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Hospice Nursing - Compassionate Care at the End of Life

By tnbutterfly - One of the realities of health care is that not all patients can be cured. The time comes for all of us when we face death. For some it comes quickly and unexpectedly. For others, a terminal illness or condition is diagnosed, giving more time to consider end-of-life care. In this case, as the patient’s health declines, the care of a hospice nurse can be very effective in making the end days more tolerable. The goal of hospice... Read More


Methadone Clinic Nurses / Methadone Maintenance Treatment Nursing

By TheCommuter - According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people who are presently addicted to heroin and other types of opiates is in the ballpark range of around 1 million. Since so many people in this country grapple with opiate addiction, the nurses who work in methadone clinics (also known as methadone maintenance treatment facilities) have a special role in helping these individuals get through... Read More


Seasonal Flu Shot Nurses / Immunization Nurses

By TheCommuter - According to the website, seasonal influenza (flu) activity in the United States ordinarily peaks during the winter months of January or February, but can start as early as October and be seen as late as May. Therefore, it should not be surprising that different types of entities will require the skills and services of seasonal flu shot nurses to impart their trained effort in getting through this busy time of year as smoothly... Read More


Direct Care Staff / Aides for the Developmentally Disabled

By TheCommuter - Developmental disabilities nursing is an often-overlooked specialty in need of tolerant employees who can provide sensitive care and patiently keep up with the various challenges that are unique to clients with mental retardation. Four degrees of mental retardation exist: mild, moderate, severe and profound. Direct care staff, also known as aides for the intellectually disabled, might be the most significant type of workers in the... Read More


Agency Nursing

By Meriwhen - Agency nursing (also known as registry nursing) is the provision of nursing services on behalf of a staffing agency. The nurse is an employee of the agency; the agency sends the nurse out to various facilities to practice. Agency nurses can be found in all specialties of nursing. Agency nurses may work part-time or full-time. RNs, LVN/LPNs and advance practice RNs all can do agency nursing. Many nurses choose to work agency as... Read More


Aesthetic/ Plastic Surgery Nurses

By VickyRN - Plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing healthcare specialties today. Aesthetic nurses provide patient care and assistance within a variety of procedural and perioperative settings to improve or enhance the patient’s appearance. These nursing professionals care for patients undergoing elective minor cosmetic procedures, cosmetic and maxillofacial surgery, major reconstructive surgery, laser and microsurgery, and... Read More


Performance Evaluations

By jadelpn - There are at least 2 subtypes of performance reviews/evaluations. The title itself reveals a bit of a disconnect--Are we reviewing or are we evaluating? Some nurses are a bit confused about what happens to the evaluation, can it be "used against" a nurse. Equally, there are managers who have to give some so-so reviews--and I am not sure the purpose, other than heaven forbid that a manager has staff that are on top of their game?!... Read More


Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

By TheCommuter - Everyone is capable of academic success, but some people arrive at the table better prepared than others. The controversial truth is that not all people will succeed in school, no matter how badly some individuals may want it. And, in my opinion, this is perfectly okay. For instance, if everyone in our society becomes a surgeon, then the prestige and excellent pay that characterize this occupation would drop. It’s the same story... Read More


A little Paper on Nursing Theory and Application

By Susan1012 - As a student nurse, I am just beginning to establish my personal philosophy of nursing. During my study of nursing theory, I will be able to integrate broad concepts from a variety of theories to identify what my future practice might comprise. I selected Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Model to explore here as I anticipate it will be useful to my practice. Nightingale was a pioneer in the development of modern nursing. It was... Read More


Nursing Special Children

By cool_nurse - How is it like to have patients who are autistic or with down syndrome? Do you have the patience and magic touch as a nurse? Can you tickle their mind and hearts in order for them to agree with your interventions? Children who are mentally-challenged or diagnosed with incapabilities will always have a soft spot in my heart. These type of patients such as those diagnosed with autism or cerebral palsy needs special attention from... Read More


Another Year of Blessings

By tnbutterfly - No....this is not an early New Year’s story filled with resolutions. Today is my birthday and I have been thinking back over events of this past year. Birthdays are good times to celebrate....not just with cake and presents, but celebrate life itself. Life is a blessing that we sometimes take for granted. We just assume that life will continue....that tomorrow will come and the sun will shine. But as we get older, we see things... Read More


YouTube Nurses and Nursing Students. My Top 10 List.

By Sea_of_Roses - I have benefited from Youtube both as a Nursing student and as a RN. It has helped me to better understand ABG's (Arterial Blood Gasses), prepare for interviews, and deal with professional challenges such as time management. User discretion is advised however, whether one is posting videos or watching them it is important to respect HIPAA laws. Youtube may also be a great studying tool but it’s vital to make sure the information... Read More


Top ten reasons for being fired - Falsification of Documentation

By madwife2002 - If you didn't document it, you didn't do it! This is a statement most nurses live by! Unfortunately there are nurses who document things they didn't do, which may result in harm or neglect to a patient. Subsequently this may lead to felony charges of falsifying medical records. Fines of up $25000 and 5 years in prison can occur if proven by documentation specialists. So not only could you lose your job, your license, you could lose... Read More


Hospital Unit Secretaries

By TheCommuter - Today’s hospital setting is a busy place in need of industrious employees who can keep up with the numerous demands and multiple tasks associated with allied healthcare. Hospital unit secretaries, also known as unit clerks or ward secretaries, are staff who provide a variety of essential secretarial duties for physicians, floor nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other providers on specific hospital units or floors. ... Read More


Suicide Is Not Your Answer

By TheCommuter - Many people in the nursing community remember either hearing or reading about Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who killed herself in 2012 after being tricked into releasing personal health information by two Australian disc jockeys posing as members of the Royal Family over the phone. Then there’s Kimberly Hiatt, the Seattle area registered nurse who took her own life in 2011, mere months after making a medication error that resulted in... Read More


Addictions Nursing

By Meriwhen - Addictions nursing deals with the nursing care of individuals suffering from one or more addictions. Addictions nursing is considered a subspecialty of psychiatric nursing. Patients may be suffering from the addiction alone or may have one or more co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses: this is termed “dual-” or “multiple diagnosis.” People often think of addictions only in terms of alcohol, painkillers, or street drugs such as heroin.... Read More


"The Big C"

By madwife2002 - As a nurse I am exposed daily to "The Big C" which is what it was called by my parents when I was growing up. As a family member and a friend I struggle with the diagnoses because as much as I want to see the happy ending for them, It doesn't seem to happen very often. My experience with Cancer in my home life has not had any happy endings, and I realize that my family and friends have never had the happy ending and my training doesn't... Read More


House of Hypochondriacs; How I became a Nurse.

By Sea_of_Roses - As we become older we tend to complain more about "aches and pains", though we may be in fact suffering from such ailments there also might be a little part of us that is seeking some extra attention. For example, I may complain a little more enthusiastically about my back hurting if my loving husband is around so that I can get a back rub! At my house the health complaints may be a little too frequent however. This can be... Read More