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The Fine Line

As part of our job, nurses can develop relationships with patient's and their families through the... Read More

Using Your GI Bill Benefits in 75 Easy Steps!

No, it didn't really take me 75 steps to tap into my GI Bill benefits, although I'm not quite there... Read More

Dying with dignity? Can't everyone die with dignity?

Recent news has focused on the news that a terminally ill patient ended her own life rather than... Read More

Survey Results: To Quarantine or not to Quarantine

We surveyed our nursing community to see what you thought about the issues over the Kaci Hickox... Read More

What Ebola has Done for Nursing

With all the trials and tribulations facing modern day nursing, it becomes difficult to look on the... Read More

Competition in Healthcare: Just a Nurse

Do you know why you are a nurse? When was the last time you acknowledged the choice you made to... Read More

Dealing With Death in the PICU

How do we as nurses survive to fight another day? Where do we draw our strength from to offer to... Read More

My Struggle with ADD

I know that a lot of people will make light jokes about having ADD. You know, everyone saying they... Read More

Follow your gut, being productive, and choosing to withdraw

Many people don't want to waste their time. It has to be this year, this semester, if I don't do it... Read More

The Tribulations of an Ebola...Trainer

You can never be too prepared for Ebola. Training staff to protect themselves in the face of an... Read More

Caring for the Greatest Generation: Making Time for Your Patient's Unique History

Your patient's history is a part of assessment, but sometimes their personal history is just as important as their medication list. As Veteran's Day... Read More

I'm Just Doing My Job...

There are some times in your career that you are really put under the microscope; why you do what you do every day. Sometimes the reasons that we... Read More

Nurses eating their young... a different perspective

We all have heard it before. Nurses eat their young. We all have complained about it and people tell us "oh no, don't do that." Simple fact is... Read More

Nurses Who Harm Patients

Nurses are often revered by society. The general pubic think of nurses as caring, helpful and healing. Certainly not as serial killers or as... Read More me, means real nurse

The road to becoming a real nurse is filled with bumps, trips, joy, and tears. Students learn from nurses who teach them invaluable real life... Read More

Ebola: What About The Children?

I'm a pediatric emergency nurse, and with the help of my peers, I feel prepared to handle just about any pediatric emergency. We have the luxury of... Read More

The Contagion of Fear in the Ebola Crisis

The Ebola crisis as with other crisis' brings up fear; fear of the unknown, uncertainty and of the risks involved in handling the crisis. Fear is an... Read More

Ebola - Another side of the story. The scary side!

This article is a cry for help to nurses, to better educate themselves about Ebola, and STOP STIGMATIZATION related to this disease. Stigmatization... Read More

Encouraging Words From A BioContainment Nurse In Omaha Nebraska

Read some good news surrounding Ebola when a Registered Nurse from the BioContainment Patient Care Unit at the Nebraska Medical Center shares her... Read More

Not So Sweet; Fruit Bat Harbors Ebola

We have heard so much about ebola and how it affects us as nurses. Much of the focus has been on transmission person to person and how to protect... Read More