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Tales from the Crypt....uh.... I mean Clinicals. Ch 4

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN I have never learned so much in nursing school as I learned my first round of clinicals. I... Read More

The Importance of the Need for Early Vascular Access identification

by Beverly Sampson, BSN, RN, VA-BC This article discusses the need and benefits of early PICC placement by discussing evidence based... Read More

A Word to New Nurses

by bluegeegoo2 Entering the nursing field as a new nurse can be an intimidating experience to say the least. The... Read More

Ready to let go. But not right NOW.

by aging1 There comes a time with an aging parent when you have to stop trying to make things better, and... Read More

The Nurse's Guide to Observing Chanukkah

by Lynda Lampert, RN The holiday seasons are festive and bright, a true cultural phenomenon. However, other religions... Read More

16 Common Nursing School Interview Questions & Answers

by TheCommuter Most reputable nursing programs will require each candidate to undergo an interview prior to... Read More

Certification : I Did it For the Money.

by Brenda F. Johnson Are you looking for a way to increase your marketability and possibly your paycheck? Getting... Read More

LOOOOOK into my eyes!!

by JDougRN SO many funny things have happened to me over the years, I've decided to start posting the best.... Read More

Is Nursing Killing You or Making You Stronger?

by Cynthiahowardrnphd Is nursing killing you or making you stronger? Three ways beyond the love hate relationship with... Read More

Go to Nursing School? NEVER!! Ch 1

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN Nursing was not always an obvious choice for me. In fact, I NEVER wanted to be a nurse. My... Read More

Passed AANP FNP today. Useful Tips.

by Riburn3 This article details at length what I believe any prudent NP student should do to adequately prepare for and be successful on the AANP FNP exam. It... Read More

What school nurses REALLY do

by Kittery Many people think the responsibilities of a school nurse are limited to handing out Bandaids and ice packs all day long. While that's certainly a... Read More

Pretzels, Puppies, and Physical Assessment. Ch 3

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN Nursing school can be a lonely road, especially if you are an online student. You look for friendship in the strangest places - even if you have to... Read More

Questions and Myths Regarding Your Nursing Career

by tnbutterfly There are so many myths and questions about the nursing profession. Brian Short, RN, founder and CEO of, addresses some of the more... Read More

Five Ways to Convince Patients they Need Flu Shots

by Lynda Lampert, RN Nurses should never force patients to take any treatment, but sometimes we have to be a bit more persuasive in our approach to a particular... Read More

The Gift of Hope

by Jacqueline.Damm The once beautiful glow of the holiday season can become lackluster in the nursing profession. There are times when we must carry the burden of being... Read More

Culture Shock & Big Girl Panties - Ch 2

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN Nursing school is not at all what I had expected. After flying through the basic courses, I figured the nursing program would be a cinch. Anyone... Read More

Can we all just get along: Communicating through 4 generations of Nurses

by Cynthiahowardrnphd Today in nursing there can be 4 generations of nurses all trying to work together. Each generation has its own tagline and focus and often getting... Read More

Why I Am Grateful To Be Working On Thanksgiving Day

by Michael M. Heuninckx Do you despise working on Thanksgiving, or any holiday? For the majority of nurses this might be the case, but what if all nurses actually enjoyed... Read More

How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) During Clinical

by Heather Cannova Clinical rotations are the best opportunities for nurses to draw connections between lecture materials, lab practicums, and reading with what they... Read More

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