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Time management tips for new critical care nurses

By nursey246 - Transitioning into critical care is tough. Whether you're coming from the floor, are a new grad, or even from intermediate care, it can be quite difficult acclimating yourself to a point where you are an efficient and safe care provider. Here are some time management tips for you critical care... Read More

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My NCLEX Story: Hurst, NCSBN, and LaCharity

By nwatson83 - My NCLEX journey began for me a few days after completing my ADN program, March 10, 2014. I set my original test date for May 3, 2014, and after some advice, I decided to move my test date up to April 17, 2014. My main study sources were HURST Review, 15 week NCSBN Learning Ext Review program, and... Read More


How To Be A Great ICU Colleague

By Ruby Vee - Welcome to the ICU. We're happy to have you here, and we know you want to be a great ICU nurse. That's going to take a long time, but you can be a great colleague in the mean time. When you encounter someone new -- or anyone, really -- smile, say hello and introduce yourself. Do this as... Read More


The Case For Job Hopping

By Ruby Vee - For some, there's always a "reason" to look for a new job: your co-workers are mean, your schedule sucks, you weren't made to work night shift or a thousand other excuses. There is no perfect job, and the grass really isn't always greener. In fact, it almost never is. The secret to loving your job... Read More


Measles, Mumps, Rubella... Forgotten but NOT Gone

By NotReady4PrimeTime - There is no decision more personal than whether or not to immunize one's children. Information regarding the safety and effectiveness of today's vaccines is readily available but is overshadowed by opinion and hyperbole offered up by celebrities and others. In light of significant recent outbreaks... Read More


Selecting A Nursing School, Part 1

By AOx1 - As an aspiring student nurse, you are about to embark upon an expensive and difficult, yet rewarding and challenging endeavor. Nursing education can be one of the largest financial investments you will make as an adult. Being an informed consumer and asking the right questions when selecting your... Read More


Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

By TheCommuter - Numerous hospitals across the US are eliminating visiting hours altogether, and instead, choosing to implement 24-hour open visitation policies. Nowhere in most healthcare settings has this trend been more acutely felt than the intensive care unit (ICU). Are 24-hour open visitation policies a bad... Read More


5 Types of Nursing You May Never Have Considered

By brian - Registered nurses are, without a doubt, in some of the highest demand nationwide. As the need for professionals to fill these open positions continues to grow, there are a LOT of specialties that warrant some consideration. All of them demand a particular aptitude or stamina...and some of them... Read More


Running the Spring Marathon

By fetch - Some things are universal: frustrating days at work, annoying co-workers, higher-ups who just don't get it . . . and periods of time where work and home life come together in such a way that you just can't catch a break. Spring always seems to be the biggest struggle for me, but I know I can make... Read More


An Introvert's Guide To Nursing

By SoldierNurse22 - A Blast from the Past. The nurse's station bustled with activity. The dreary-looking night shift suddenly became animated as they gave report and bolted for the nearest door. Supervisors unlocked their offices, bed managers rounded, and charge nurses took up their seats at front desks all... Read More


To Hell and Back: Demons of ICU Past

By juan de la cruz - The following is a dramatization of a condition that is seen among ICU survivors. Any similarities to real events and individual experiences are purely coincidental. The author aims to describe the condition, present research, and offer thoughts on nursing's important role in the context of the... Read More


Managing 24/7 Visitors

By Ruby Vee - A brand new ICU patient, whether they are crashing with cardiogenic shock, fresh from the ER in septic shock or just back from the OR, is a busy patient. There are assessments to be done, labs to be drawn and body cavities to be accessed . . . IV, NG, Foley? Intraaortic balloon pump? Chest tubes?... Read More


Counterpulsation. What kind of counter is that?

By Esme12 - Counterpulsation is life saving treatment for the sick and failing weak heart. The use of the intra-aortic balloon pump in the ICU on the critically ill patient has saved many lives. How does this work? Why does this work? Who thought of this crazy idea? Timing is everything but it isn't the... Read More


Nursing Degrees: The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

By TheCommuter - Several mentally stimulating academic paths can result in a nursing diploma or degree. These pathways include the diploma in nursing, associate degree in nursing (ADN), bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), and the direct-entry master of science in nursing (MSN). This piece will explore the... Read More


Nurturing Confidence In Nursing Students

By AOx1 - Nursing school can be one of the most daunting times in the life of a student. Nursing school can wreak havoc with a student's confidence. As an educator, the spirit with which you lead can help your students develop a growing confidence in their ability to succeed as future professionals. While... Read More


"A Case of Bad Blood"

By juan de la cruz - CJ is a 65-year old female who tripped and fell inside her home landing on her right side. She felt immediate excruciating pain in her R hip and couldn’t manage to get herself off the floor. Fortunately, she had a mobile phone in her housecoat pocket and she was able to call her son who arrived in... Read More


The Growing Number of Men in Nursing

By brian - In the minds of many, nursing is women's work. Not only is this untrue, but this misconception wasn't always around. Today, we present a brief history lesson of men in nursing and examine trends which suggest that more men are entering the field in the 21st Century than have been for a very long... Read More


Networking in Nursing to Achieve Results

By TheCommuter - Did you know that almost 70 percent of all job openings are not openly advertised? Most positions are filled through word of mouth, and the individuals who know how to effectively network are often hired into these roles. Networking is the practice of cultivating and maintaining connections with a... Read More