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Nurse Beth

Doctor Reported my Mistake to Clinical Instructor

Dear Nurse Beth, I am finishing up my first year in a 3-year graduate nursing program. On my last day of OB-GYN clinical, I made a huge mistake in patient identity (due to a lapse in attention in...

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Blatant false documentation

Hi all! A situation arose at work where documentation was changed two weeks after the fact to indicate a doc had assessed a pt in an emergent situation. The pt was never assessed by the doc. I...

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scheduled meds

At the end of the year we turn in all medications that haven't been picked up to our boss. Every year I count the Ritalin/Ritalin-like products/the odd pain reliever with codeine/Fiorcet (this...

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Does it look bad to request to go prn from part time when just starting a job?

I've been at this LTC job since April . While I have to admit it's better than most LTC I feel as if all I'm doing is popping pills. I also work per diem at a treatment center and I really enjoy it....

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Working in a small practice, and the employees are rude.

Have been working in a small mom and pop practice for about a year now -- no EMR -- all on paper. Doc is old school. Very busy and well loved practice with a large patient volume. I started there a...

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Student Assist
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Hello Nurses, I have a scenario, give me an answer. I found Mrs A on the floor near her bed in her room fallen down, she is lying on her back in a straight lying position. She complains of lower...

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Order your own labs services

I saw an ad on Facebook where you can order your own labs. Their doctors sign off on it and you are sent to your closest independent lab, one of 2 major lab chains. Their prices are reasonable and...

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Just starting prereqs... dream schedule?

I am about to start my prerequisites this fall and I would love your suggestions on how to line up these classes over the next 3 semesters. I'm fortunate in that the university where I'm completing...

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Today is the last day! Woo! Students have a 3.5 hour day (my kids were begging not to have to go!). My office is at the preschool and those kiddos were done yesterday. Just gotta clear out my office...

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Very Low Gpa...Is there still hope?

Hello, I graduated from HS in 2013, and from there I attended a local community college where my major was music (huge mistake) I ended up hating music and failing 2 classes that year. i also had...

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Nurse pay in France equivalent to CNA pay here

I work with a young French gal who immigrated to the United States. She was a nurse there. She hasn't gotten her license here yet and is working as a CNA. She says that nurses are paid poorly in...

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Sometimes I hate rules

Little K student shows up in my office with a bottle of Rx eye drops- clearly has allergies, poor thing eyes look terrible. No paperwork, bottle not in original Rx box, so does not have her name or...

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End of year

For those of you not drowning beneath all of the field day scrapes and bruises, how do you prepare for end of year? I feel like I should be doing something.

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Overcounting valium in pyxis

Just curious if i triggered a discrepincency in which there was an overcount of diazepam in the pyxis and found a methadone inside its bin, is that an issue? I did report it.

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Will I lose my new job because I'm pregnant?

Dear Nurse Beth, I have been a practicing nurse practitioner for 2 years, and worked as a RN for 3 years prior to that. My NP experience has been in primary care, but I have always wanted to...

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Thinking about going back to school. Thoughts?

Hi everyone! As the title says, I'm thinking about going back to school. I graduated with my BSN in May of 2017 and have been working full time since. I worked in post-op Ortho with Med Surg...

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Good news! -Off topic-

(Admin, please do not post on Facebook) I just wanted to let you know that lately I been scared about possibly having Thyroid cancer. I been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism since I was 15 (I'm...

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Can I get Hep C?

Hi everyone, a little bit of a hypochondriac here. At work I noticed I had blood on my wrist from a Hep C positive patient. I was wearing gloves but I guess it still ended on my sleeve and skin. I...

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First Year
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Job opportunities in a new state for a new grad?

Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm a pre-nursing major and I have already completed general requirements (sciences, liberal arts, electives) at a community college. My goal is to move out of state in the near future. I...

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NP Students
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Online NP programs with minimal Papers

Hello, I want to start off by saying that I've been looking into becoming a FNP for a while now but I really don't know if it's the right choice for me. When it comes to research papers and...

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