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The First Patient I Cared For

By al7139 - In 2003, my parents moved from Maryland to New Jersey. They were looking forward to the move. They were right across the river from NYC, my mother had accepted a great job, and they were excited about being able to go to the Broadway shows, dine out, etc. My father was a retired Air Force Major, and a former Operations Officer for Reagan National Airport in D.C. They had four children, including myself. Three sons and a girl (me).... Read More


The Human Touch

By love to dive - Once in a while a patient will say something that makes me stop in my tracks and re-examine what Iím doing as a nurse. This man was in bad shape; his main problem was polycythemia vera. He had had both legs amputated above the knee, and was rather non-compliant about his care. Part of the problem was that he had no family to help him care for the wounds and had trouble doing it himself. Not surprisingly, he developed cellulitis and... Read More


"Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad"

By coffee_aroma - Hi! I just wanted to share my part about nurses world. I am convinced that ICU, CCU, OR, etc... are the ones who's more on the spotlight for all nurses. That is why I got my first work as an OR nurse, but that was before...Now, as I applied in another hospital, I was shocked that they assigned me in NICU!I mean, how did OR and NICU intertwined?!I asked them I did not have any experience before on that area. They said, it's okay you're... Read More


The Tip

By limestone - I met Mrs. Z. late in my first year as a student nurse in 1969. I was “in training” at a large children’s hospital and Mrs. Z., originally from Eastern Europe, was my first patient on my Adult rotation at the nearby general hospital. On that Monday morning I walked onto Public Medicine, proud of myself as always in my white bib and apron over a blue under-dress, with starched collar and cuffs, distinctive hospital cap, white... Read More


A Loving Pair

By Dragonfair - A Loving Pair Having been a nurse of some type over the last 30 years. I have had many patients who have endeared my heart to further my education in nursing. I have two particular patients to whom I owe my education in life and nursing. The first patient was a woman who had worked hard her whole life for her family. She was sick most of her life, genuinely sick, yet she was up and at them every day working and carrying on what... Read More


On Death And Dying

By mayagoose - On Death and Dying It was not long into my nursing career before I experienced the first death of a patient assigned to me. I was working on a telemetry unit and went in to assess the lung sounds of my patient who was on bedrest. I asked him if he could roll onto his side so that I could put my stethoscope to his back to listen. He complied. It was not long before I heard no lung sounds. I asked him to take a deep breath ...... Read More


They Changed My Life With Exercise

By PiaLove - Rita was one of my favorite homecare patients: not too difficult, always kept her scheduled time and definitely was in need of my assistance. She was well over seventy years old,cognitively challenged, and was not the patient I would expect to be overly excited! She was dependently independent ( meaning her husband helped her with matters concerning her health, but she took all the credit because he told her she should). She always... Read More


What I Love About My Job

By amcgraw - What I love about my job. 78 years. That's it. That is the average life expectancy at birth in the United States. Doesn't seem like enough time to accomplish it all does it? As a nurse I work with people who are at the end of their lives everyday. Most are elderly and have accepted it - even joke about it. Others are young frightened and feel unprepared and out of control. I am amazed that literally everyday I, a young (sort of) woman... Read More


Patients Who Have Changed My Life

By Jessiedog - Tammy. A Ray of Sunlight. I am a paediatric nurse, and a patient that comes to mind who had a huge impact on me is a little girl called Tamara. She was 9 when she died, and I nursed her for the last 5 years of her life. She had Cystic Fibrosis, and was a pale, frail-looking little thing with blonde hair and blue eyes. During some admissions she was so pale that her white-blonde hair had more colour than her skin, and the dark... Read More


On the edge of insanity

By docpsychrn42 - "what are you doing! get off her!" the aide was straddling the patient on the floor with a tee shirt on the patients neck. i had just came back from break and seen the aide just sitting there on top of this female patient. "she just cut her neck with a broken light bulb!" said the aide. i told the nurse to call a code blue but the pager system was down. so another aide ran down the hallway yelling for help from another unit. a few... Read More


A Patient Who Changed My Life

By pn77 - I am lucky to have been accepted to an LPN program in an accredited school and am in my third week. Having had a Home Health Aide with a certificate from American Red Cross, I worked with the elderly in their homes and Assisted Living facilities and I loved it. For 5 years I had a lovely client who became very dear to me and I enjoyed taking good care of her. We went to the park, for lunches, and she enjoyed taking drives when... Read More


Lives Forever Changed Ė I am Glad!

By greenergrass - So many patients effect our nursing practice, but this one will stay with me forever. Tom was 35 years old when he got sick. A strong police officer, Tom never expected to be diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. One day he was on the SWAT Team, breaking down doors, gun in hand, fighting the bad guys. That afternoon, he went to his regular blood donation appointment. By evening, he was admitted to the hospital. In 2 days... Read More


Through a different set of eyes...How a patient changed me.

By sunnynikko - The day a patient changed my life was the day my Dad became one. It was a week before Christmas when he had an unexpected accident at home, and my twin sister had found him on the garage floor. He had fallen out of the 12 foot ceiling and onto the cement floor. He was trying to get the Christmas tree. He required emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and had a massive heart attack from all the blood loss. I was overseas playing... Read More


A Patient who Changed my Life

By WildcatFanRN - He Just Wanted Someone to Listen We have all been there. You are in the middle of your morning medication pass, and it actually looks like you might actually get off work on time when it happens. You go in to give medicine to Mr. X. and bam, you end up behind. Why, you ask, when everything was going so well? The answer is simple, he needed to talk, and you took the time to listen. I remember working at a hospital in... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives good or bad

By ociusmedinfo - Patients who have changed our lives good or bad. This happened to me before I finished nursing school. It was written at the end of 2007. This part of the year always causes me to pause and take stock of where I am, where Iíve been, and what I hope for the future. I donít know what it is about the holiday season but it has this effect on me every year. Itís probably because the end of the year is near and itís the time when one... Read More


What We Do Not Learn In School

By the_alchemist - It was as if the universe conspired to get me working on my dream job after going through a huge deal of drama. Since "Girl, Interrupted" I knew that I'd like to be in a mental health facility (to work, that is). In a place surrounded by numerous rules on patient confidentiality, I can't help but share the story of one patient which might get some people to their senses. Let me tell you about the story of Elizabeth (not her real name).... Read More


The Patient I Failed

By nerdtonurse? - I met her one Tuesday night, and spent that night pouring Jevity into her tube, only to suction it back out. Her legs were cool and mottled, her bowel sounds were non-existant, and her blue eyes stared blindly at a ceiling she could no longer see. The MD refused to terminate feedings, but I held them since there was no digestion taking place. The woman was turned and repositioned every 2 hours, and each time, she moaned and gurgled as... Read More


Rocking Camille

By vernix - Stepping into my clogs and starting my shift in Labor and Delivery always brings a sense of anticipation to my heart. Nearly two decades have passed and I am still excited to assist with the birth of a baby. People often comment on how lucky I am to work in such a happy environment. This is true, but there is another side that most people, even other nurses, will not discuss. Some babies are born with issues that can not be... Read More