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Thank you, Florence Nightingale

by Bridgid Joseph There are daily challenges we face as nurses that we all know very well: tough schedules... Read More

3 Reasons Your Immune System May Not Help You This Flu Season

by Cynthiahowardrnphd Do you get caught every flu season with a cold or sinus problem? Our immune system is designed to... Read More

Part 2: The Good the Bad and the Ugly Boundaries

by Cynthiahowardrnphd In part one I talked about the need for boundaries in order to steer clear of other people's... Read More

Nursing in the Revolutionary War

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN Nursing in America may have begun in some rather reluctant terms. Women who followed their spouse... Read More

Let Negativity Roll off Your Back: Learn to Set Boundaries

by Cynthiahowardrnphd Learning to set limits is a skill and unfortunately most of us really never learned it. As a nurse,... Read More

Being Beside One's Self

by jadelpn In other words, there ARE 2 of you. Who we are as people can be very different as to who we are as... Read More

Don't Let Nursing Job Resumes Intimidate You

by Brenda F. Johnson Do you want your resume to be on top of the pile? There are a few tips listed here that hopefully... Read More

Lessons Learned During Our First Semester Of Clinicals

by ElizabethStoneRN Nursing students never cease to amaze me. They absorb so much more than we often realize in the... Read More

Lessons From the Zoo: How my Job as a Zookeeper Made Me a Better Nurse

by classicalcat The longer that I have worked as a nurse, I realize that my varied background hasn't been a... Read More

A Tribute to Military Nurses

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN Veteran's Day is a day to recognize all of our soldiers, from those fighting on the front lines to... Read More

Five Positive Impacts of the Ebola Crisis

by Lynda Lampert, RN Ebola has been vilified and sensationalized in the news and with good cause: those who contract the disease are likely to die from the infection. ... Read More

I lied...a story of how I outright LIED to patient's family.

by JDougRN The time I my patient's family. I hope it makes me a good nurse and helped the family, because it made me sad as hell.... Sometimes as... Read More

Theresa Brown: RN Media Star

by Debi Fischer Nurses are entrepreneurs, and every day we meet one who stands out of the crowd. Theresa Brown can be included in this group of innovators since she... Read More

Do you have a Career Plan? What Type of Nursing is Right for You?

by Cynthiahowardrnphd Nursing is a great career offering so many alternatives. It can be overwhelming and confusing unless you first check in with yourself and find out... Read More

The Influence of the Influenza Vaccine:

by Bridgid Joseph Getting the Influenza vaccine, as a healthcare provider, is an interesting conundrum: there are recommendations from the CDC that are made to promote... Read More

Nerve racked nurses during the Ebola crisis

by JESSICA QUIGLEY Even the most experienced, prepared nurse can feel tension and stress when severe crisis such as the Ebola outbreak strikes. Facilities must take... Read More

The FOAM Movement And How To Improve Your Nursing Education

by Michael M. Heuninckx FOAM stands for, Free Open Access Meducation and is an up-and-coming way healthcare professionals are interacting with one another to add to their... Read More

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Informatics: What is it? What can I do with it?

Presented By Capella University A Nurse Informaticist is a Bachelor's or Master's prepared nurse who is eligible for the Nursing Informatics Certification Exam, Offered by the... Read More

Capture Your Heart's Desire: Finding the Job You Want

by Brenda F. Johnson Are you looking to relocate and are not sure how to start your job search? Having recently moved, I learned a lot and would like to share some tips.... Read More

Still Raw: Six months after graduation, five months after employment

by ixchel About four months ago, I wrote an article highlighting my experience as a new grad in the first month of my new job. (Summary: it sucked.) Today, I... Read More

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