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"State's Here!": Demystifying the Long-Term Care Survey

By VivaLasViejas - It's the same every year: a contingent from "The State" invades your facility and commences with scrutinizing your work, poring over your records, nosing around the kitchen and dining areas, and asking endless questions. Managers who are rarely seen outside their offices suddenly become... Read More

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Caring Vicariously

By curlygirlie3 - I couldn't be there to care for my grandmother as she died. While grieving this lost time I found solace in the face that I have provided many patients with the means to have a dignified death. This experience has strengthened my belief that nursing is a calling. As people we have different... Read More


And the clock struck 8

By Sabr - She thinks about which route would get her to the family’s house the fastest. She decides to opt for the bus route today. Her issue is not the bus because she gets there at a quarter to seven that night and it only takes her 5 minutes to get some coffee right? But her watch-that she had had since... Read More


The Day Nursing Student Apathy Got to Me

By NurseOnAMotorcycle - I love nursing students! I love their enthusiasm and nervous excitement when they walk into the emergency department for their specialty experience day. Most students are afraid that the nursing staff will avoid them. Every once in a while, though, it's the other way around and the staff nurse is... Read More


Charting disruptive patient behaviors: Are you objective?

By SHGR - Nurses have an obligation to chart objectively. When behaviors and attitudes need to be described, though, we don't always have the vocabulary on hand to chart an accurate, objective description. This article is an attempt to illustrate the difference between subjective, ambiguous charting and... Read More


A Letter to Myself - My first day on an Oncology floor

By iwillnotwasteit - This was something that I wrote after experiencing my first day of a semester-long clinical rotation on an oncology floor. I wrote this to help me process the many different emotions that I experienced that day...there were many. I was going to keep it private, but then this might help other nurses... Read More


Why you don't need to fear "SATA"

By GrnTea - Perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss this kind of question, what it means, and why the NCLEX thinks it's a good idea to test new grads using it. Step away from the piles of review questions, stickie notes, and scribbled scraps of paper for a minute, go get a nice cuppa tea, and take a deep... Read More


On Becoming a Nurse

By morecoffeepls - I was a banker when I met my wife. Before that, among other things, a silver-tongued used car salesman. A lifetime ago, I was in the Human Services field, helping people with special needs and struggling to pay my bills. I've had several careers and a myriad of jobs. When my wife's family persuaded... Read More


For the Bowel Obsessed

By jadelpn - I would tell you that this is meant to be a cheeky article, however, that would just add to the fray. Here's a question...Why is it now oh so appropriate to talk about people's bowel habits and bottoms in just about every arena imaginable? Look at it this way, as nurses, we are very concerned... Read More


Team Sports

By jadelpn - There are many reasons why one becomes a nurse. On the top ten list, taking care of patients is an important role. But usually one that you can't go alone. To be one part of a whole is a best case scenario. Nursing can mean that what one doesn't think could happen more than likely will and... Read More


The Gift of Love

By FranEMTnurse - I love people, and love to see them be happy. I believe it will always be my desire to do so because that is what makes me the happiest. This is why I decided to enter the field of healthcare.I have learned through the years that when we are the healthiest, we are the most active and are able to be... Read More


Overqualified? What the Heck?

By TheCommuter - Employers are demanding experience in this day and age. But how does a person amass the necessary work experience if no one will hire them? This is the $64,000 question. Many hiring managers will unapologetically tell applicants they are overqualified for a job. What exactly does this mean?... Read More


To my dear fellow nurses

By Sabr - This article exemplifies what it means to search endlessly for a particular nursing niche and finally find the niche for which you are looking. It is a motivational piece for all nurses-especially new grads-who feel burnt out after only a short period of time in the nursing world. It is not... Read More


Why Do I Care?

By Ruby Vee - Why do I care that new nurses leave our unit after less than two years -- often after less than one year? Why do I care, when they're adults. They're going to have to live with the consequences of being out of work, or having a resume that reflects job hopping or never learning the basics of... Read More


How to Dress for Psychiatric Nursing

By Meriwhen - Many psychiatric facilities and settings allow or require that nurses and support staff wear street clothing instead of scrubs. Those entering into psychiatric nursing often ask, “If I can’t wear scrubs, then how should I dress?” Likewise, a common question asked by nursing students and their... Read More


From Living to Dying and Back

By close the books - Read how a prenursing student goes from living, to dying to thriving. See how this experience has changed my view of life, death and interactions with clients. Come with me on my journey and see how my belief in myself as well as encouragement has enabled me to continue on despite the odds. Come... Read More


Going for Nursing, BMCC, City Tech, Mom of five

By yar5 - This article is about my life starting college. A mother of five and getting into BMCC Nursing Program. Advices on BMCC Nursing Program and how to study. HESI Test, and City Tech. Back to my first Semester, I got three A’s and one A- in English. Dean list, honor society, I Was Happy! Ended December... Read More


Top 10 reasons we get fired!-Medication Errors

By madwife2002 - Number 5 in my series of Articles about the top ten things to get fired, discusses medication errors. Making mistakes in health care tends to be frowned upon more than any other career, the general public simply do not tolerate any form of mistakes which could threaten the life of their love... Read More