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NCLEX Advice 2016 PVT, Out of time

NCLEX Advice 2016 PVT, Out of time

by RNinsomnia - Hi there, I promised myself if I passed the NCLEX I'll come back to this site to write about my experience and hopefully helping somebody as this site has helped me A LOT. Hint: If you don’t want the...

Should I Get my LPN/LVN or RN?

Should I Get my LPN/LVN or RN?

by Nurse Beth - Amanda is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who was forced out of her job in a hospital. She now works for less money as a patient care technician (PCT). Nicole is just out of high school and wants...

Orlando Tragedy - "Why does it bother you so much?"

Orlando Tragedy - "Why does it bother you so much?"

by jaycam - Because a nurse I am friends with asked me why it mattered so much to me... I thought I would share this with all of you as well. LGBTQ culture is one of shared experiences. In the same way that...

How You Can Lose 50 Pounds In 90 Days

How You Can Lose 50 Pounds In 90 Days

by Surg-OncRN - As a nurse, we hear about the obesity epidemic more now than ever. You see it in your patients and sometimes in yourself. As nurses, we are looked up to by our patients and should represent the image...

Cancer made me a better Nurse

Cancer made me a better Nurse

by VioletKaliLPN - "You have Breast Cancer, it is aggressive but we have very effective treatments." I was 31 without ANY family history of cancer, how could this happen? I began to grieve, I became angry, sad, strong,...

There's No Such Thing As Over-prepared

There's No Such Thing As Over-prepared

by Dezi919 - As I sit here typing, I am thinking about all the stuff I still need to do to prepare for the start of this semester. There are books to be bought, classes to be paid for, notes to be done in...

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  • 34

    I'm sorry, as a result of nursing school I can only answer questions in an NCLEX format. Would you mind offering me four choices that either all seem right or all seem wrong?

  • 29

    I lost 210 pounds in one day.

    i kicked the first husband out.

  • 23

    While mostly good advice, 50 pounds in 90 days is EXTREMELY unrealistic. I also notice there are ZERO references for sources that would confirm the 'fat burning machine' claim.

  • 14

    50 pounds in 90 days equates to approximately 17 pounds per month. Many weight loss surgery patients cannot even lose weight at that rate, let alone someone who is trying to lose it the old fashioned way.

    However, the article was informative. Thank you for writing it and sharing with us.

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    I hate those care plans so much. So, we're supposed to create a care plan on the patient's goal, and this gets to be ridiculous in Psych.

    "So, Bob, what's your goal?"
    "To get the hell out of here, you dumbass!"

    "Mary, I'd like to ask you what your goal is."
    "I know you're in cahoots with the KGB. I'm not giving anything up."

    Here's a special one for Geropsych:

    "Ok, Joe. What's your goal?"
    "Have you seen Mother?"
    "Ok then, Junior. Can you tell me what your goals are for Joe?"
    "To get better."
    "Yes. Of course."
    "I want him back to the way he was before all this happened."
    "I see he has dementia..."
    "Yeah, I'd like him to get his memory back."

    So, now I put these patient/family goals into the care plan and we are supposed to chart under these. Thanks to Whoever-Started-This-Mess that decided to hyper-focus on using "the patient's own words" [insert unicorns and rainbows here], we are now charting under these bizarre "goals". Yes, I'm charting about suicidal ideation on the care plan for "Risk for Suicide" under the patient's stated goal of "To get the hell out of here."

    On my more ornery shifts, I almost hope for the most ludicrous response to this question. I think the best answer I ever got was "none of your business, sweetheart", which was given to me by the world's crankiest, crispiest old lady

    On some patients, yes, I can work with them and pull out a reasonable goal... most of them? Not really and I don't really try anymore.

    The only time I look at the care plan is when I have to set it up with a new admission or when I have to chart through the care plan. No, I do not update it. I do not care. It is a sham. The only people who care are the people who are paid to make things look good on paper for Joint Commission.

    This is how I really feel.

  • 14

    First off, it is not your job to creep on other nurses because they seem shady at work. If they do something reportable or you have suspicion of something that can cause harm, you report it to your superior and be done with it.

    Nurse sanctions and such are a matter of public record. When searching their license info, it will have a link to their BON "trial" and any punishments if they have ever had trouble with the board. Only seeing basic licensing info means they have not been turned into the board for anything that has caused action to be taken against them.

    Leave it be. This is just weird.

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