about my feelings concerning the changes in health care and the affect that it is having on nurses, and then logged in for... Read More

Saying Goodbye

SAYING GOODBYE I don’t know about you, but I never spent much time worrying about losing my family members; I just went happily about my business,... Read More


During my illness, I received word that my Great Auntie had died. In the next sentence I learned she had taken her own life. She did this the week... Read More

I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' No Babies

My very pregnant sister in law called me one day and said "I'm being induced on October 15. I'd like it if you'd be there since you keep talking... Read More

Going into Nursing... and the Proverbial Kick in the Butt that got me started

I've wanted to be a nurse since I was five years old. On my first day of Kindergarten, I announced at the dinner table that I wanted to be a Nurse... Read More

We are Nurses

I always assumed, as a new nurse, that after a year or so, I’d know it all. There are some things for which school prepares you. How to spike an... Read More

The Phone Call from Beyond

Strange, but true story: About twelve years ago, I was working nights as an LPN at an inpatient hospice unit. It was a quiet night. I was sitting... Read More

The Patients You Will Never Forget

by Bugaloo

Over the years, I have probably cared for thousands of patients. Most of them I don't remember, but there are a few who have stood out in my mind,... Read More

How Far Have I Really Come?

by cmo421

The first thought that comes to my mind is a quote from the bible, "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like... Read More

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