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Adjusting to being a new nurse: How long?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new nurse and seem to be struggling. How long will it take me to adjust... Read More

What To Expect From Your Preceptor

Not all preceptors are made in heaven; most are downright human. You can still learn from them,... Read More

Great Nurse = Great Leader???

Often times it seems that the unprepared are thrust into leadership roles without any preparation.... Read More

How I Passed NCLEX-RN in 75 Question

Whether you are in nursing school or just beginning to consider it, the NCLEX is a serious exam... Read More

Complacency in Healthcare

How do you know when you as a nurse need to take a step back, breathe and even reevaluate? It's... Read More

Death of a Dream

My article is about how much I want to be an RN. However, now because I am married with a little... Read More

67 Medications Every New ER Nurse Must Master!

Are you a brand new Nurse to the Emergency Room? Well you are in luck! Learn in this article about... Read More

Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

Recent information has been made available for nurses to utilize in finding the best states for... Read More

Code Blue: Where Do I Stand?

Code Blue. Alarms ringing. Hands shaking. Adrenaline pumping. Head spinning and reeling. Floor... Read More

“What I Learned From My Preceptor” words of wisdom from the senior nursing students

Preceptors deserve a lot of credit. Being a preceptor, working one-on-one with a nursing student or... Read More

My Nursing Career: A long look back

Looking over my career over the past forty some years has certainly been interesting and rewarding.... Read More

How to get your first RN job!!

I graduated one year ago in a class of about 70 people. I live in a fairly saturated job market,... Read More

Preparing for interview with DON

Dear Nurse Beth, I have a question. I am having a second interview this week with the DON and I don't know what to expect. My first interview was... Read More

Is Nursing All About Stress?

In this three-part series we’ll look at the definition of stress and statistics on the causes of stress and its affects on us; how we usually deal... Read More

How to Answer "What's Your Greatest Weakness?"

You got the call and you have an interview set up for your dream job! Congrats! Yay!...But...wait. Now you have to prepare for the interview so... Read More

How to Prepare for Your Interview

It's crucial to prepare for your interview. You have one shot to stand out from all the others with the same degree. The candidate who interviews... Read More

Empathy: What role does it play in competent psychiatric care?

The fundamental foundation in initiating competent skills as a psychiatric nurse is similar to any specialty in nursing. We must implement the... Read More

Running on Empty

There are times in nursing when we begin to run on empty, when our emotional, spiritual and physical resources dry up. This article is a discussion... Read More

Oldest Practicing Nurse in US Turns 90!!

Do you remember how old you were when you first said that you wanted to be a nurse? For some it is more years than you might want to say. But,... Read More

Why You Need an Elevator Speech

Sometimes an opportunity comes your way, maybe an introduction to someone who could help you land the job you want. Not being prepared with an... Read More

The Positive Aspects of A Nursing Career

Choosing a career is not easy. Preferences, talents, and needs evolve as we mature; I know mine did. Life events can also get in the way and delay... Read More

Kid, you made my day!

This is a story about a young man who took charge of his life and made an important decision that would provide lifelong benefit to his health and... Read More

7 Social Media Posts That Will Destroy Your Nursing Career Before It Begins!

You just graduated Nursing School and you are wondering why you are not getting any call backs from the jobs you have applied for. When was the last... Read More

What I Wish Would Change/Be Different

by Lev <3

Some of my thoughts and reflections on nursing that I wish would happen. They would make nursing a more perfect career for me. I think it can happen.... Read More