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Haiti nursing experience

I thought that I knew all about transcultural nursing when I wrote about Yoshi- the young Hassidic... Read More

When the mother is in prison

by Elvish

The hospital in which I work has a contract with our state wherein all pregnant prisoners deliver... Read More

Into The Looking Glass: Facing the Cliff in Recovery

Facing the Cliff in Recovery (Based upon Creed's song and video, Six Feet From The Edge) ... Read More

Alham Dulillah

I was twenty one when the letter for an interview for a job in Saudi Arabia came to me by... Read More

Experiences in Ecuador

Never one to do something the normal way, when my nurse practitioner residency started, I opted to... Read More

Used Nursing To Start My Business

As a nurse I never thought I would be in the position I am in now. I used my nursing skills and... Read More

Our Littlest Patient

Fridays always seem to bring unusual patients or situations to our maternal child unit. It has been... Read More

Less Talk With A Little Bit Of Action

I always wanted to be fluent in English because it is the universal language. I am a nurse back... Read More

Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - Part Four: The Analysis Question

by VickyRN

analysis reflects the ability to break information down into parts, understand how these component... Read More

Better Must Come

I am a nurse aide working in the home care field. Having lived in Hawaii all of my life, I have... Read More

The Trauma after the Trauma

After several days of working regular ER zones and one of triaging I worked as one of the trauma response nurses yesterday. My first patient was from... Read More

Mentor, Mentor...Where Art Thou?: Newbie 101, Ground Zero

Newbie 101, Ground Zero Psychiatric nursing is unique and is a wonderful field of nursing. However, for the student nurse or for the new nurse... Read More

My Miracle last April

To Preface this story I am a many year Paramedic turned brand new RN. My best friend had a beautiful baby girl last April. Her pregnancy was... Read More

The Value of Transfer Boards

There are some tools that have been around for a long time, but are rarely used because Medicare or Medicaid will not pay for them. Transfer boards,... Read More

Human Like Me

When I pulled the maggots and bits of chewed tobacco leaf from the young lady's hip wound her husband rocked sideways, closed his eyes and softly hit... Read More

The Nurse's Role in Providing Spiritual Care - Is It OK to Pray?

There has been recent discussion in one of the allnurses threads about a nurse in the uk who was placed on suspension for offering to pray with a... Read More

The Boy With the Broken Heart

Antonio was admitted to the Pediatric unit one night with breathing problems. We don't have a Pedi ICU, but he was assigned to an experienced nurse... Read More

Research-Focused Nursing Doctoral Programs and Nursing Knowledge Development

by VickyRN

abstract this paper discusses the maturation of research-focused nursing doctoral degrees and their pivotal influence on the development of... Read More

Crescent and Star of David

by Medic09

Cross-cultural Cooperation This reminiscence is dedicated to my buddy Jack and all his fellow soldiers in Iraq. May God keep them safe and... Read More

Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care

Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care I am a LPN student, and am about to graduate. It is an exciting time in my... Read More

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