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Selecting A Nursing School, Part 1

By AOx1 - As an aspiring student nurse, you are about to embark upon an expensive and difficult, yet rewarding and challenging endeavor. Nursing education can be one of the largest financial investments you will make as an adult. Being an informed consumer and asking the right questions when selecting your... Read More

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Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

By TheCommuter - Numerous hospitals across the US are eliminating visiting hours altogether, and instead, choosing to implement 24-hour open visitation policies. Nowhere in most healthcare settings has this trend been more acutely felt than the intensive care unit (ICU). Are 24-hour open visitation policies a bad... Read More


5 Types of Nursing You May Never Have Considered

By brian - Registered nurses are, without a doubt, in some of the highest demand nationwide. As the need for professionals to fill these open positions continues to grow, there are a LOT of specialties that warrant some consideration. All of them demand a particular aptitude or stamina...and some of them... Read More


Running the Spring Marathon

By fetch - Some things are universal: frustrating days at work, annoying co-workers, higher-ups who just don't get it . . . and periods of time where work and home life come together in such a way that you just can't catch a break. Spring always seems to be the biggest struggle for me, but I know I can make... Read More


Rehabilitation Nursing: Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

By TheCommuter - A patient's functional capacity refers to his/her ability to carry out activities of daily living (ADLs). Unfortunately, many acute illnesses, chronic disease processes and major surgical procedures profoundly impact the patient's ability to perform ADLs. Some of these afflictions might even result... Read More


End of Life and Difficult Discussions Part I

By traumaRUs - Palliative care, end of life discussions, invasive care talks - all of these are current topics for advanced practice nurses (APNs). This is the first in a series of articles about how we, as APNs can deal with these hard topics. I would also like to solicit your opinions on this subject. We all... Read More


Spirituality and Caring: Dialogue and Inquiry with Literature Review

By ShannonRN1981 - This article is both a personal story and a literature review on the challenges nurses face when caring for patients spirituality. Although it is important to spiritually care for patients, there have been difficulties when trying to define spirituality. Taking care of a patient spiritually is... Read More


FAQs For First Generation College Students

By TheCommuter - A first generation college student (FGCS) is first individual in the family of origin to attain a college education. Many non-first-generation students arrive on campus with valuable knowledge of the unspoken processes of college life, while first generation college students must frequently... Read More


Nursing Degrees: The Practical Nursing Diploma (LPN)

By TheCommuter - The majority of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in the US have been educated and trained at the diploma / certificate level. The most common entry point into a practical nursing career is completion of a state approved basic nursing program that leads to conferral of a diploma or certificate upon... Read More


Nurturing Confidence In Nursing Students

By AOx1 - Nursing school can be one of the most daunting times in the life of a student. Nursing school can wreak havoc with a student's confidence. As an educator, the spirit with which you lead can help your students develop a growing confidence in their ability to succeed as future professionals. While... Read More


"A Case of Bad Blood"

By juan de la cruz - CJ is a 65-year old female who tripped and fell inside her home landing on her right side. She felt immediate excruciating pain in her R hip and couldn’t manage to get herself off the floor. Fortunately, she had a mobile phone in her housecoat pocket and she was able to call her son who arrived in... Read More


The Growing Number of Men in Nursing

By brian - In the minds of many, nursing is women's work. Not only is this untrue, but this misconception wasn't always around. Today, we present a brief history lesson of men in nursing and examine trends which suggest that more men are entering the field in the 21st Century than have been for a very long... Read More


Networking in Nursing to Achieve Results

By TheCommuter - Did you know that almost 70 percent of all job openings are not openly advertised? Most positions are filled through word of mouth, and the individuals who know how to effectively network are often hired into these roles. Networking is the practice of cultivating and maintaining connections with a... Read More


End of Life and Difficult Discussions Part II

By traumaRUs - This is Part II of the difficult discussions we must often have with our patients and/or families. This never gets easier and in reality, should it? These discussions should be difficult as they are often the catalyst to pursuing advanced care, resuscitation and/or placing a patient on life... Read More


Nursing Degrees: The Hospital-Based Nursing Diploma (RN)

By TheCommuter - Persons who wish to become registered nurses in the US have four prelicensure academic options from which to choose: diploma nursing programs, associate's degree programs, baccalaureate degree programs, or entry-level master's degree programs. This piece will explore the diploma nursing program,... Read More


Nursing Degrees: The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Practical Nursing (AAS)

By TheCommuter - LPNs are trained professionals who have made integral contributions to direct patient care for generations. Even though the most common gateway into the practical nursing occupation is satisfactory completion of a state-approved diploma/certificate practical nursing program, this piece is going to... Read More


Western Governors University (WGU) Intake Interview

By TheCommuter - Western Governors University (WGU), an online school formulated for busy adult learners who already have some experience with college level coursework, has exploded in popularity in recent years. In addition, many people have enrolled in WGU's innovative nursing programs. This piece will discuss... Read More


Mental Illness Can Be Terminal

By NurseDirtyBird - In light of the much publicized 20th anniversary of the suicide of rock star Kurt Cobain, increased media coverage of bullying-related suicides and my own recent personal struggles, I thought I'd present some common myths and facts about suicide. There is a huge social stigma related to mental... Read More