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Musings on Protecting Nurses: Protecting Ourselves and Our Patients

by JaneGilletteRogers Short article regarding recent infections of nurses exposed to ebola. Nurses working with patients... Read More


God Hates Nurses Now

by Ruby Vee You know that "biting my tongue" thread, and the things we'd love to say to patients but we can't,... Read More

When It Comes To A Matter Of National Health, No Nurse Should Ever Fear Retribution

by Michael M. Heuninckx Registered Nurse Briana Aguirre, from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, recently had an... Read More

Ghosts Are All Around Us

by classicalcat As a nurse, I have seen the influence of ghosts: those of the past--the shadowy glimpses of those... Read More

How I conquered the NCLEX-RN?

by ArrowRN Well for anyone who has befriended me or read any of my articles, you know I tend to be very... Read More

I'm not flaky, lazy, or stupid...

by canigraduate I have ADHD. Not the cool Tom Cruise/Ty Pennington kind, where you can act out and make lots of... Read More

Lessons from a night as a Patient Companion

by cd365c Each action taken is a stop forward or backward in someone's overall health. The patient... Read More

The DEU Model of Nursing Education

by kalycat Information for students evaluating nursing programs; comparison between traditional and DEU models... Read More

Nurses, Say Thank You to Ebola Nurses, Patients, Those Speaking Out

by tnbutterfly Talk of Ebola is all over the news. In recent weeks, we've all watched as the crisis has unfolded. We've seen the devastating effects of this... Read More

Ebola Preparedness Nursing Survey Results

by tnbutterfly surveyed the members regarding their opinions about Ebola preparedness. Here are the results as well as several articles that were... Read More

Ebola Fact Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions

by TheCommuter Ebola, a communicable viral disease, has been causing fear and uncertainty in recent months as it crosses national borders. This piece attempts to... Read More

Western Governors RN-to-BSN: My First Six Month Term (Almost)

by TheCommuter Western Governors University (WGU) is a very popular online school for RNs who seek BSN and MSN degree completion because it offers a myriad of... Read More

No Stone Unturned

by kiszi Sometimes the path to a dream job is unconventional, the means to achieving it unexpected. It is tempting to give in to self-doubt and... Read More

Nursing Behind the Wall

by mikethemurse When non medical people ask me what I do for a living the usual response is "...that's interesting?!" When nurses ask the most common response is... Read More

The Ovarian Cancer Blues

by OCNRN63 Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer death in women, and it is the most lethal of all gynecologic cancers. Each year, 22,000 women are... Read More

Press Release - allnurses Survey Says Nurses are Bullish on the Industry Outlook

by tnbutterfly What do nurses think about the outlook of the nursing profession? What they wish the public knew about their job? We wanted to find the answers to... Read More

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