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Positive Reinforcement for the nurse and the Nursing Student

We can make it better for first time nurses. I remember my first day as a nurse as if it was... Read More

Tips for Surving Cardiac Telemetry

A Newbie's Guide to Cardiac Telemetry It's like a nursing nightmare. Not the kind where you end... Read More

10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

As a Registered Nurse, this year marks my 20th year in home health nursing. It has been a wonderful... Read More

Sleeping patient and the panicking student nurse

I was so nervous during my first day . Am I doing it right? Do I know what I am doing? But,... Read More

Walking Two Blocks

by zenman

Walking Two Blocks Going to work for most people is probably an exercise in boredom. Not for... Read More

Tips for Pediatric Nursing: For Every Heartache There Is A Reward

by oreo11

The first code on Pediatrics, that I was responsible for, was shortly after my first year as a... Read More

Gringo's Question

Gringo’s Question The decision to further my education and become a Registered Nurse (R.... Read More

Lessons from an Autopsy (Warning: Graphic)

What, other than an A&P review, can a nurse gain from attending an autopsy? I wondered. This was... Read More

LPN school: The First Year

]March 5, 2007. My first night of LPN Nursing School. I was sick to my stomach, nervous as a... Read More

Help with Care Plans

Every single nursing diagnosis has its own set of symptoms, or defining characteristics. They are... Read More

Sexual Abuse Enlightenment for Teen and Nurse

by detra

Upon finishing my last semester for my ASN degree, I had clinicals at a psychiatric hospital. I... Read More

Tips for Radiology Nursing

by Rae78

If you are a nurse who is new to the specialty of radiology, congratulations! Radiology nursing is... Read More

My Litttle Blue Nursing Bag

Everyday when I leave for work, I pack my little blue bag. It is nothing special, just clear on one side, blue on the other and a zipper on the top.... Read More

Forgetful Nurses and Older Moments

:Forgetful Moments and Older Nurses… Getting older in nursing is just like getting older in real life. Sometimes it’s worse. It can be... Read More

A Day In ER

by ms.t

March 29, 2008 It was my usual day in the emergency room of a highly specialized hospital in the Philippines. Since I’m still new in the area,... Read More

Tips for Human Nursing

The list of things that I would share with new staff or those that may have forgotten why they became a nurse. :p REALLY LISTEN AND REFLECT, THEN... Read More

Tips for Surviving Nursing: The Trauma of caring

I'm pretty sure my first post here was maybe in a newly recovering addict. After 34 years in this profession, mostly in PICU and nearly... Read More

Tips for Geriatric and LTC Nursing

by handyrn

I have worked in Geriatric/LTC nursing for over 20 years. The same scenario has played out hundreds of times in my career. It goes something like... Read More

My Senior Nursing Experience Paper

What Nursing Has Been And Is For Me Our nursing class has known about having to write this paper since the very first week of nursing school. We... Read More

Follow Your Dream! It's never late to become a nurse.

Many of us have wanted to be nurses for as long as we can remember. However, some of us have had to put our dreams on hold due to life situations. ... Read More

Nursing: Taking Back Our Power

by Bugaloo

A few months ago, I wrote an article on Allnurses about dealing with annoying co-workers. During the time I wrote that article I was mired in... Read More

Who me, a techy? A whole new world-nursing informatics!

by crazErn

To boldy go where I had never gone before!:dance: So was my entry in to "nursing informatics". Let me tell you about the journey! I have been... Read More

What Graduate Nurses Need To Know About Nursing

by Bugaloo

My co-workers and I were sitting at the nurse's station the other morning after a rough 12-hour shift. It was the first time we had sat for longer... Read More

Crumbs from the Crusty County Nurse

Perhaps I am taking poetic license in this attempt at answering Tips for your fill-in-the-blank of- your- nursing- specialty article contest, largely... Read More

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