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Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse

So after leaving the polls running for several weeks the one I felt most interesting was the... Read More

Talked into a career in nursing by Stephen King.

I began my nursing career as a young male in a community college. I was taking prereqs, feeling my... Read More

You Came All The Way From America Just For Me

After 27 hours of travel I have arrived. It is very hot, there is no air conditioning and only warm... Read More

I will talk, you just listen

by blt3535

Ask anyone who knows me very well, and they can tell you what I have wanted to be when I "grow up"... Read More

From a happy and lucky Nurse

When I first started I didn't know how to explain a telemetry box to a patient appropriately, now I... Read More

Love and Healthcare in the Third World

Decade after decade we are subjected to the same images and videos of crying children with bloated... Read More

A Meeting of Two Minds

I had been known to the Old Order Amish Community in rural Ohio for eight years as the English, or... Read More

Exceeding Expectations: My First Mission Trip

Exceeding Expectations: My First Mission Trip Beth Goodheart RN, BSN, CNOR Sitting at the... Read More

The challenges of nursing school

On a boat, in the ocean, I will likely get seasick. I prefer the mountains and the forest. Some... Read More

Intensive Prayer Unit

When considering a holistic approach to healthcare, it is important to realize the vital role that... Read More

University-Private Sector Research Partnerships

by VickyRN

Imagine the effect the discovery of an alternate source of energy would have on our country and our economy - perhaps garbage from landfills could be... Read More

Multiple Choice Test Items - Response Options

by VickyRN

the response (answer) options follow the stem. the answer selection part of the test item contains several (usually three) incorrect choices... Read More

Some quick tips for a good latch

by Elvish

For moms who are breastfeeding, a good latch is supremely important. If not, nipple pain will soon ensue - even if the improper latch is held for... Read More

International Nurses and UK nursing

by XB9S

One of the topics that is raised frequently in the UK and International forums is how does an international nurse go about working in the UK. The... Read More

Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - The Stem

by VickyRN

The stem furnishes introductory information and enough content to clue for the response. It may be constructed as either a direct question or an... Read More

The Cultures of Nursing

Transcultural Nursing Experience: The Cultures of Nursing Fresh out of nursing school and with my brand new RN license, I followed my husband... Read More

Foreign Trained nurses in the US

recently on allnurses i read a thread that bothered me and felt it was worth investigation, it was regarding foreign nurses taking jobs from... Read More

The Inside Culture.

by abemwe

I always have a big fight ... The outside fight the inside. The outside is arrogant, violent and judgmental ... I only like the inside with its... Read More

My heart is in Peru

by Anyausa

This was my first medical mission trip. The dream finally came true. Last year I was serving the peruvian people and it changed my life forever. I... Read More

The Student and the School Nurse

During my clinical day with Mrs. R there was one interaction in particular that stuck out in my mind. A student had visited Mrs. R early in the... Read More

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