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Better Must Come

I am a nurse aide working in the home care field. Having lived in Hawaii all of my life, I have... Read More

Global Perspectives on Healthcare- Volunteering in Nepal

healthcare is the maintenance or rehabilitation of a person's physical, mental or spiritual status.... Read More

Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - Part Three: The Application Question

by VickyRN

application reflects the ability to use learned concepts, rules, methods, or theories in new... Read More

God Bless America

"You mean you actually work for free?" the tall handsome Brazilian was saying as I noticed a look... Read More

A nurse is a nurse

I am truely a transcultural nurse. In Dublin, Ireland I decided to attempt nursing as a job,... Read More

First Night duty in labor room

First of all, let me give a short description of where I am from. My native country is Nepal and... Read More

Navajo Nation in the 1970s

In the mid 1970's ,I worked as an RN on the Eastern Navajo Agency (as it was known "in those days")... Read More

How My Instructor Affected My Life

I'm not exactly sure when my instructor started hating me, or if she disliked me from the... Read More

School Nursing: Burnout and Renewal

Being a school nurse is not as easy as it looks. These days, there is a lot more to it than... Read More

My little Mandona

At a rough point in my nursing career, where I would have rather just quit, I was given the... Read More

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

by NabiRN

As nurses, we are often asked to step out of our comfort zone. I, for one, feel that I have no... Read More

How about...a HUMAN CULTURE

You know, I had to look up the definition of transcultural before I could even think of an... Read More

Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care

Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care I am a LPN student, and am about to graduate. It is an exciting time in my... Read More

"Gotta Love Transcultural Nursing"

My transcultural nursing experience began eight years ago when I was deployed in, what I thought would be the least expected place I would ever be,... Read More

Code Status Error - An Ethical Dilemma

by Simkah

One shift can forever change your life, your career, and your outlook on life. All these events transpired many years ago in a small community... Read More

A Sunday night shift in a Nicu in south Brazil

by caminb

( My english it's not 100%, thank you for your patience. ) I was young, that was my second job. I had graduated from nursing school a little more... Read More

Air RN

After long planning, my family of four finally got our feet on the airplane. I was flying to China and then Singapore for the 19th International... Read More

Where Is The Line Drawn? ...a difficulty in cross cultural health care

She brought her mom in that morning. Her mother was in her 40s, pregnant, and although her face looked pained, she was complaining of feeling very... Read More

Writing Multiple Choice Test Items - Part Two

by VickyRN

here are some examples of questions (concerning diabetes) written at different levels of bloom's taxonomy. can you see the advancing level of... Read More

Care of mothers with babies in intensive care

by Elvish

I work at a facility with a level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and it's my estimate that roughly (this is purely a guess) one-third of the... Read More

Never Assume

I am married to a man who is not Christian, I am often offended when some one assumes I am not Christian ( which I am ) because of my last name. My... Read More

Dirty skylights and scraped chins

When you look through a skylight into the blue sky and white clouds, what do you see? Do you focus on the brilliance of the celestial? Or do you see... Read More

Without Words

Most patients when they arrive in hospital generally gather up a large throng of items to place around their small area to remind them of home. ... Read More

Hypoglycemia in the newborn

by Elvish

Hypoglycemia in newborns, as with adults, can be a medical emergency and in any case needs immediate treatment. At particular risk are newborns whose... Read More

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