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Surveyor: The First Week

By VivaLasViejas - A brand-new state surveyor learns that her job is a LOT more complicated than the recruiting notice advertised. What kind of world has she stepped into? Will it be possible to learn everything she needs to know? Is she in over her head and about to drown in her own foolishness? And if so, why can... Read More


Our Death-Denying Society (Revisited)

By TheCommuter - Americans are totally immersed in a death-defying, death-denying culture where the final outcome is often delayed by employing futile treatments and heroic measures. A cultural change needs to take place regarding issues surrounding death and dying because, even in the face of advanced medical... Read More


I met an angel, my OB nurse

By servewithlove - This is about a nurse who touched me in a special way. I had my baby almost two years ago, and yet I still remember how it felt like to have a wonderful nurse at my side. I just had to let this out. I know there are a lot of nurses out there who do good work. Whenever I hear the word "hero" I think... Read More


Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

By madwife2002 - The eyes of the world are watching the new experimental POT shops, which have recently opened in Colorado, selling legalized Cannabis for everyday consumption, for everyday people. Who would have thought that this would happen in our lifetime! The lines went round blocks and shops feared they would... Read More


2014 Wage Survey For CNAs, Medical Assistants, HHAs, PCTs: Post Here!

By TheCommuter - The millions of hard-working people across the country who belong to the allied healthcare community have recently ushered in another new year that is filled with a mixture of boundless potential, endless possibilities and anxious uncertainties. Nurses aides, medical assistants, patient care... Read More


Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

By ServantLeader - There is a reason nurses are the most respected profession in America. A former hospital CEO offers advice on how to help take care of patients by serving nurses. This advice includes: 1- Get Out of Your Office: 2- If You Want to Solve a Problem in a Hospital, Ask the Nurses; 3 - Protect Your... Read More


Death, Abuse and Alcohol

By madwife2002 - As 2013 draws to a close all over the world we need to stop and think about what this night means to many families, friends and the Emergency Room. Many of us are planning a night of celebration, which involves loud music, games, copious amounts of food and of course lots of Alcohol. New Year... Read More


Behavior That Just Shouldn't Fly

By jadelpn - We can never assume a co-worker's intent. Someone "just joking" or "they didn't MEAN anything by it" is rarely a good excuse. The issue can be that information that is heard can be subjective. So it is really a double edged sword. It is hard to look at things objectively when you are a target. ... Read More


Welcome to

By Joe V - allnurses is about you. The nurse that craves knowledge. The nurse that wants to expand their career. The nursing student who wants to pass the NCLEX. The retired nurse with vast experience who desires to interact and share with others. allnurses is about helping you become a better nurse. ... Read More


I am not a storyteller

By Ahvegas - I am not a storyteller. I am not a person whose story needs to be heard. But I have met those whose story is worth telling. And so I will set forth to the best of my ability to share their story. It is not one person, not one story, but a story of many. It is a story of life, and death. A... Read More


Define Nurse

By kfishbeck - The word “nurse” is derived from the Latin word nutrire which means "to nourish." The word nurse also has its roots in another Latin noun, nutrix which means "nursing mother," often referring to a wet nurse (a woman who breast fed her babies). The French term nourrice is also referred to a... Read More


A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor

By marshmallownurse - She comes home livid. She's glaring at the garage door as it cr-cr-creaks its way open, revealing an old, beat-up Subaru parked happily in the one-car space where she was gonna cram her relatively new SUV into. The sight of the vehicle's dull, green paint brings unspeakable, almost... Read More


The Top 10 Things I Loved About Nursing

By VivaLasViejas - As a late-middle-aged RN who is newly retired from clinical nursing, I'd like to share a retrospective on a long and fruitful career that brought me a fair share of heartache, but also great joys. These are the things I loved about nursing. I hope that perhaps you'll see something of yourself in... Read More


Nursing Salary Survey 2014

By TheCommuter - As we welcome the dawn of a propitious new year that is brimming with plenty of promise and new beginnings, I wanted to bring up a topic that is influential to most people. Of course, the topic at hand is compensation. While job satisfaction, personal gratification, altruism, achievement of... Read More


Nurses Rock in 2014 and Beyond

By TheCommuter - Isn’t it funny how quickly time flies? New Year’s Day 2013 seems as if it took place yesterday! The year 2014 is approaching us at the speed of light, and by the time some of our fabulous members and curious lurkers get around to reading this piece, the new year will already have arrived. Many... Read More


Food Insecurity and Child Malnutrition in the United States

By TheCommuter - Children and the elderly are at increased risk for malnutrition, an affliction that takes place when a patient's body is deprived of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to sustain healthy tissue and organ function. Unfortunately, millions of children in the United States reside in... Read More


Learning from the Past - Resolutions for a Better Year of Nursing in 2014

By tnbutterfly - A new year is upon us.   That means many folks will take time to reflect on the good and the bad over the past 365 days.  It also means many people will be consumed by an overwhelming desire to make a New Year's resolution. For nurses, every new year provides an opportunity for growth and... Read More


How do I start a new topic on

By Joe V - You are ready to submit your first topic. But, you don't know how to start. This article will help you get started. We will break down the steps for you and explain the different type of topics that you can submit. Please feel free to post any questions that you have. This article is targeted for... Read More