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I nearly lost my cool this morning...

::Admin please do not post to Facebook:: Came in this morning to a maggot taped to a post-it note on the middle of my desk, with a note stating it had been found own a student's backpack. ARE YOU...

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Day vs Night Personalities

Has anyone else noticed that day shift personalities tend to be very strict type A, and night shift usually is much more relaxed? At my hospital the day shift is constantly writing people up,...

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Another Tragedy

I'm not posting this to ignite a gun debate but to call on you, since we are all related by way of our many and varied relationships with students, to offer prayers and positive thoughts for Santa Fe...

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Horrible first job - need advice

Hi everyone, I got my first job as a new grad in the beginning of December (so im coming up on 6 months). bsn is in progress with about 12-18 more months. I work in a hospital on a telemetry/med...

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The school board closed our school...

The school board voted 5-1 to close our Montessori elementary school. We are heartbroken. Listening to the sobs of those children in the meeting last night was one of the worst things I've ever...

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Help! I missed the grade cutoff

Like many schools mine had the 80 average or above to graduate and be able to sit for the NCLEX. I missed the cutoff by 0.9. This was an ADN program at a local community college. Here's where I am...

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It's for me

I wish patients and families were aware of all of the decisions we have to make throughout the day, and that no one is sitting at the nurses station, reading a magazine or twiddling their thumbs. ...

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What is wrong with people?

I am "drowning" in itchy bug bites and sunburn. It has finally turned "summer weather" here thankfully. But I swear to you guys I do nothing but deal with bug bites and sunburn. I have even gotten...

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How soon is too soon to quit a new nursing job!

Hey everyone ! I just switched from labor and delivery to critical care and I realize I made a mistake. I am so unhappy in critical care and this experience just made me realize I am happy as a labor...

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Pregnant in nursing school

Hey everyone! So I got accepted into the nursing program and started my first semester of a five semester program this past spring. (Only 1 class- fundamentals). Well, last month I found out I...

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School Shootings

Yet another tragic loss of innocent life today in Santa Fe, Texas. Yet again! As a school nurse, and one who is close to your children and my children, every day during school, these senseless losses...

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New grad struggling to find jobs

Is anyone else getting denied new grad bsn jobs left and right? I graduated from a well known college (Beth-El UCCS) and have turned in several job applications. Almost all of them have denied me...

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Extremely Lost...Graduated with B.S. in Biology but Decided to Pursue Nursing

Hi, I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place/way. As summarized by the title, this is my situation: I graduated March 2018 with a B.S. in Biology I recently...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Can't Decide Between ICU and ED

Dear Nurse Beth, I need to make sure my heads on straight and I'm not missing any aspects of this so I came here. I have finally gone back to school and graduated with my nursing degree. I have...

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Wiggly Litchi

Communication issues in the workplace

Hey everyone~ I am not a nurse (yet!) but I figured I'd post here because I'm sure that there's a few people that can either relate, or give me some advice. It's embarrassing to admit, but I...

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Last week on preceptorship

So, this week coming up will be my last week on preceptorship. I am soooo nervous to be alone, which I am sure everyone is at first. With that being said, I decided to jump on here and ask some of...

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CNAs sleeping on the job... What can I do as a new nurse?

So... I've work at this facility for two years as a CNA and I just recently (one month ago) passed my NCLEX and transitioned into the role of RN. So I've known the bad habits of my...

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Verbal abuse from a TBI patient

I work home health as one of my jobs and I have a client who has a brain injury from asphyxiation. He can hold conversations, he has ok memory. He's also a quad and requires everything done for him....

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Chances for CRNA

Hey guys, Wanted some honest feedback. This will be my first round applying, DNP and MSN programs. A little background: 27 y/o female currently working in CTICU (since Feb, not taking "fresh"...

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Help :(

I'm not sure if I'm asking for advise or just venting but a recent interaction with a man, relationship is becoming more serious and grounded with time may be taking me up to North East Texas. I'm a...

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