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Ready to let go. But not right NOW.

by aging1

There comes a time with an aging parent when you have to stop trying to make things better, and... Read More

The Nurse's Guide to Observing Chanukkah

The holiday seasons are festive and bright, a true cultural phenomenon. However, other religions... Read More

16 Common Nursing School Interview Questions & Answers

Most reputable nursing programs will require each candidate to undergo an interview prior to... Read More

Certification : I Did it For the Money.

Are you looking for a way to increase your marketability and possibly your paycheck? Getting... Read More

LOOOOOK into my eyes!!

by JDougRN

SO many funny things have happened to me over the years, I've decided to start posting the best.... Read More

Is Nursing Killing You or Making You Stronger?

Is nursing killing you or making you stronger? Three ways beyond the love hate relationship with... Read More

Go to Nursing School? NEVER!! Ch 1

Nursing was not always an obvious choice for me. In fact, I NEVER wanted to be a nurse. My... Read More

Why I am Grateful for Burning Out as a Nurse

This is the season of gratitude and giving. As nurses you may feel like you can't do another thing... Read More

The Health Insurance Marketplace: What We Learned and How We Can Educate Our Patients

In the concluding article of my journey navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace, questions are... Read More

Civil War Nursing

The American Red Cross. We have all heard about it, but how did it begin? Where did the roots of... Read More

A Glass of Prune Juice

This is for the all the nursing home nurses who have ever doubted whether their hearts were still... Read More

Thank you, Florence Nightingale

There are daily challenges we face as nurses that we all know very well: tough schedules... Read More

Questions and Myths Regarding Your Nursing Career

There are so many myths and questions about the nursing profession. Brian Short, RN, founder and CEO of, addresses some of the more... Read More

Five Ways to Convince Patients they Need Flu Shots

Nurses should never force patients to take any treatment, but sometimes we have to be a bit more persuasive in our approach to a particular... Read More

The Gift of Hope

The once beautiful glow of the holiday season can become lackluster in the nursing profession. There are times when we must carry the burden of being... Read More

Culture Shock & Big Girl Panties - Ch 2

Nursing school is not at all what I had expected. After flying through the basic courses, I figured the nursing program would be a cinch. Anyone... Read More

Can we all just get along: Communicating through 4 generations of Nurses

Today in nursing there can be 4 generations of nurses all trying to work together. Each generation has its own tagline and focus and often getting... Read More

Why I Am Grateful To Be Working On Thanksgiving Day

Do you despise working on Thanksgiving, or any holiday? For the majority of nurses this might be the case, but what if all nurses actually enjoyed... Read More

How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) During Clinical

Clinical rotations are the best opportunities for nurses to draw connections between lecture materials, lab practicums, and reading with what they... Read More

50 Reasons for Nurses to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, and nurses can look beyond their own families for things to be grateful for. No matter how you feel about... Read More

The Health Insurance Marketplace: One Nurse's Journey

Join me on a journey as I try to navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace to gain a new perspective on what patients go through when trying to... Read More

Study Tips for Nursing Students

Whether you are working on your pre-reqs or are already in nursing school, you have to study for exams and are probably stressed out over grades. ... Read More

Nurses on a Mission

Some memories of a small group of enthusiastic and motivated nurses on a mission, helping people in need at the Cartagena, Colombia children's... Read More

Five Positive Impacts of the Ebola Crisis

Ebola has been vilified and sensationalized in the news and with good cause: those who contract the disease are likely to die from the infection. ... Read More

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