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Going for Nursing, BMCC, City Tech, Mom of five

By yar5 - I am a current Nursing student at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I was a stay at home mother for 4 years with 4 children before I decided to go college. My children grandmother and their father have fill in the role I could no longer fulfill. I took free classes at Brooklyn Education Opportunity Center to prepare for the compass test in October 2012. During the math class I found out I was pregnant. I... Read More


Top 10 reasons we get fired!-Medication Errors

By madwife2002 - Number 5 in my series of Articles about the top ten things to get fired, discusses medication errors. Making mistakes in health care tends to be frowned upon more than any other career, the general public simply do not tolerate any form of mistakes which could threaten the life of their love one, or anything which could disfigure or cause pain and discomfort. We are only human, and humans make mistakes, this is not taken into... Read More


The Shenanigans Involved With Scripting

By TheCommuter - Nurses who have the misfortune of working at healthcare facilities that utilize Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys are probably subjected to the practice of scripting. For those who are unfamiliar with scripting, here's a brief rundown. Every nurse is supposed to recite the same pre-written scripted phrases to all of their patients with every interaction. The point is to reinforce the phrase 'very good care' in every patient's... Read More


Geriatric lovers, loss and the nursing intervention.

By SandandSandwiches - My first job out of nursing school was at a long term care facility. It wasn't my ideal situation, in fact the ten-years-ago I would have never saw it coming. While I knew some of my classmates were holding out for that perfect job in labor and delivery, gracefully bringing new life into the world, here I was on the opposite end of the spectrum. I saw people at their hardest points in life, I watched people take their last breath, I... Read More


Five Years Completed and Still Loving It

By NF_eyenurse - As a new nursing student, with a look of awe I would look at experienced nurses and think "Wow....I can't wait until I have been working as long as they have, to know what they know." Well, now I am there and I am the same person I was then. I just know a little bit more now. I realized that I will never know everything. There is always room to keep learning, to keep growing and evolving. The key is to learn from my experiences and... Read More


NCLEX Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

By TheCommuter - NCLEX, an acronym that stands for National Council Licensure Examination, is a crucial gatekeeper in the nursing profession because no one is granted a nursing license in the US without satisfactorily passing this test. The 85 percent of US-educated candidates who pass NCLEX on the first attempt walk across the open gate to their new roles as licensed nurses, while the people who fail must contend with a closed gate until they... Read More


A Spoonful of Sugar

By jadelpn - This is an interesting debate. One that can have multiple pros and cons. In essence, can one be a nurse and view it as just another day, a job, a paycheck, a means to an alternate end? Can we care for patients without really caring about them? There are more than a couple of trains of thought on this subject. Most people do not "automatically" think of nursing when planning a career that doesn't encompass a level of interaction... Read More


What's New on allnurses

By Joe V - Below is an outline of some of the changes we made as of this date. A new mobile app and mobile style will accompany these changes in the next few weeks. Our goal is to create a unifying experience across different types of devices. ie. computers, tablets, phones, etc. Items that we will talk about in this article... Tool Bar Options (What's New, MarkRead, Get Daily, etc) Sidebar Likes / Replies Content Bar Search... Read More


Surveyor: The First Week

By VivaLasViejas - I really had no idea what I was getting into. I thought I knew pretty well what state surveyors did from being on the receiving end of entrance conferences, interrogations, citations, and exit interviews. They always had an air of mystery about them; they were also knowledgeable, inquisitive, and terribly intimidating. I used to sneak peeks at them as they sat in the private conference room, writing busily and talking about what I... Read More


For the Bowel Obsessed

By jadelpn - I would tell you that this is meant to be a cheeky article, however, that would just add to the fray. Here's a question...Why is it now oh so appropriate to talk about people's bowel habits and bottoms in just about every arena imaginable? Look at it this way, as nurses, we are very concerned about bowels. Did the patient have a bm? If so, what did it look like, how long between movements, does the patient need a laxative, a... Read More


Remembering the Nurse-Patient Relationship

By TheCommuter - The nurse-patient relationship carries great significance because it is the ultimate foundation upon which all nursing care is provided, regardless of the patient population, specialty, practice setting, or the circumstances that brought the patient and clinician together. Therapeutic nurse-patient relationships are professional bonds between nurses and their patients that are formulated on basic ingredients such as knowledge, trust,... Read More


Metastatic Breast Cancer in Social Media

By Retired APRN - A mid-January 2014 storm of reaction to posts in The Guardian and The New York Times about a prominent breast cancer blogger took me by surprise. As a nurse and a breast cancer blogger myself I wondered why the reactions were so strong. My conclusion was that it is because blogging while living with an ultimately terminal disease challenges society's thinking about death and dying. People with metastatic disease live longer these days,... Read More


About That Avatar...

By Ruby Vee - It seems to come in waves: new members joining AN and using their own names as user names and their photos as avatars. Although no one truly believes that the internet is anonymous anymore, there are some very good reasons not to be totally obvious, either. AN is a very good place to come to ask questions -- especially questions you don't want to run by the crusty old bats on your unit, or to vent about your professors or bosses, or... Read More


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ophthalmology

By NF_eyenurse - I will never forget the first time I saw an eye under a microscope. I could have stayed there looking at the iris, the color of the eye, for hours. I was intrigued and amazed that such a small organ of the body, yes the eye is an organ, could be so amazing and intricate. I was fortunate to be introduced to the world of ophthalmology while working in a medical records department of a medical clinic twenty years ago. I began working... Read More


LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

By TheCommuter - The long term care industry (a.k.a. nursing home industry) employs a large share of new and experienced nurses in the United States. Furthermore, the number of nurses who secure employment in this specialty is projected to increase in the next ten years as the oldest members of today's upper middle-aged Baby Boomer cohort reach their 70s. Questions regularly arise regarding the topic of charting. In other words, many nurses who are... Read More


Hard and Soft Skills

By TheCommuter - Last year, or perhaps the year before that, I attended an all-staff meeting that was being facilitated by the hospital administrator, chief nursing officer, and a couple of other members of the site leadership team. I will never forget a statement the administrator made. "We are now hiring nurses for personalities. We no longer hire nurses for their skills," he said. I raised my hand and kindly asked him to elaborate on this... Read More


Academic Nursing Research Requests

By tnbutterfly - is an excellent platform for nurses of all backgrounds and levels of work experience to exchange ideas, concerns and solutions regarding patient care and nursing practice. For these reasons Allnurses is a great place for nurses and students to learn and seek assistance in exploring and achieving future nursing career goals. As a registered member, nurses and students are permitted to use to post academic... Read More


I am not a storyteller

By Ahvegas - I am not a storyteller. I am not a person whose story needs to be heard. But I have met those whose story is worth telling. And so I will set forth to the best of my ability to share their story. It is not one person, not one story, but a story of many. It is a story of life, and death. A story of how we do not always choose our path, our fate, our death. But I have learned that we can alter all of these. We can choose to... Read More