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Caring Point

Across the hall of a certain government hospital, on the pediatric wing, I heard someone harshly... Read More

Don't Blame the Nurse : Fix the System

The discussion forum cites numerous first-hand stories of how nurses have blamed... Read More

A Typical Day for this Parish Nurse

I have been a Parish Nurse for the past 9 years, being part of a program sponsored jointly by our... Read More

The language of pain

Years ago in my high school P.E. class, I jumped down off some bleachers and sprained my ankle... Read More

Everybody was Somebody's Baby Once

I wrote this in May 2007. This was my first clinical day of Med Surg. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Today... Read More

Yesterday and Today's Nurses

by hlfpnt

What do you think of when you hear the word nurse? Myself, I picture someone in a starched, full... Read More

The Good Doctor: What Hospice Has Taught Me

by tencat

At a casual gathering the question inevitably arises. “Where do you work?” I always hesitate to... Read More

Staff development and funding

by JBudd

Abstract This paper will discuss the wide range of duties found in staff development and... Read More

How to Command Respect

by 43RN20

In an article published in 2007 by the Green Bay Press Gazette, attention was brought to a problem... Read More

Health Care Relief - The Best Kept Secret

by 43RN20

Just what is being done to support our nurses in the workplace? Is there something more to the... Read More

Computerized Medication Systems

This might not fit in but I thought it was interesting: A topic which has been on the top of... Read More

Do you recognize abusive behavior in your unit?

by cmo421

I am sure all reading are thinking that they would never tolerate any such behavior. But do you? ... Read More

A Nurses Role in Health Care Reform

by mschau

Although I have not given much thought for whom I will be voting, there is one topic that is on all the candidates minds; healthcare. This is usually... Read More

Putting the Hospitality Back In Hospital

by Tait

"Please tell us your name, hometown, reason for joining the nursing program and clinical experience. Maria, let's start with you." "Maria Sanchez,... Read More

Is Peak Flow Monitoring a Necessary Component of Pediatric Asthma Management?

by mtnmom

Asthma is the most common chronic condition of childhood (Burkhart, Rayens, Oakley, Abshire, and Zhang, 2007; Burkhart, Rayens, Revelette, and... Read More

A letter to K.

by Elvish

Recently I took care of a new mom postpartum after her second baby who took methadone for heroin addiction. She and her family taught me so much. I... Read More

Case Managing the Homeless and the Role of Community Health Workers

by jhoonk

Section I. Introduction This paper describes the case management process in providing Health Care for the Homeless (HCH). Brief introduction... Read More

We are all made of stars

This is a paper I wrote a while ago for my Fundamentals class that I am really proud of and wanted to share. "What's wrong with death sir?... Read More

Tips for Nurses: Dealing with annoying coworkers

by Bugaloo

One thing they don't teach you in nursing school is how to deal with annoying coworkers. If you work in a hospital, you probably work 12-hour shifts.... Read More

No Guarantees

When I worked in LTC, I took care of a resident who was total care, and had dementia with psychotic features. This resident used the call bell a lot... Read More

The Truth About Nurse Recruiters - Bonus or Bogus

by 43RN20

Employment advertisements are flooding our newspapers, newsletters, nursing journals, e-mails and even our private mail. The ads seem to be saying... Read More

Learning From the Ancients: The Nurse Becomes a Shaman

by zenman

A massage therapist friend gave me a book titled, "So You Want to Be A Shaman." I never really paid much attention to the book, perhaps because my... Read More

Defining Delegation: Managing Others

Every nurse is a manager. Nurses manage patient care, their own time and each other. Managing others is called "delegation" and is defined by the... Read More

Reasons to be a Nurse

by corne

People have different reasons why they choose to become a Nurse. Some people see it as a tool to go to other countries. Some people uses it as a... Read More