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Late Preterm Infants (Part 1)

by Elvish Late preterm infants present a special set of challenges for the field of maternal-newborn nursing.... Read More

It is my X-ray

by samjhana shakya It was 2000 AD, I was studying undergraduate course of nursing. It was a final year. I was a... Read More

Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

by XB9S One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how do I prepare for an interview, and over the... Read More

Halloween Humor: There's a dog loose!

by NurseAlwaysNForever Halloween has always been a fun holiday for me. I used to love to get dressed up and trick or... Read More

Lights out

by lobstah i had just finished my orientation as a new rn and had passed my boards only 3 months previous to... Read More

2 am admission

by cwdrell I picked up an extra shift this week and wouldn't you know it, I get the bat-crazy person admission... Read More

Night Nurse II: I Tawt I Taw A Puddy-Tat!

by VivaLasViejas Just when you think you've seen it all............well, that's when you realize how much there is... Read More

Orientation Day LPN to RN

by 99percentangel Wow! 955,000 miles, almost 500 months and 15,500 days after I became a LPN, I'm finally a... Read More

Litigious Areas of Nursing and the Nurse's Liability

by sirI You have the nursing education. You have secured your dream nursing job. You have a duty and you... Read More

Mid shift shower...

by NurseAlwaysNForever Nellie was an 80ish year old lady with Alzheimer’s. She wore red lipstick and big sun glasses, even... Read More

LNC Marketing Ideas

by sirI Diligent and professional marketing to the attorney-client is crucial to the success of the Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC). Many nurses are lacking in... Read More

ER Orientation - what you should be doing....

by traumaRUs First, your ER should have a standardized length of orientation and it should definitely be more for the new grad RN. An orientation of 6-16 weeks... Read More

Thanksgiving Humor

by NurseAlwaysNForever My first Thanksgiving away from my family was spent working a 16 hour shift at the nursing home. For days before Thanksgiving I ranted and raved... Read More

Night Nurse III: Slip-Slidin' Awaaaaaaay

by VivaLasViejas Here's another Night Nurse story, if you want it. Actually, this tale begins in the early evening: a time of day when hospital life starts to wind... Read More

Stand at attention!!!

by cjb73 I graduated from the LPN program on May 12, 2008. I am a 35 year old mother of 3. The truth is, is that I started the nursing program originally in... Read More

funny nursing stories

by focuszx5 Talk about having a a stiff upper lip.... well he was British after all!! Many years ago one of my first jobs was as a junior Staff Nurse in an... Read More

The Role of the Legal Nurse Consultant

by sirI Realistically what type of person/personality does it take to be an LNC? One must be dedicated and persistent. Possess the ability to interpret... Read More

A Lick and A Promise

by nursejoy1 I had a wonderful Grandfather growing up. He had handsome snow white hair, big, bushy, white eyebrows and clear sky blue eyes. And thanks to a... Read More

The Legal Nurse Consultant and Liability Insurance

by sirI Many LNC's are inquiring, "Should I purchase the coverage?" In many cases nurses have been advised, for whatever the reason being, not to receive... Read More

The direct admit, a funny story.

by oramar Early one morning I received notification that Dr. So&So was sending a patient, a female to our unit and that the charge nurse had assigned a room... Read More

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