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In Bed With Dying Patient

Sometimes, a family member's behavior is so clouded by the grief and shock of a loss that we must... Read More

Common Problems With Breastfeeding

Many people have a misunderstanding that breastfeeding comes natural; the misconceptions that all a... Read More

Kaplan Vs Ncsbn NCLEX-RN Review

by jay4

The reason why I am writing this review is because, just like you, you’re searching the internet to... Read More

Hospice: Knowledge and Wisdom Worth Dying For

Leading up to May 2007, I had worked in a variety of nursing areas. I have worked in long-term care... Read More

The Last Bag of Pretzels

Most of us run away from the dying. I spent 17 years in the ER fighting death. Death was... Read More

Daily Profile of a Student Nurse

At 1 o'clock in the morning, I found her wide awake reading a 9-lb Medical Surgical Nursing Book on... Read More

Overcoming Clumsiness

Clumsiness, an issue that I have considered as a hindrance in pursuing nursing. Yes, I was once a... Read More

Never Stop Learning or Loving.

When you graduate from nursing school, you are ready to take on the world with your new knowledge... Read More

Why I Want to be a Nurse

After graduating from high school in Northern Ohio, all I wanted to do was- just get out. And... Read More

Healing Environment: A Map towards Patient Safety

by waqar

Good environments make us feel better, and feeling better is the key to getting better. Now a... Read More

Being "Da Man"(or "That Man") In A Overwhelmingly Female Classroom

Mention to most guys that they could have a job where they could be surrounded by women, make... Read More

Caring Point

Across the hall of a certain government hospital, on the pediatric wing, I heard someone harshly... Read More

Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

by 43RN20

As seen by a Registered Nurse from the United States, who is now on assignment, it can be hard to adjust to hospital nursing in Saudi Arabia. That is... Read More

Things That Go Boooop In The Night

Warning: This is an attempt at nursing humor. Any resemblance to any situation or person, living, dead, or half-dead from lack of sleep, is entirely... Read More

Why Are We Here

what makes us a nurse: sometimes becoming a nurse is the dream of a lifetime born perhaps in childhood on seeing the competent care given loved one... Read More

The Mahogany Door

My first clinical rotation was at Massachusetts General Hospital. It was in a part of the hospital known as Phillips House 22, a lockdown... Read More

Something of Value

by chadash

I have always wanted to enter an essay contest, but have the unfortunate dilemma of having nothing to say. But should that stop me? How much... Read More

Ethics in End-Stage Cancer

Hope you enjoy this paper. It was assigned to me for my concept paper and I have yet to actually turn it in, its due this Thursday. This was a very... Read More

Full Circle, my First Year of Nursing

I have officially completed my first year of nursing. I graduated in November 2006, passed my boards in December 2006, and started my job in January... Read More

Mental health in developing countries

by starbin

I grew up in a small village in South Asia where many people don't have access to basic healthcare. On top of that mental health is such an issue... Read More

The Power of Ethical Wills

by rmw44

Using Words That Heal The document he held in his hand read like a lawyer had charged him for more than time and effort. It was the beginning of... Read More

Healing Wounds and Souls

(author's note: This article was printed on our College Newspaper in Bulacan, Philippines. My school is Bulacan State University Collge of Nursing.)... Read More

"The Laying on of Hands"

I wanted to be a nurse since I was 13. My grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer in October of 1992 and died in July of 1993. She heard the word... Read More

A Nurses Role in Health Care Reform

by mschau

Although I have not given much thought for whom I will be voting, there is one topic that is on all the candidates minds; healthcare. This is usually... Read More

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