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How do I start a new topic on

By Joe V - Before posting any topics we do ask that you abide to our Terms of Service. Any topic/post in violation of our Terms of Service will be removed. This is a waste of your time and ours. You are free to submit any topic you wish. But, we ask that you keep text/chat speak to a minimum. We make this request to ensure that your topic gets the attention that it deserves. What is a topic? A topic is a subject of discussion. It could be... Read More


Cranky Old Man - What do you see nurses?

By brian - This poem has been passed around for decades, some nurses say they saw it back in the 70's. However, it's a great reminder especially with the new year near approaching. as the story goes...When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through his meager possessions, They found this poem. Its... Read More


Hanging It Up

By VivaLasViejas - It seems almost unreal: in six days, I will don my scrubs, put my name badge on, and go to work at the nursing home like I have almost every weekend since last July. I will pass meds, listen to hearts and lungs, change a dressing or two, greet visitors, answer questions, and do admission assessments in much the same manner as I have for the past sixteen-and-a-half years. Only this time, it will be for the last time. After many... Read More


Exit Strategies For Nurses Who Deal With Overly Talkative Patients

By TheCommuter - “I am a nurse who deals with multiple patients during the course of each shift. Sometimes I’ll get a patient who simply talks too much and won‘t let me leave the room. Sometimes a family member will be the one who is talking too much, keeping me in the room and hogging my limited time. My question is this – how do I remove myself from overly chatty people like this without being rude? I am busy at work and have other things to do, so I... Read More


Academic Rejection is a Positive Thing

By TheCommuter - Every person in existence deals with the issue of rejection — both as the rejecter and the rejected. There are several kinds of rejection. We are all vulnerable to rejection professionally, socially, romantically and academically, which translates into many opportunities to be stung during our lifetimes. Rejection can sting the psyche and bruise the ego like nothing else we’ve experienced. We are going to focus on the topic of... Read More


Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurses (LPNs / LVNs)

By TheCommuter - In the nursing profession, LPN is a commonly utilized acronym that stands for licensed practical nurse. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a licensed practical nurse is defined as a person who has undergone training and obtained a license to provide routine care to the sick. 48 states in the union and virtually all of the Canadian provinces utilize the LPN title. The two most populous states in the union, California and... Read More


Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

By TheCommuter - The certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a healthcare member of staff who works under the direct supervision of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and / or physicians. Be mindful that CNAs are known by other titles including patient care assistants, patient care technicians, nurses aides, care partners, orderlies, and direct care staff members. Some states utilize different titles to refer to nursing ... Read More



By ndoerr - My night started as every other night at work did. Clock in, look up patients, and give out meds for my patient team of seven. I would also read telemetry strips, chart vital signs and do my assessments. But this night was anything but normal. Around midnight I went to check on my patients. One of them was awake just staring at the TV which was turned off. “Ma’am would you like me to turn on your TV for some distraction, or turn... Read More


My Mother Was Right

By jlindsey - My mother saw something in me that it took years for me to realize. As a child we aspire to be what we want to become and not always what our parent say they see for us. However there was an event that happend in my early childhood that shook me enough that I wanted to help people. I thought that teaching was my calling but soon there after became a foster parent. It was through taking care of these children and having to learn to... Read More


Homeless Patients: Considerations

By TheCommuter - Jacob, a 23-year-old, patiently lays on the bed in a semi-private room on the medical-surgical floor of an urban county-run hospital. The doctors, nurses and other staff have seen him many times previously because he is one of those ‘frequent flyers’ who is admitted every couple of months or so. His form renders him notable: his sandy blond hair falls halfway down his back, a ruggedly handsome face brings forward a pert nose below a... Read More


What She Couldn't Tell You

By CountryMomma - We've all met this type of mom before. It's 2330, her 8 year old daughter is struggling to breathe, and you know for a fact you saw them two weeks ago for the same thing. You also know for a fact you gave her a prescription for an inhaler, a follow-up appointment with a pediatrician for asthma, and got the information for applying for state aid for medical assistance. Yet, there they are, the child anxious and pale, the mother unable... Read More


Nursing Degrees: FAQs Concerning MA-to-RN Mobility

By TheCommuter - Numerous medical assistants thoroughly enjoy their jobs as workers in the allied healthcare field and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Other MAs feel trapped inside a circular vortex where rude doctors, routine tasks, rigid hours and low pay trigger their desire for another career that still involves patient care, procedural skills, and interaction in a healthcare setting. For many MAs, a career switch to nursing seems like a... Read More


Perceptions Equal Results

By Emergent - How a patient perceives her care can create healing all on its own. The human touch is often ignored in this world that demands evidence and hard facts, but it's arguably the most important part of what we, as nurses, do. If we make the patients feel cared for and acknowledged, and meet them where they are, then we can get great results. If we let them guide the process, we can find out what they need from us. When they perceive that... Read More


Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

By JB85 - Understanding the basic workings of the Affordable Care Act is the responsibility of the bedside nurse. This guide will help you to address patient's questions and concerns.Sentiments run high regarding the Affordable care Act, but whether one supports the new law or believes it to be a case of government over-reach, the fact is that the ACA is now the law and as nurses we are obligated to make sure that patients and their families... Read More


My Most Memorable Patient - Geraldine

By saramoss04 - My most memorable patient was a lady whom I cared for for only a few hours one day. She is from up north and immediately told me how much she loved seafood and asked if I would like to have dinner with her one night at a restaurant here in town. A few months later I found her contact information and thought why not give her a call. Since that time we have remained good friends. We talk weekly and up until a few months ago when she had... Read More


The Reason I Became a Nurse

By hrivera - Nursing is and has always been a calling for me. As a young child, I remember the very first time I stepped foot in a hospital. I was 5 years old; my parents were missionary preachers and often visited ill people and their families in the hospital for spiritual services. I was often left to wait in the lobby as a child, and at the time, was not allowed in acute care areas. But that didn’t keep me from watching all the men and women... Read More


Nursing Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

By TheCommuter - The nursing profession is filled with an array of recognized advantages. For starters, nurses have prospects for professional growth through furthering their education, switching specialties and attaining certifications. Nurses also have opportunities for personal growth through cultivating their internal views on matters such as death and dying, individual responsibility, autonomy, and various social issues. Furthermore, nurses... Read More


Nursing Schedulers / Staffing Coordinators

By TheCommuter - The nursing scheduler, also known as a staffing coordinator or nursing coordinator, is an extremely important person in most healthcare facilities that offer inpatient care. The nursing scheduler coordinates and provides nursing staff coverage to ensure that all shifts are staffed adequately. Some nursing schedulers are responsible for keeping several units of midsized to large hospitals fully staffed, whereas other schedulers... Read More