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by NurseKymba During my illness, I received word that my Great Auntie had died. In the next sentence I learned... Read More

I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' No Babies

by Ms Kylee My very pregnant sister in law called me one day and said "I'm being induced on October 15. I'd... Read More

Going into Nursing... and the Proverbial Kick in the Butt that got me started

by Ms Kylee I've wanted to be a nurse since I was five years old. On my first day of Kindergarten, I announced... Read More

We are Nurses

by hellerd2003 I always assumed, as a new nurse, that after a year or so, I’d know it all. There are some... Read More

The Phone Call from Beyond

by Hellllllo Nurse Strange, but true story: About twelve years ago, I was working nights as an LPN at an inpatient... Read More

The Patients You Will Never Forget

by Bugaloo Over the years, I have probably cared for thousands of patients. Most of them I don't remember, but... Read More

How Far Have I Really Come?

by cmo421 The first thought that comes to my mind is a quote from the bible, "When I was a child, I spoke... Read More

Respect and Religion: Learning a Lesson

by SICU Queen I recently had a discussion with one of my coworkers in which she related to me that she was having... Read More

Bringing Massage Therapy Back into Nursing

by massageRN It was at one time, a standard of practice in nursing to provide patients with the comforts of... Read More

A Comparison BSN versus ADN Faculty Role

by VickyRN The ability to shape and mold future nurses – and thereby indirectly impact countless patients’... Read More

Art of Nursing

by NurseKymba Nurses are old and young, tall and short, skinny and wide. We come from all walks of life. Some choose to enter the nursing profession for job... Read More

Putting A Face On Mental Illness: A Personal Story

by Bugaloo I was just a baby when my mother's little brother, Bob, tried to take his own life. He was 18. My grandpa was the one who found him, lying... Read More

Patient Teaching Guide: Coumadin Therapy

by Bugaloo This is an informational guide that I created for patients who are presently on Coumadin or expected to be on Coumadin upon discharge. It is in... Read More

Helpful Hints: Female Patient Urinary Catheter Insertion

by Hellllllo Nurse With some female patients, insertion of a urinary catheter can be difficult. The level of difficulty can be increased due to variations in anatomy,... Read More

Drive Through Dialysis: A Study in Resource Utilization

by Hellllllo Nurse I recently applied for a nursing position for which I was required to write an essay describing my nursing experience, as part of the application... Read More

What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me

by Bugaloo Although at times I dream of having a different type of career, I know that I would never be satisfied doing anything other than nursing. I have... Read More

Family-Focused Care in Adult Critical Care

by VickyRN The Move Towards Open Visitation - This paper explores the issues surrounding family-focused care and open visitation in the adult critical care... Read More

The Patients Who Break Your Heart

by VivaLasViejas From the earliest days of nursing school, when we were taught never to become "too involved" with our patients, we nurses find ourselves balancing... Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

by Thunderwolf The concept of cognitive behavioral therapy is not a new approach. As a previous counselor working with diverse populations, I had often found that... Read More

Murphy's Laws of Nursing

by Roy Fokker When you need the money, your shift is cancelled; when you have a weekend planned, you have to do overtime. Realizing the patient you've just... Read More

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