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A Path of Learning

By dianah - After many years as an RN, I do recall three memorable patient encounters that impacted my life and changed how I practice nursing. Over 30 years ago, I was a young 'float' RN doing morning Team Leader rounds in the Post Partum unit. I had just left a four-bed ward on my way to the next two-patient room. My mind remained on the mothers from that four-bed room, joyfully discussing and comparing their newborns, sharing names and... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad

By psychpattylpn - :nurse: :D The patient who changed my life was a 72 yr. old woman. The winter of 2004 she thought she had a cold that she couldn't shake so she went to her primary care dr., who said it was probably the flu and prescribed her an antibiotic. When it persisted she returned to her primary care dr., who then did a chest x-ray and pronounced that she had pneumonia and sent her home with more meds. After still no improvement, with... Read More


Patients who have changed my life

By BelleKat - Early in my career as a Burn Nurse I met a patient who along with his family impressed me beyond words. My pt was an independent contractor who accidentally touched a high tension wire and the enormous amount of electricity coursed through his arm,through his chest and torso to exit out of his leg by blowing a large amount of tissue out of his thigh. In the course of his hospitalization he was faced with the sad realization that... Read More


A Father's Tears

By Elvish - I received his mother, AA, to a room on our floor shortly after midnight one night. She had presented to ER at 15+ weeks gestation with ruptured membranes and intermittent vaginal bleeding; the OB staff suspected chorioamnionitis as the culprit. Rather than risk the infection becoming overwhelming, the decision was made to do a dilatation and evacuation later on in the morning. She was accompanied by her mother and father; her baby’s... Read More


The Human Spirit

By janfrn - There have been many patients over the years who have taught me something, about nursing, about critical care, about myself, about the human spirit. Each one has touched me in some way and I will never forget them; hopefully I won't forget the lessons they've taught me either. One little boy gave me insights into all four. "Lincoln" came into my life as a toddler. Not quite two years old, he had taken a header down a short flight... Read More


Dear Henry

By Babs0512 - Many years ago I met Henry. He was a med surge patient of mine. A man in his 80's who was alert and spry, and love to joke with the staff. I was a new nurse, and Henry was a welcome relief compared to some of my other patients. As a new nurse, I wasn't as outspoken as I am today, I was rather shy, and not as inwardly confident as I would have liked, but I hoped I portrayed an air of confidence outwardly. I went in to introduce... Read More


My First Patient

By littleRNthatcould - Like many 19 year olds, I didn't have a firm grasp on what I wanted to be when I grew up. The only thing I was sure of was the one thing I didn't want to be: a nurse. I grew up in a family of medical professionals. Three aunts and my mother were nurses, two uncles and cousins paramedics/firefighters, my own father and grandfather Army medics. Routine dinner conversation at family gatherings were enough to send the most hardened... Read More


Lest We Forget

By Angie O'Plasty, RN - i was in the process of discharging a patient. i thanked the patient and the family for being so wonderful and helpful to the staff. it was true; the whole situation was awful for the family and they all came through it like real troopers. the way their faces lit up, i could see that they were pleased. later in the shift i had to discharge a patient who was very difficult to care for. the patient was very demanding, very miserable... Read More


They Call Me The Swamp Nurse

By Nur_1996 - They call me the swamp nurse. I work with male juvenile offenders ages 14-18. In Ochopee Florida where the alligators surround us and the lost swamp boys serve their time.. A place that is safe from the hatred of the streets. Big Cypress Wilderness is a place to learn, and repair and make better choices. Choices that will determine the rest of their lives. My experience in pediatrics and school nursing, camp nursing and The prison... Read More


Patients Who Have Changed Our Lives

By Lia~PasteL - I may not have the most extensive work experience, but I would to share this wonderful experience, and most likely, a nursing experience that had a great impact on me. Before, I entered this path, I had no interest in knowing other people's interest for taking up nursing. All I know was, I enjoyed reading this particular story of a nurse from Chicken Soup for the Soul. It moved me greatly, that's why I chose this profession. Two... Read More


The Chick Project

By wishiwereanurse - (I took this from my diary, written last April of 2004, during my first year in nursing school) The Deformed Chick This morning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by something I haven't realized yet. I went to the kitchen to lock the door, when my attention caught the little chicks that my dad hatched from an incubator. One of those chicks was deformed. It couldn't walk because its feet were deformed, and it bled from struggling... Read More


The Making of a Burn Nurse

By SandBetweenMyToes - I went into nursing in midlife as a change of career. I was in a Second Degree/ Second Career program. Within my clinical small group was a thoroughly entertaining and wonderful guy who worked as a nurse tech in the local Burn Unit ICU. He would regale us Newbies with fascinating stories of the laughter and tears of burn nursing. I was convinced…when I finished my education, I wanted to be a Burn Nurse. I started out as a shiny... Read More


Smile even though you are crying

By Travduck - I was still running from an ex-spouse who continued to stalk me. I had had to move 4 times in the last six months. Money was tight and I was a nervous wreck hold “it” together by the concerns for my kids and grace of Godd. I worried about losing my job believing that the only thing that kept me employed was my past track record. At that time I was working in a small pediatric unit which unfortunately often pulled at the last vestige of... Read More


A Lesson And Story - Human Nature At Its Best

By vadushkas_nurse - The topic of patients changing my life doesn’t stir up particular stories for me. However, lessons patients have taught me :bow: and heartwarming moments shared with patients :loveya:does revive memorable moments of my nursing career. :nurse: VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED FROM PATIENTS I have learned over time how important it is to actually LISTEN to patients and their closely tied visitors. :up: It is these people that frequently... Read More


A Patient That Changed My Life

By Bortaz, RN - The patient that changed my life – and the lives of my entire family – is a patient that we never even met. Despite being a complete stranger whose name we never learned, this patient had an impact on us that will last a lifetime. Indeed, a lifetime that wouldn’t have been possible without them. Approximately 5 years ago, Lena and Cliff were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl. As older, first-time parents -- both... Read More


A Place Of Safety

By nightmare - A Place of Safety I have worked long term care for a long time; standing joke at work is that I am just waiting for them to offer me a free room! I always kind of assumed (yes I know, never assume etc etc) that after working in this environment nurses and carers become empathic with their patients. Like most of my breed I am tired, burning out and jadedly cynical but I keep on going, why? Well here’s why. ... Read More



By nightmare - Imagine You wake up slowly, open your eyes and……where am I? Four white walls, white door, brown door…….This is not my bedroom; where is the chest of drawers inherited from granny, my pictures, ornaments and the yellow wallpaper? Where am I, where are the boys, it’s light, I must find……what?! My boys where are my boys? You get out of bed, unsteady, dizzy…where am I? How do I get out…must get out, this door that... Read More



By Franemtnurse - When I was an EMT, and a CPR instructor, I always took extra classes in order to learn more. One special class was about SIDS. In this case the parents blame themselves, feeling; "If only I had" when in fact there was nothing the parent could have done. So it's important to treat the parent, telling the parent what sometimes happens with SIDS, and it usually happens in the first year of the baby's life. There's an electrical impulse... Read More