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Midas' Touch

By hollyhockstorm - daughter had a hard time enunciating that word word that touches a heart, tries a tear, gives a lump in the throat. As we walked from the school bus towards home, she asked, "Mom, how's work?" "Oh, it's not that good, I was too busy last night." Then, she said, "That's alright, Mom, I know you've done your best." Oh, how encouraging and wonderful were those words reverberating in my ears coming from a... Read More


I could NEVER do PICU!!

By janfrn - I've lost count of the times I've heard that exclamation from another nurse. I've also forgotten how many times I've heard, "I just don't know how you do it," not only from other nurses but from friends, casual acquaintances and family. But I don't know how I could do anything else. My first exposure to the nursing specialty that has become my passion began with the PICU admission of my youngest child following a liver transplant.... Read More


The Blue Gown Syndrome

By vadushkas_nurse - I am almost four years into my career as an ER nurse and now concurrently working through the obstacles known as graduate school. I am constantly being torn between two very different worlds, that of reality nursing and that of academia. :banghead: This professional battle often leads me to reflect on how my learning will impact patients. :loveya:More so, this reflection time allows me to acknowledge gaps and become a stronger bedside... Read More


In my prayers

By awongaemtcc - In Emergency Medicine we don’t get the lovey dovey stuff so often with patients. We see patients at their worst. We try to get a big picture as to what’s going on with them, stabilize them and then ship them off. Sometimes before we even get to even know them, they’re out to another room or holding area so we can get another one in. All the stuff they teach in nursing school about getting to know your patients is for floor nurses. But... Read More


They're not just feet...

By awongaemtcc - I’m such a dork now that I think about it but I love my job. The evening started off well.. We were full and within 10 minutes of coming into work, we were cardioverting someone. Then we got a medevac for a post arrest… It was a fun night. One patient sticks out tonight… I felt really bad for this older gentleman I took care of today. He came in 79 year old male with new onset shortness of breath. You could tell he was in CHF. He... Read More


Shaving Cream & Expiration

By thisgirlsanurse - I shaved a dead man today. I hadnít planned to. Iíd planned to shave my patient. When I mentally scheduled his ďbath appointmentĒ for 1600, he was still alive. But later, when I arrived for our engagement, he was already pretty near dead. In truth, I really wasnít expecting it. But then, at the same time, I really wasnít that surprised. I was next door in my other patientís room, helping her on and off of the bedpan when... Read More


Critical Care Nursing Article

By RecoveringKite - I have been an RN for 11+ years now. After 5 years of working in a rural small hospital, I thought it was time to break out to obtain experience in more advanced fields. I decided to go to Philadelphia eow and work 3 twelve hour shifts in a large city hospital. (WOW, was that an awakening!) I started in IMC and worked my way up to CCU/ICU. After a year I was pretty much working anywhere I wanted. About 2 years ago I was working in... Read More


I Can See it When You Smile

By 2shihtzus - every once in a while i have what amounts to be an awful night at work. the night started out a bit rough. of course, we were short-staffed, and my patients were high acuity. it seemed like every patient had a new med order that needed to be faxed to pharmacy. i had one patient who weighed close to 500 pounds, and when i went into assess him he said, "i have a load down here that needs to be cleaned up." (like i couldn’t smell... Read More


Where I Need To Be

By cannew304 - I work on a large acute care pediatric unit, and have come to love my the kids, the families and my coworkers. Lately, though, an old friend of mine has been on the unit as part of her 3rd year med school surgery totation. And it has been weird for me. I know I compare myself to her, and compare our roles in the healthcare sytem. I sometimes feel like she sees medicine as being superior to nursing, but maybe it's me doing it too? It... Read More


One Man

By ShannonRN09 - Wrinkles adorned his face in all the right places that a man aged to his 70's should have. He didn't smile now, but lines around his mouth were indicative that he laughed in life up until this moment. His eyes were a soft gray that I knew had many stories that I wished he could tell. I was one in a crowded room of the receiving team of nurses that lifted this man: a father, a grandfather off the golden Stryker that carried him from... Read More


Learning a Life Lesson, The Hard Way

By vadushkas_nurse - Finding balance as a RN For me learning to strive for balance in my life is utmost important. :heartbeat I didnít know this when I finished my BScN in 3 Ĺ years and rushed into my first career choice. :dance: I started out full time as a new grad in the ER department and casually on a nephrology unit. The completion of a long time goal was finally there and I was awe struck, contemplating what my next goals would be. I loved the... Read More


Come on! Breathe!

By 2shihtzus - So Iíve been at my new job for almost 3 weeks. I wonít say that I like it. Truth be told, I hate it. I donít know anyone, so I canít be myself. I just show up and try to do my best for my patients for my shift. 90% of the time, I question whether I REALLY want to continue being a nurse. It seems like all I do is pass out drugs and cater to ridiculous requests. So the other night, I was moodily hanging IV fluids. I was thinking to... Read More


Family Centered Care in the ICU

By RNPATL - Family Centered Care in the Intensive Care Unit Through Open Visiting Hours Copyright 2008 Written by RNPATL Nurses today have a unique challenge and opportunity to effectively balance the provisions of critical care on the acutely ill patient while also striving to meet the needs of family members impacted by the patient’s critical illness. The concept of family has changed over the years and expanded to include blood relatives... Read More


"Nancy" and Babs

By Babs0512 - On my way to work I usually got the "performance jitters" - you see, I was not the Nurse my patients saw each day, that was a role that I played; I played it well. Each shift "Nancy Nurse",my character, was efficient, intelligent, quick thinking, compassionate, organized, quick witted and funny. She also had excellent assessment skills, and even better intuition. She always "knew" which patients required closer monitoring -... Read More


Why nursing was for me...

By awongaemtcc - Most people grow up having a clear understanding as to what they want to be in life. It is the norm to attend high school, move on to college and pursue these goals. I, on the other hand did not have just one set goal. In elementary school, I wanted to be an engineer, because my dad said that’s what I should be. In junior high school, the show Baywatch was always on. I wanted to be a lifeguard because it seemed cool; beautiful people... Read More


Come On! Breathe!

By 2shihtzus - so iíve been at my new job for almost 3 weeks. i wonít say that i like it. truth be told, i hate it. i donít know anyone, so i canít be myself. i just show up and try to do my best for my patients for my shift. 90% of the time, i question whether i really want to continue being a nurse. it seems like all i do is pass out drugs and cater to ridiculous requests. so the other night, i was moodily hanging iv fluids. i was thinking to... Read More


The Fixer

By Tele_Nurse4u - The Fixer Working in a critical care field, Cardiac IMCU, has evoked many emotions from within me: fear, excitement, determination, and frustration. Looking back only a few years ago itís amazing to me the basic things I had no clue about. I could never imagine I would understand what seems like a thousand different medications or comprehend the inner workings of the heart. School taught me everything I know. School taught me the... Read More


Candid Conversations With Families

By gal220RN - I feel sorry for hospital patients. They are required to wear flimsy backless gowns and frequently subjected to invasions of privacy. I have been a hospital patient three times, each time as a woman giving birth- one huge violation of decency after another. After my last child was born, I had not one single shred of decency left. I can strip my clothes off at the drop of a hat, not that anyone is very excited to see me do it. Patients... Read More