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Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - The Stem

By VickyRN - multiple-choice test items have two parts: a stem and various answer options. we will discuss the stem in this segment. the stem furnishes introductory information and enough content to clue for the response. it may be constructed as either a direct question or an incomplete statement.... Read More

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The Cultures of Nursing

By jtweedie - Transcultural Nursing Experience: The Cultures of Nursing Fresh out of nursing school and with my brand new RN license, I followed my husband overseas so that he could pursue his studies. So my very first “job” after graduation was in a Scottish hospital. What a shock! The job duties, the... Read More


Foreign Trained nurses in the US

By madwife2002 - recently on allnurses i read a thread that bothered me and felt it was worth investigation, it was regarding foreign nurses taking jobs from americans. i feel this is a real fear amongst new grads but in todays financial climate is it realistic or unjustified. firstly i decided to research how... Read More


The Inside Culture.

By abemwe - :yeah:I always have a big fight.........The outside fight the inside.The outside is arrogant,violent and judgemental......I only like the inside with its politeness,tenderness and patience.I can't be like my dad but I liked his inside nature. It's now a decade and he is past gone,my inside is that... Read More


My heart is in Peru

By Anyausa - This was my first medical mission trip. The dream finally came true. Last year I was serving the peruvian people and it changed my life forever. I am a registered nurse from another country. I live permanently in the USA, pursuing my dream to be licensed and work here. Nothing will stop me. ... Read More


The Student and the School Nurse

By Seishiro - During my clinical day with Mrs. R there was one interaction in particular that stuck out in my mind. A student had visited Mrs. R early in the morning shortly after my arrival and handed her, what appeared to be a thank-you card. Privately, Mrs. R described this student as a usually... Read More


The Trauma after the Trauma

By ScrappyEDRN - After several days of working regular ER zones and one of triaging I worked as one of the trauma response nurses yesterday. My first patient was from a head-on MVA. He came in with a serious facial laceration that had hit an artery and with a left leg fracture obvious to all by the right angle his... Read More


Mentor, Mentor...Where Art Thou?: Newbie 101, Ground Zero

By Thunderwolf - Newbie 101, Ground Zero Psychiatric nursing is unique and is a wonderful field of nursing. However, for the student nurse or for the new nurse entering the field, it may either cause much anxiety or alot of awe. Psychiatric nursing often presents its own unique challenges. This blog is to... Read More


Into The Looking Glass: Facing the Cliff in Recovery

By Thunderwolf - Facing the Cliff in Recovery (Based upon Creed's song and video, Six Feet From The Edge) The main character is singing while standing upon a crumbling cliff edge, falls in a free fall until he hits rock bottom, faces a sand storm, then meets a woman who presents him a bowl of water... Read More


Love and Healthcare in the Third World

By interleukin - Decade after decade we are subjected to the same images and videos of crying children with bloated bellies. Most of us are long tired or immune to the images and pleas for money. Many may wonder why the situation persists. Some are quick to point fingers. Others condemn the whole continent--a place... Read More


A Meeting of Two Minds

By sharyn buccalo - A meeting of two minds I had been known to the Old Order Amish Community in rural Ohio for eight years as the English, or non-Amish nurse. J. had been the Amish Doctor in that same community for twenty or so years. He has the same eighth grade education as all other Amish but is a... Read More


Exceeding Expectations: My First Mission Trip

By bethygood - Exceeding Expectations: My First Mission Trip Beth Goodheart RN, BSN, CNOR Sitting at the airport I look around at everyone about to leave for their first mission trip wondering if they are prepared for what they’re about to do. No one really knows what the trip involves, or the amount of... Read More


the challenges of nursing school

By MachoNurse - On a boat, in the ocean, I will likely get seasick. I prefer the mountains and the forest. Some friends of mine just returned from four months of sailing their boat to the Caribbean. One of them recently shared the following words of wisdom with me, in response to my litany of complaints about my... Read More


Intensive Prayer Unit

By tnbutterfly - When considering a holistic approach to healthcare, it is important to realize the vital role that spiritual care plays in healing and in coping with health crisis. It is important to provide the patient and the family links to the care and support they need. Many patients find prayer to be very... Read More


Haiti nursing experience

By oncnursemsn - I thought that I knew all about transcultural nursing when I wrote about Yoshi- the young Hassidic Jewish patient we cared for and got through his bone marrow transplant. I didn't think that caring for Haitians and the nurses would qualify for this writing post. I'll give it my best shot. ... Read More


When the mother is in prison

By Elvish - The hospital in which I work has a contract with our state wherein all pregnant prisoners deliver at our hospital, regardless of home county. This population has a special set of needs to consider. Prisoners get a very short hospital stay - for a normal vaginal delivery, the woman goes back to... Read More


My Miracle last April

By helicoptergal - To Preface this story I am a many year Paramedic turned brand new RN. My best friend had a beautiful baby girl last April. Her pregnancy was healthy, and the OB-GYN did not expect any complications. She had an Ultrasound three weeks before delivery that showed many decelerations so she had an... Read More


Alham Dulillah

By sydney1979 - I was twenty one when the letter for an interview for a job in Saudi Arabia came to me by surprised. I was just eight months in training as a staff nurse in a small hospital in our province. I really was not expecting any letter that time since I was just starting my shall I say, nursing... Read More