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Candid Camera

By iamablonde1970 - a few years back, i was working for a small community mental health office in washington state. i had been asked to cover for another nurse who had gone home sick for the day. i was glad to do this. she had a few patients coming in for anti-psychotic injections so i gathered the appropriate... Read More


you should have studied

By 13386 - I m from India, a developing country.. it is a country of love and traditions .people find helping each other as a general responsibility,,, yet nursing (the most noble profession in my view) has not received its required status hereÖ. People still think that the care takers in various hospitals... Read More


My Husband's Challenging Post-op

By padme - So in my first year of nursing school, a lot of interesting things began to happen in my personal life, medically speaking. I did not have a medical background per se going in, but the longer I was in, the more I realized I had done just about a little bit of everything already--Depression, Mood... Read More


Clinical Edjamacation 101

By l.a.m.b - Being a nursing student is one of the most stressful roles one can have. The lack of sleep, endless 20 page careplans, compiling looong medication lists, reading textbooks, studying, and clinicals can certainly take a toll on the toughest individual in more ways than one. I certainly felt the... Read More


Cherry Chapstick

By carroll77566 - While taking my prerequisites to enter nursing school I held a job as a cardiographic technician at the local hospital. I was responsible for performing EKGs, stress tests and EEGs. EEGs was my least favorite task at work but a necessary evil since we were such a small hospital. One day an... Read More


The Grey Nurse

By NursePhil - After graduation some fifteen years ago I failed to gain a position in an approved Graduate Nursing Program. This was not uncommon as the graduate nurse year program was new and the number of positions was limited. I chose to work as an agency nurse to increase the range of my experience. I was... Read More


Front row seats at an autopsy

By gingerbreadman0214 - Donít you just hate it when someone picks on you just because youíre the smartest and that it cramps their style? They would think of you as a competition or a threat even though you donít intend to be. Conflicts often arise from this and these narcissistics:bugeyes: would sometimes resort to being... Read More


The patient I "slept" with.

By racing-mom4 - Working 3rd shift as a CNA on the Med Surg floor was a great introduction to nursing for me. It had taught me many valuable lessons I was not able to learn in school. I learned the benefit of a timely med pass, that a complete assessment at start of shift is essential. I learned it is better to... Read More


When good phone calls to the doctor, go bad.

By NurseCard - We all have to call doctors at home sometimes, about our patients. Shoot, nowadays I have to do it about 3-4 times a night, on average. Being a seasoned nurse now, it doesn't bother me much at all, to have to call. However, back when I first began my RN career, there were doctors that would... Read More


"JAWS"-medical breakthrough...or not

By Katie-in-charge51 - About 15 years ago, a young Dr. known for practical joke-playing, talked me into assisting him with one of his more outlandish tricks. I usually refuse, because I cannot keep a straight face when I am joking. However, for some reason I went along with his strange idea. The House Supervisor that... Read More


Melts in your hand, but not in your mouth

By txnursingqt - When I started out as a C.N.A. my first job was in a LTC facility. I had always wanted to be a nurse and my mother was ADON and convinced me to begin with being an aide. I had grown up in nursing homes since that is where my mom preferred to work. I was comfortable there and not scared of the... Read More


no name-calling allowed!

By kellyjoeds - I was orienting to a new floor just a few weeks ago, and I was enjoying my new job immensely. In fact, I was feeling so good about myself, that I began to relax my "first impression" behavior, and let a little bit of the real me shine through. I have since learned that a little bit of the real me... Read More


Lift Me Up

By ICU/CCU - Before I begin my nursing story, I need to give a little background. While I was still in the stages of taking pre-requisites for the nursing program, my mother died. She had cancer and was bedridden for a long while before she died. She developed a stage IV pressure ulcer, which caused her to... Read More


The Voice of God

By ecugirl - I remember a patient I took care of YEARS ago who was admitted with a broken leg and ruptured bladder. He had been to an AA meeting, gone out and gotten drunk and walked into the pathway of an oncoming car. I worked straight nights then...the 7P to 7A shift. This man was usually compliant and... Read More


Cap - Plop

By aknottedyarn - I worked with a doctor who was very proper. He was friendly and not stiff or unapproachable. He just had his own ideas of right and wrong. One day he asked me why I did not wear my cap. I went through the usual answers: It pulls my hair, it is hot, it gets dirty, it gets caught in the... Read More


That Locked Door!

By travel225 - As a childbirth educator with an eighteen-month old son at home, I enjoyed getting to know the staff on the maternity floor. While visting there one busy afternoon, the head nurse,Susan, asked why I did not come help them out on occasion. Stating my home schedule conflicting with an orientation... Read More


Foley Fiasco!!

By Babs0512 - As I was thinking back over the years of funny stories I've lived as a nurse, two immediately popped into my mind, so I put them on paper. I had been a nurse for about a year, and I had placed many catheters in women, but never in a man. Well, my luck ran out one day, and I had an 84 year old... Read More


Doctor Loses Pants

By OBNURSE81 - All of us in OB had a soft spot for an elderly general practice physician that delivered babies at our small rural hospital. He was a little gruff around the edges, but had a heart of gold where his patients were concerned. He loved delivering babies as well as caring for the old. Most of his... Read More