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Remember the Geri-Chair?

By Ruby Vee - Long ago and in another state, I worked on a med-surg floor of a famous hospital. At that time, patients waited in the hospital for nursing home beds to become available, a wait that could sometimes last a year or more. We had as a patient an elderly Spanish aristocrat I'll call Juan. Although Juan had been in the US for decades, a series of strokes had wiped out his command of the English language, along with most of his... Read More


You Can't Be Naked in the Hall

By AliRae - I've been living on a floating hospital in Liberia for the past nine months now. Coming from a PICU background, I started out completely daunted at the thought of caring for more than two patients. Now, I barely blink when my report sheet has ten names on it, and I've embraced the slower pace of life here. It seems that a lot of my favourite moments on the wards involve little naked kids running around. Last week was no exception.... Read More


Funny nursing story

By booter512 - I was working at a large hospital in Sacramento at the time. I worked on a Diabetic/Renal Transplant unit. We did transplants on people from 18 months to however old the physician would accept. One day, we had an eight year old boy in who had previously had a kidney transplant. He was in for some rejection issues and needed some biopsies and other varioius tests done. At the time, he was assigned to another nurse, but he... Read More


I'm going to jail for sure!

By BSN_after_40 - In 1992, I was a brand new LPN (probably even had the new nurse smell) working on a busy med/surg floor. I was so proud and excited for my new career and took my job very seriously! I believe I was a week or 2 out of orientation, so I was really green! One busy morning, each room on our ward was full, so we were really running. I had 2 women in one of my rooms both in thier 50's or early 60's. I was at the med cart carefully double... Read More


I married Santa

By BSN_after_40 - Several years ago I was working as a new LPN on a busy Med-Surg unit in a small town in Northern Minnesota. As you can probably guess, we dealt with a lot of blizzards and bad winter weather more often than we like. I was working the day shift on Christmas Eve when a very dangerous blizzard began that morning. The roads leading to our small town hospital were closing and most of the pm staff were calling in due to dangerous... Read More


"JAWS"-medical breakthrough...or not

By Katie-in-charge51 - About 15 years ago, a young Dr. known for practical joke-playing, talked me into assisting him with one of his more outlandish tricks. I usually refuse, because I cannot keep a straight face when I am joking. However, for some reason I went along with his strange idea. The House Supervisor that night was a good friend to all of us. She was a wonderful, spirited nurse who went out of her way to be helpful to us all, and had a great... Read More


Melts in your hand, but not in your mouth

By txnursingqt - When I started out as a C.N.A. my first job was in a LTC facility. I had always wanted to be a nurse and my mother was ADON and convinced me to begin with being an aide. I had grown up in nursing homes since that is where my mom preferred to work. I was comfortable there and not scared of the screamers or the residents that would grab at you when you walk down the hall. I thought that I had seen most of it all. Plus I had heard many... Read More


no name-calling allowed!

By kellyjoeds - I was orienting to a new floor just a few weeks ago, and I was enjoying my new job immensely. In fact, I was feeling so good about myself, that I began to relax my "first impression" behavior, and let a little bit of the real me shine through. I have since learned that a little bit of the real me is more than enough to go around! Sometimes, I get a little too silly for my own good, and this was definitely one of those times! I am... Read More


Lift Me Up

By ICU/CCU - Before I begin my nursing story, I need to give a little background. While I was still in the stages of taking pre-requisites for the nursing program, my mother died. She had cancer and was bedridden for a long while before she died. She developed a stage IV pressure ulcer, which caused her to become septic. With the sepsis came uncontrollable shaking and the doctor prescribed thorazine to be given regularly around the clock. My... Read More


There is alot of fertilizer in some cardiac patients

By Psychtrish39 - "Funny Nursing related Stories" I was a fairly new step down unit RN in a teaching hospital in NW Oklahoma and as such we had alot of what the locals called "county patients' . I just called them patients from different walks of life. And as such one night I had two fresh open hearts and a post cath patient and things were cooking along pretty well... Well this one gentleman with the post open heart was feeling nauseated and in... Read More


A First Assessment

By ddemille - I have been a nurse for over 18 years now and am blessed to have had many accomplishments throughout in my career. I am so proud to be a part of the nursing profession; and now, as in my role as an educator, I am always sure that I share the good, the bad and the ugly with those coming into our wonderful profession. Many of the lessons to be learned really take time, but then there are the simple lessons, as well. To me, these are the... Read More


Sabbath Baby

By NY2LA - She spilled out of the elevator as the doors opened, huffing and puffing. I could still feel the cold off her wool coat, which was not close to closing over her huge pregnant abdomen. Not many patients came up this back elevator directly into Labor and Delivery unless the Emergency Department staff brought them--she must know the hospital well. "Good evening--may I have your name please, and can you tell me what brings you here... Read More


A "Hallmark Christmas in Shriner's Hospital"

By Cathlabnurse46 - In 1972 I was injured in a series of events that lead to my eventual hospitalization in Shirner's Hospital for Crippled Children in Philadelphia. In the Fall of 1973 after my family was left nearly bankrupt from my catastrophic hospital bills I found a sponcer and was admitted into Shriners. Back then, it wasn't a time of "political correctness", and the use of the words "Crippled Children" were plainly spelled out on the signs near... Read More


Candid Camera

By iamablonde1970 - a few years back, i was working for a small community mental health office in washington state. i had been asked to cover for another nurse who had gone home sick for the day. i was glad to do this. she had a few patients coming in for anti-psychotic injections so i gathered the appropriate charts, and reviewed the medications and the dosages. when one of the patients came in for his appointment i went downstairs to greet him... Read More


you should have studied

By 13386 - I m from India, a developing country.. it is a country of love and traditions .people find helping each other as a general responsibility,,, yet nursing (the most noble profession in my view) has not received its required status here…. People still think that the care takers in various hospitals are untrained,,, uneducated people who are just paid a small amount to do some work ……… although the criteria is changing for the younger... Read More


My Husband's Challenging Post-op

By padme - So in my first year of nursing school, a lot of interesting things began to happen in my personal life, medically speaking. I did not have a medical background per se going in, but the longer I was in, the more I realized I had done just about a little bit of everything already--Depression, Mood Disorders, Parkinson’s, Cancer, DVT, Septoplasty, C-section, Wound care, MRI, and the list goes on) with either myself or someone in my... Read More


Clinical Edjamacation 101

By l.a.m.b - Being a nursing student is one of the most stressful roles one can have. The lack of sleep, endless 20 page careplans, compiling looong medication lists, reading textbooks, studying, and clinicals can certainly take a toll on the toughest individual in more ways than one. I certainly felt the pressure, and towards the end of the semester, my brain was fried. Now that this semester is coming to a close and I am graduating, I can look... Read More


Cherry Chapstick

By carroll77566 - While taking my prerequisites to enter nursing school I held a job as a cardiographic technician at the local hospital. I was responsible for performing EKGs, stress tests and EEGs. EEGs was my least favorite task at work but a necessary evil since we were such a small hospital. One day an order came down from the inpatient unit for an EEG on a 40-something year old man. I got my supplies and machine and headed upstairs as the... Read More