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To Be (Monitored) or Not To Be (Monitored)

By dianah - Old-school RN here. Studied for Boards (before they were called NCLEX) while traveling West in a wagon train, fighting dinosaurs along the way. Cut my teeth in several ICUs, when Swan-Ganz catheters were becoming all the rage. Have seen trends and treatments come and go, the pendulum of nursing practice swing first one way then the other way. Background: I worked in IR (Interventional Radiology, which included staffing the Cardiac... Read More


allnurses Reaches 800,000 Member Milestone

By tnbutterfly - In a press release published today, it was announced that reached a major milestone this past weekend. We have now exceeded 800,000 registered members! I know all of you will join me in expressing congratulations and appreciation to Brian, who had the vision almost 20 years ago to create a site where nurses and nursing students can network, share, and learn from one another. While the site has undergone many changes... Read More


Hybrid / Online LPN Programs

By TheCommuter - Many people want to enter the ranks of the nursing profession by becoming licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Moreover, a significant number of these people are busy adults who must contend with full-time employment, family obligations and other issues that lead to pressing time constraints. Thus, a growing number of these candidates would like to complete the practical nursing program via an entirely distance-based format or online... Read More


Deployed Army Nursing: 101 Things I Learned While Deployed

By Pixie.RN - As many of you know, I recently spent nine months in Afghanistan. For those of you who don't know, I'm an Army nurse in the ER specialty category. I deployed with a Forward Surgical Team (FST) as the ER nurse, in charge of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) section (essentially the ER of the FST). It was a great learning experience, and I had the privilege of serving with a fabulous team. While our living conditions were not great... Read More


Affordable Online RN-to-BSN Programs

By TheCommuter - For a myriad of reasons, many nurses who are educated at the diploma or associate degree level are wanting to return to school to earn a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. For instance, managerial personnel at numerous acute care hospitals across the US are requiring currently-employed nurses to earn the BSN degree within a certain time frame. Conversely, nurses who do not comply with this requirement are faced with the very... Read More


Never Give Up on Your Dreams

By AccelCNL2b16 - When I signed up on this site in 2006 I was at my second college and trying to get into the nursing school there. I was not a successful student at my first college (due to college shock and illness). When I transferred I thought things were finally going to change. However, things got worse. In the space of one semester, I went from feeling faint sometimes to passing out almost everyday (and being a well known visitor at the local... Read More


Challenging your own beliefs

By 3aremyjoy - My philosophy of nursing is being written tonight in the room of a dying ALS client. My job tonight: sit, watch and wait. She sleeps nearly constantly. Moments of terrifying choking while refusing suctioning and interventions. The nursing student inside me is crying out. "I can help!" I want to demand. Clearing an airway relieves distress, I'm nearly a nurse and I can help! I find myself changing. My perceptions being challenged.... Read More


Online MSN Program - West Texas A&M University

By TheCommuter - Are you a registered nurse who wishes to further your education by earning a graduate degree in nursing? Numerous colleges and universities offer online MSN degree programs with specialty areas in nursing education and leadership / management. Furthermore, multiple schools in the United States offer several types of advanced practice nursing programs for professionals who are interested in becoming nurse practitioners, clinical nurse... Read More


Evidence-Based Practice by Nurses for Nurses:Encouraging Waiting Spontaneous Labor

By Beth AHRQ - This article describes an evidence-based patient-centered campaign and clinical resources that were developed by nurses, for nurses. Evidence includes an older AHRQ systematic review combined with current and emerging evidence. The topic (early induction of labor) is a high priority across many disciplines and is a strong example of how evidence can stimulate and inform changes in practice that are entrenched routines (you know the... Read More


Warning Signs Associated With Degree Mills and Scam Schools

By TheCommuter - The number of diploma mills in the US is on the rise as prospective students seek to take action against their perceived economic insecurity. In fact, a scam school operated a fake nursing program for five years, separating pupils from their tuition dollars. In too many cases, the education received from these schools does not lead to increased earning potential for graduates. More commonly, graduates find themselves in intractable... Read More


Tips To Handle Nursing School While Employed Full-Time

By TheCommuter - As a traditional student or non-traditional adult learner, nursing school can prove to be one of the more demanding ventures that you will ever experience. Nursing school is daunting enough for a student who is not employed; however, the experience can be twice as imposing for people who contend with full-time jobs, family obligations, bills and other responsibilities. In this day and age, many students must maintain full-time... Read More


For-Profit Schools That Offer Online Nursing Programs

By TheCommuter - For-profit schools, unlike their nonprofit counterparts, are owned and operated by corporate entities or private organizations. Even though for-profit colleges and universities have come under increased media scrutiny in recent years, enrollments have spiked in the six years since the economic meltdown of 2008 because adult learners want to acquire (or retain) marketability in today's ultra-competitive workforce. For-profit schools... Read More


What do I HAVE to know to pass NCLEX?

By GrnTea - I taught in the Kaplan NCLEX review course for years. Whatever resource you use to study, make sure it gives you the rationales for why the wrong choices are wrong as well as the right ones, right. This is where most people fall down-- they pick an answer that is factually true but is not the best answer for the situation as it would be assessed by a good RN. They try to memorize facts but forget critical thinking skills that are,... Read More


I Want To Be A Nurse, But My Grades Aren't Competitive. Help!

By TheCommuter - You really, really want to be a nurse. In fact, becoming a nurse might have been a lingering childhood dream of yours. Perhaps nursing was never a childhood dream, but you somehow came to the realization that you wanted to be a nurse in adulthood for a myriad of reasons. Maybe you believe you were 'called' to be a nurse by some higher power. For whatever reason, you have the burning desire to join our ranks and enter the nursing... Read More


Is Online Learning Appropriate For You?

By TheCommuter - Online learning requires an explicit repertoire of skills, savvy, perseverance and capabilities to succeed. Many learners certainly have what it takes to thrive in a distance-based learning environment, whereas other students would be better off in a physical classroom or lecture hall that permits regular face-to-face encounters with course instructors. Now that we've established that not all learners will prosper in a distance-based... Read More


What To Look For In An Online Nursing Degree Program

By TheCommuter - Do you have a desire to further your nursing education? Are you in the process of selecting an online nursing degree completion program? In this technological day and age, prospective students have a multitude of online nursing programs from which to choose. In fact, the choices can seem endless! To find the online nursing program that has the highest likelihood of meeting your unique needs, it is imperative that you scrutinize... Read More


Managing It All: Non-Traditional Student Tips

By ShannonV - My name is Shannon, I am 39 years old, a single mother of three amazing teenagers and what is considered a “non-traditional” student. I laugh to myself now when I hear the phrase “non-traditional student”, however when I first began my college venture, I will admit that every time I was referred to in such a way, I felt singled out as if I had many obstacles in front of me and I was expected to fail at some point. When I was a small... Read More


25 Years and Counting

By madwife2002 - When did I become the old timer? In 1989, I was a young fresh-faced nurse ready to start the first steps to becoming a nurse. I was so excited to begin the rest of my life. We were all young in my group 18-27years old-2 male nurses and 18 female nurses. We wore dresses in blue check, not the men of course, and we wore hats with one single strip, this indicated we were first year student nurses. Roll on to 2014, 25 years... Read More