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Virtual Reality. Ch 7

Dawn and Rhonda. I could not have made it this far without them. We all have those friends – the... Read More

Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

by RNsRWe

Just took the NCLEX and now have a bunch of questions about how we think you did, whether the PVT... Read More

Denying death as a society

This is not meant to invoke anger or flaming like most of my articles. It is meant to make people... Read More

Nursing School Acceptance

The aspirations of getting into a nursing school is not an easy task. However, it is so incredibly... Read More

RN: Judge and Jury - Ch 6

Labor and delivery clinicals have verified my thoughts about never wanting to be a L&D nurse. My... Read More

Passed AANP. Studying, timeline, thoughts...

Preparing for NP certification exams can be tough. You don't know what to expect. You don't know... Read More

Think Before You Speak: The Last Words Your Patient May Hear

It is important to think before you speak because you never know who may be listening. In fact, it... Read More

50 Resolutions Nurses Should Make for This New Year

Some may think that resolutions are just a good way of setting yourself up for failure, but they... Read More

The Gifts of Nursing

Nurses spend most of their careers giving to others...they continuously give of their time, their... Read More

I'm a Nurse and I am Stronger

by A&Ox6

As a senior nursing student, I faced the realization that no matter how smart I am, I am not... Read More

ESRD Patients in the PCP Office

Patients are living longer and doing more with end organ damage than ever before. They live in the community, work, socialize and generally live... Read More

Is it Cold, Flu, or Gastroenteritis: Explaining the Difference to Patients

What is the difference between the cold, the flu, and gastroenteritis? Usually patients don’t know, so it is important for nurses to know the... Read More

Six Resume Tips for Nurses

Resumes are your calling card for getting an interview at a facility. If you are frustrated with your job search, you should take a look at this... Read More

Don’t Hide Your Pregnancy With a Corset; An Era Gone By

Old medical books give us insight into the world of nurses, doctors and patients of the early 1900s. They educate, intrigue, and scare us with old... Read More

Priorities Can Kill: When Passing the Buck Gets Dangerous

Nursing is 24/7, right? So what if you don’t get to a task before the shift is over? Is it really necessary to push a doctor towards action (and thus... Read More

Morning and Night

by A&Ox6

As much as we complain about our jobs, most of us nurses recognize the many benefits of their professional decisions. In addition to the... Read More

"Bad Patients" - A Labor of Love

by sbush86

Do you remember receiving your last "bad patient"? The kind where you walk onto your unit, see the haggard exhaustion in the previous shift's eyes,... Read More

Too Tired to Care: Fatigue in Nursing Has Ugly Outcomes

Do you shave off an hour of sleep to get just one more thing done? Are you tired most of the time? Have you ever stopped to wonder what fatigue is... Read More

Ode to Case Managers

by A&Ox6

An ode to the case managers that we may never see. An ode to the case managers that we may never be. An ode to the case managers that save my... Read More

Project: Nurses, send us your videos for a Happy New Year compilation

We want to create a video with several short clips of nurses around the world saying "Happy New Year Nurses" to each other! We will compile this... Read More

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