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How To Be A Great ICU Colleague

by Ruby Vee Every new grad who starts in ICU wants to be a great ICU nurse. While it's next to impossible to... Read More


When all else fails... assess your patient!

by Episteme Pity...our patients don't arrive on the clinical unit with their priority diagnoses imprinted on... Read More

Counterpulsation. What kind of counter is that?

by Esme12 Counterpulsation is life saving treatment for the sick and failing weak heart. The use of the... Read More

Nursing Degrees: The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

by TheCommuter Several mentally stimulating academic paths can result in a nursing diploma or degree. These... Read More

Nurturing Confidence In Nursing Students

by AOx1 Nursing school can be one of the most daunting times in the life of a student. Nursing school can... Read More

"A Case of Bad Blood"

by juan de la cruz The following article describes a clinical diagnosis encountered by nurses in Critical Care. The... Read More

The Growing Number of Men in Nursing

by brian In the minds of many, nursing is women's work. Not only is this untrue, but this misconception... Read More

Networking in Nursing to Achieve Results

by TheCommuter Did you know that almost 70 percent of all job openings are not openly advertised? Most positions... Read More

End of Life and Difficult Discussions Part II

by traumaRUs This is the second in a series of articles about end of life discussions in the acute and chronic... Read More

Nursing Degrees: The Hospital-Based Nursing Diploma (RN)

by TheCommuter Persons who wish to become registered nurses in the US have four prelicensure academic options from... Read More

Managing 24/7 Visitors

by Ruby Vee 24 hour visitation seems to be the wave of the future, and whether or not we critical care nurses think it's a good idea, it's here to stay for many... Read More

The Case For Job Hopping

by Ruby Vee For some, there's always a "reason" to look for a new job: your co-workers are mean, your schedule sucks, you weren't made to work night shift or a... Read More

Measles, Mumps, Rubella... Forgotten but NOT Gone

by NotReady4PrimeTime There is no decision more personal than whether or not to immunize one's children. Information regarding the safety and effectiveness of today's... Read More

Selecting A Nursing School, Part 1

by AOx1 As an aspiring student nurse, you are about to embark upon an expensive and difficult, yet rewarding and challenging endeavor. Nursing education can... Read More

Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

by TheCommuter Numerous hospitals across the US are eliminating visiting hours altogether, and instead, choosing to implement 24-hour open visitation policies.... Read More

5 Types of Nursing You May Never Have Considered

by brian While many industries are still feeling the aftershock of the devastating recession, nursing continues to boast strong growth and numerous, diverse... Read More

Running the Spring Marathon

by fetch Some things are universal: frustrating days at work, annoying co-workers, higher-ups who just don't get it . . . and periods of time where work and... Read More

Rehabilitation Nursing: Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

by TheCommuter The Functional Independence Measure (also known as the FIM instrument) consists of 18 components and is utilized in rehabilitation hospitals around... Read More

End of Life and Difficult Discussions Part I

by traumaRUs Palliative care, end of life discussions, invasive care talks - all of these are current topics for advanced practice nurses (APNs). This is the... Read More

Spirituality and Caring: Dialogue and Inquiry with Literature Review

by ShannonRN1981 This article is both a personal story and a literature review on the challenges nurses face when caring for patients spirituality. Although it is... Read More

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