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The Value of Transfer Boards

By Angie O'Plasty, RN - There are some tools that have been around for a long time, but are rarely used because Medicare or Medicaid will not pay for them. Transfer boards, also called slide boards, fit into this category. When I asked why they were not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, I was told that a sliding board is a... Read More

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Experiences in Ecuador

By QuitoGal - Never one to do something the normal way, when my nurse practitioner residency started, I opted to expand my horizons and venture to the southern hemisphere in Quito, Ecuador. Doing my residency in the Ecuadorian health care system was one of the most profound and life changing experiences I ever... Read More


Used Nursing To Start My Business

By Kyrshamarks - As a nurse I never thought I would be in the position I am in now. I used my nursing skills and certifications to start a small DBA. I just closed the books for Jan, 09 and my wife and I netted after everything $158,000. Not too shabby for being in business only 4 months now. We will be on track... Read More


Our Littlest Patient

By RuralNP4KIDS - Fridays always seem to bring unusual patients or situations to our maternal child unit. It has been that way, almost every week, for the six years I have been the director. This Friday started with an early morning call to my home from the nursing supervisor. “There is a 32 weeker who presented to... Read More


Less Talk With A Little Bit Of Action

By pandaboi - I always wanted to be fluent in English because it is the universal language. I am a nurse back home in the Philippines and with God’s blessings I was able to get a job in US. It was my first time working abroad so I was a bit concerned about the cultural diversities I may encounter because I will... Read More


Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - Part Four: The Analysis Question

By VickyRN - analysis reflects the ability to break information down into parts, understand how these component parts are organized, and then infer how they are put back together again (classification). the learner must examine how each part relates to each other and find the underlying structure. this includes... Read More


Better Must Come

By augiebear - I am a nurse aide working in the home care field. Having lived in Hawaii all of my life, I have been exposed to many different ethnicities and cultures, or so I thought. The following are my experiences with a client who defines transcultural. As soon as I finished my nurse aide training, I... Read More


Global Perspectives on Healthcare- Volunteering in Nepal

By nursemadhavan - healthcare is the maintenance or rehabilitation of a person’s physical, mental or spiritual status. it is culturally relative and therefore it means, and requires, different things in different societies. the healthcare that people in different areas of the world receive is heavily affected by... Read More


Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - Part Three: The Application Question

By VickyRN - application reflects the ability to use learned concepts, rules, methods, or theories in new situations. this includes the application of basic principles or procedures in patient-care encounters. questions asking students to solve nursing math problems, determine the most appropriate action,... Read More


Letter from a Former Student

By VickyRN - as educators, no words of encouragement lift our spirits higher than a note from a former student about his or her successes in the wonderful career of nursing. i thought i would share a recent letter (with permission from my former student, of course): Read More


Human Like Me

By marian howe - When I pulled the maggots and bits of chewed tobacco leaf from the young lady's hip wound her husband rocked sideways, closed his eyes and softly hit the floor. That was probably the best place for him. In his present state, lying quietly and breathing regularly, he was harmless. His wife was... Read More


The Nurse's Role in Providing Spiritual Care - Is It OK to Pray?

By tnbutterfly - There has been recent discussion in one of the allnurses threads about a nurse in the uk who was placed on suspension for offering to pray with a patient. In this instance, the nurse only offered to pray. She reportedly did not follow through with prayer when the patient declined her offer. In this... Read More


The Boy With the Broken Heart

By classicdame - Antonio was admitted to the Pediatric unit one night with breathing problems. We don't have a Pedi ICU, but he was assigned to an experienced nurse and hooked up to various monitors. The ER doctor had diagnosed respiratory distress, but as time went by the primary nurse became more anxious. She... Read More


Research-Focused Nursing Doctoral Programs and Nursing Knowledge Development

By VickyRN - abstract this paper discusses the maturation of research-focused nursing doctoral degrees and their pivotal influence on the development of nursing knowledge. similarities and differences in the different types of nursing doctoral degrees are discussed, as well as their impact on theory,... Read More


Crescent and Star of David

By Medic09 - Cross-cultural Cooperation This reminiscence is dedicated to my buddy Jack and all his fellow soldiers in Iraq. May God keep them safe and bring them home safe. W. was my Chief Flight Nurse a while back. He’s an interesting mix of history and characteristics. He served in the US... Read More


Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care

By ilovechadkrause - Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care I am a LPN student, and am about to graduate. It is an exciting time in my personal and professional career! During my clinical trials, I have encountered three people that touched my heart in lasting way. We did not share... Read More


"Gotta Love Transcultural Nursing"

By RNACHIEVER - My transcultural nursing experience began eight years ago when I was deployed in, what I thought would be the least expected place I would ever be, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being a nurse from the Philippines, I was one of those who dreamed of coming to America for a greener pasteur, but... Read More


Code Status Error – An Ethical Dilemma

By Simkah - One shift can forever change your life, your career, and your outlook on life. All these events transpired many years ago in a small community hospital in which I had just been hired for a part-time “PRN” staff nurse position. But they are as fresh in my mind as if they had occurred yesterday… I... Read More