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NICU Dad to NICU Nurse

By VintageSwagger - One of the main catalysts leading me to pursue neonatal nursing was my own experience as the parent of a child in the NICU. Having a child in the NICU was an extremely vulnerable and terrifying experience that forever changed me as both a person and as a father. I have never felt more helpless than during the times in the NICU when I was holding my son. I did not understand the monitors and alarms, I was afraid to hold him, and I knew... Read More


Combining the Doctor of Jurisprudence - the Legal Nurse Consultant

By sirI - The RN who is interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant may decide to become a Nurse Attorney, a JD. Also, a JD may have dual interests in medicine (nursing) and the Law. Both of these career paths can be combined. These are all-important career choices and people ask almost everyday, “Is there a Lawyer who specializes in Nursing”? The answer is yes. Many individuals find themselves in situations where their nursing... Read More

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Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nursing

By tnbutterfly - “Formerly known as Enterostomal Therapy (ET) nurses, Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) nurses are registered nurses who specialize in the care of patients with wounds, ostomies, or continence disorders. WOC nurses’ primary responsibilities are to direct, coordinate, and evaluate patient care in the area(s) of their expertise. Specific functions include direct patient care, consultation, staff and patient education, and maintenance of... Read More


The Forensic Nurse

By sirI - The Forensic Nurse is an all-important individual who can help those who have been neglected, abused, sexually assaulted as well as many other types of violent crimes. These nurses are beneficial in communicating with Law Enforcement agencies and can serve as resources for creating "anti-violent" crime units. The following Article will introduce you to the world of Forensic Nursing, explain the importance of the career and hopefully... Read More

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Oncology Nursing

By traumaRUs - Oncology nursing is the overall general care of the patient diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is no longer the death sentence that it once was. With new discoveries coming almost daily and a lot of research being conducted currently, cancer is becoming curable. Oncology nurses need to understand pathophysiology of various types of cancer. Almost everyone in the US has heard of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It is held in many... Read More


Medical-Surgical Nursing

By traumaRUs - Medical-Surgical (med-surg) nursing is the basis of all nursing practice. Back in the day, all nurses were either medical or surgical nurses. There was no specialty nursing choices. Nowadays, med-surg nurses make up the biggest component of all nurses. Med-surg nurses care for a diverse population of patients from the young diabetic to the aging hypertensive crisis patient and everyone in between. There are many places and roles... Read More


I Hate...

By jadelpn - There are a number of tasks that we do as nurses that we may not especially enjoy. There are things that we are responsible for as nurses that are not our favorite, especially if one is on a unit that has a mixed population of patients. There may be coworkers who get on our last nerve. There may be managers who are out of touch with the realities of bedside nursing. But is it fair to say we hate these things and/or people? Is it... Read More


Advocate and Negotiate

By jadelpn - Part of the way that nurses take care of patients is to educate them on how they can take care of themselves. This is not always an easy task, as some patients have such a change in function that a nurse begins with a patient that is so overwhelmed at their diagnosis, it can be daunting--for both the nurse and the patient-- to add another component. However, lets look at some simple tools to be sure that your patient gets what they... Read More


Emergency Nursing

By Pixie.RN - What is Emergency Nursing? Emergency nurses specialize in caring for patients in potentially emergent or critical condition, be it from illness or injury. Because this specialty is unique in that patients do not necessarily arrive with a diagnosis, emergency nurses must be able to rapidly recognize impending threats. Patients will range in age from neonates to centenarians, and will arrive in all conditions. Care of these patients... Read More


The Hunger Games

By VivaLasViejas - `urp` groannnnnnn…… How in the name of all that is reasonable is it possible to eat this much and not blow up??! I just polished off a two-enchilada dinner, complete with salsa and chips plus a slice of flan to top it all off, and even though I feel like a beached whale I know darned well I’m going to be hungry again before bedtime. Why? Because I'm taking a medication whose major side effects are increased appetite and weight... Read More


Radiology Nursing

By dianah - Radiology Nurses provide care for patients undergoing various imaging exams. This simple sentence is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of the many ways RNs in imaging departments facilitate and advocate for patients. Work Environment RNs may work in either a hospital or a free-standing Imaging Center. Some imaging departments may require RNs be on-call for trauma or emergent procedures. Each imaging department will... Read More


OB/GYN Nursing

By madwife2002 - An OB/GYN staff nurse is a registered nurse who provides direct care to women. OB-GYN nurses may work in hospital labor and delivery and post-partum units, as well as at birthing centers and maternity or outpatient clinics. Their duties include admitting patients, taking medical histories and assisting physicians during procedures. They may administer medications, apply fetal monitoring devices or perform ultrasounds. They may also... Read More


Pain Management Nursing

By traumaRUs - Pain is what the patient says it is – we have all heard that. However, does pain have to exist for our patients? With good pain management, most pain can be eliminated or at least, lessened. By using best nursing practice and evidenced based medicine, pain can be treated. It is now considered the fifth vital sign also and per Medicare/Medicaid guidelines, must be addressed with each patient. Pain management teams are often set up... Read More


Nursing: The Financial Side

By The_Optimist - Our finances are mostly decided by the choices we choose to make or not. You do not have to be a Wall Street guru (this is also debatable!) or a whiz kid to understand that if you spend way above your income, you stand a greater risk of falling into debt and other financial messes. Some situations are simply unavoidable on how one can get into a financial mess (think hospital fees related to lack of insurance or bankruptcy from... Read More


EMT and Nursing

By jadelpn - I am both an EMT and a nurse. I like the variety it brings to the table. Many other nurses (both LPN and RN) get involved in both hospital and pre-hospital care for the same types of reasons. I have just completed a course of study that allows me to keep my EMT license. To say that I was a bit shocked is a huge understatement. It was eye opening, and got me thinking. As an LPN, I am "used" to the "little pretend nurse" snarky... Read More


The Legal Nurse Consultant

By sirI - The role of the Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a multifaceted career choice. The primary purpose of the LNC is to assist the nurse to understand the Board of Nursing (BON), Nurse Practice Act (NPA), Scope of Practice (SOP), hospital policies and procedures and combine all of this knowledge to help prevent the nurse from entering into a litigious situation that could ruin his/her reputation. The LNC can assist Attorneys defend or... Read More

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Nursing Entrepreneurs

By traumaRUs - This field is wide open for enterprising nurses. So many opportunities, so little time! Here are just a few of the possibilities: Website Designer – best example of this is the site owner, Brian Short. He started AN while in nursing school, nursed it throughout his first few years of nursing and soon was able to go full time with this venture! It has grown into the largest nursing website on the internet with... Read More


I will not do this

By I_will_not_do_this - It’s just another day at work—a beautiful day, in fact—the kind where you find yourself looking longingly out the window every few moments wishing you could enjoy just a bit of the clear, crisp fall weather before it fades to the inevitable bone-chilling damp cold of winter. The bright, spacious sun room I am perched in offers a glimpse of what I am missing outside: sun-dappled orange and yellow leaves, just a hint of a fair breeze, a... Read More