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What a Union Can Do For You

By jadelpn - There seems to be more than one confusion on how a union can be of benefit to nurses. Especially when the grass seems so much greener on the other side. A union comes to a facility usually due to a group of nurses who decide that they want to have some say in their working conditions. A union will come in and give you a rundown on what they can do for you. A relationship is established. The guiding force of a union is a... Read More


Deployed Army Nursing: Finally, Double Digits!

By Pixie.RN - I have a countdown app on my Android phone that includes a home page widget you can set to display however many days until a date of your choosing. My widget has a picture of me with my significant other, David, and it is finally down to double digits for days remaining here in our little corner of Afghanistan! I can recall when I first put it on my phone, and it was well over 240 days. My original orders for deployment in support of... Read More


RN Experience when Considering the Legal Nurse Consultant Career

By sirI - Registered Nurses are very intrigued by this career path in nursing and find it fascinating to work with Attorneys. They look at this career choice as a prestigious, admired, and highly respected career. Many are interested only because they are "burned out" of bedside nursing and think this is the answer to all their problems; never be bored again. This is the last reason anyone should choose this as his or her life's... Read More

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What Nobody Tells You: The Reality of Nursing Jobs for Foreign Trained Nurses

By rosomebody007 - One of the dreams of thousands of nurses around the world is to work in the United States or other first world country. Sadly, nobody tells you how is the process of getting a job in this country and what is the likelihood that you can get a job if you are not proficient in English, if you are not a permanent resident or a citizen, and if you do not have an sponsor. These three obstacles can be the rocks that make your ship full of... Read More


Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Social Media

By madwife2002 - Most of us agree that there is much enjoyment and pleasure gained from being part of a social website. My own weakness includes Facebook and of course I have never been able to get a handle on Twitter but I do know that the so-called celebrities of our time tend to get themselves in a whole heap of trouble because of twittering. To continue with my articles on the top 10 of reasons we get fired, number 8 has to be... Read More


To Those Who Serve..... Thank You!

By VintageSwagger - I once had dreams of serving our country and fighting for the freedoms many of us take for granted. This dream was fostered by my family, from which 4 generations have served proudly. I even made it as far as taking the ASVAB test and meeting with a recruiter. After my score posted I met again with the recruiter ready to begin a journey that had been on my heart for years. As we were finishing our meeting, the recruiter asked one last... Read More


NICU Dad to NICU Nurse

By VintageSwagger - One of the main catalysts leading me to pursue neonatal nursing was my own experience as the parent of a child in the NICU. Having a child in the NICU was an extremely vulnerable and terrifying experience that forever changed me as both a person and as a father. I have never felt more helpless than during the times in the NICU when I was holding my son. I did not understand the monitors and alarms, I was afraid to hold him, and I knew... Read More


Combining the Doctor of Jurisprudence - the Legal Nurse Consultant

By sirI - The RN who is interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant may decide to become a Nurse Attorney, a JD. Also, a JD may have dual interests in medicine (nursing) and the Law. Both of these career paths can be combined. These are all-important career choices and people ask almost everyday, “Is there a Lawyer who specializes in Nursing”? The answer is yes. Many individuals find themselves in situations where their nursing... Read More

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Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nursing

By tnbutterfly - “Formerly known as Enterostomal Therapy (ET) nurses, Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) nurses are registered nurses who specialize in the care of patients with wounds, ostomies, or continence disorders. WOC nurses’ primary responsibilities are to direct, coordinate, and evaluate patient care in the area(s) of their expertise. Specific functions include direct patient care, consultation, staff and patient education, and maintenance of... Read More


Marketing as a Legal Nurse Consultant: The Key to Success Part I

By sirI - Marketing is the key to success for any Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC). It is hard and many give up before they even get started. To be successful, you must be persistent, but you must get adequate rest as well. The Attorney-client needs the LNC and we can provide exactly what they need saving them time and money. A hard career choice, yes, but rewarding, intriguing, and something the LNC do for a fellow nurse … serve as their... Read More

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Education as a Legal Nurse Consultant

By sirI - Registered Nurses are very intrigued by this career path in nursing and find it fascinating to work with Attorneys. They look at this career choice as a prestigious, admired, and highly respected career. Many are interested only because they are "burned out" of bedside nursing and think this is the answer to all their problems; never be bored again. This is the last reason anyone should choose this as his or her life's... Read More

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Trauma Nursing

By Pixie.RN - What is Trauma Nursing? Trauma nurses specialize in caring for patients injured through trauma, be it accidental or intentional. Trauma nurses must be well versed in stabilizing patients and rapidly recognizing impending life threats. Patients will range in age from neonates to centenarians. Care of these patients can range from short-term in the emergency department (ED) or dedicated trauma unit to long-term in ICUs and... Read More


Orthopedic Nursing

By traumaRUs - “Orthopedic Nursing has its roots in Victorian England. The specialty’s matriarch, Dame Agnes Hunt, was crippled from septic arthritis of her hip. She devoted her entire nursing career to improving the lives of crippled children and those injured by the ravages of war.” ( Working Environment Orthopedic nurses work in a variety of settings: Hospital acute units Operating rooms – either in hospitals or the... Read More


Nurse Management

By madwife2002 - Nursing management is the leadership within a hospital, nursing home, out patient and in patient services, they guide the culture, quality and environment. The nurse manager is accountable 24 hours a day, for all aspects of their department, which includes but not limited to: staffing, budgets, risk management, quality of patient care and safety. The role is huge, is forever developing and changing. The expectations of the organization... Read More


Sticky Politics

By jadelpn - Here is an interesting op ed piece on a conversation that I had with a fellow nurse on our way off shift in the throes of a day of unrealistic expectations and how in the world we ever got to this place. My co-worker is an amazing nurse. However, just came out of discipline on....wait for it....she forgot to take out her 2nd earrings in her ears. And the policy "clearly" states just one set of small earrings per nurse. This... Read More


The Hunger Games

By VivaLasViejas - `urp` groannnnnnn…… How in the name of all that is reasonable is it possible to eat this much and not blow up??! I just polished off a two-enchilada dinner, complete with salsa and chips plus a slice of flan to top it all off, and even though I feel like a beached whale I know darned well I’m going to be hungry again before bedtime. Why? Because I'm taking a medication whose major side effects are increased appetite and weight... Read More


Radiology Nursing

By dianah - Radiology Nurses provide care for patients undergoing various imaging exams. This simple sentence is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of the many ways RNs in imaging departments facilitate and advocate for patients. Work Environment RNs may work in either a hospital or a free-standing Imaging Center. Some imaging departments may require RNs be on-call for trauma or emergent procedures. Each imaging department will... Read More


OB/GYN Nursing

By madwife2002 - An OB/GYN staff nurse is a registered nurse who provides direct care to women. OB-GYN nurses may work in hospital labor and delivery and post-partum units, as well as at birthing centers and maternity or outpatient clinics. Their duties include admitting patients, taking medical histories and assisting physicians during procedures. They may administer medications, apply fetal monitoring devices or perform ultrasounds. They may also... Read More