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Blatant false documentation

Hi all! A situation arose at work where documentation was changed two weeks after the fact to indicate a doc had assessed a pt in an emergent situation. The pt was never assessed by the doc. I...

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Sometimes I hate rules

Little K student shows up in my office with a bottle of Rx eye drops- clearly has allergies, poor thing eyes look terrible. No paperwork, bottle not in original Rx box, so does not have her name or...

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NCLEX June 2018

Hey all! First off, congrats to everyone who graduated this year (and those who graduated in any previous year)!!! My day was May 11th, and it still feels so surreal. Also unreal. Probably because...

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New grad per diem job offer - am I being ripped off?

Hello! I'm a new grad nurse, haven't yet taken the NCLEX. I recently interviewed and was offered a position on a med/surg unit. It is only per diem (they can't guarantee hours but say I will...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Will I lose my new job because I'm pregnant?

Dear Nurse Beth, I have been a practicing nurse practitioner for 2 years, and worked as a RN for 3 years prior to that. My NP experience has been in primary care, but I have always wanted to...

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Good news! -Off topic-

(Admin, please do not post on Facebook) I just wanted to let you know that lately I been scared about possibly having Thyroid cancer. I been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism since I was 15 (I'm...

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The right thing

I have a friend at work who will be fired, she has alot of reports, not all incident reports, against her, unless another nurse can back up her claims that the Hospital, some of the staff, are out to...

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NP Students
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Online NP programs with minimal Papers

Hello, I want to start off by saying that I've been looking into becoming a FNP for a while now but I really don't know if it's the right choice for me. When it comes to research papers and...

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NP Students
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Good school that offers FNP programs online

Hi guys!! I am planning to pursue my nursing career to being a FNP. Any advice? I am currently looking for schools? Which school would you recommend? 100% online if possible. I am worried because...

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Can I afford to go to school

Hello. I have been a CNA for the last 18 years. I became unemployed a few months and am now receiving unemployment benefits. I just learned from a face to face that edd will pay me to go back to...

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Nurse pay in France equivalent to CNA pay here

I work with a young French gal who immigrated to the United States. She was a nurse there. She hasn't gotten her license here yet and is working as a CNA. She says that nurses are paid poorly in...

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Retirement at what age, and how much $$ will you will need to retire "comfortably"?

Throughout my years on AN, I have often come across discussions about salary, quality of life, saving habits, spending habits, definitions of luxury and wealth, etc. In those threads, I frequently...

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Student Assist
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Hello Nurses, I have a scenario, give me an answer. I found Mrs A on the floor near her bed in her room fallen down, she is lying on her back in a straight lying position. She complains of lower...

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Very Low Gpa...Is there still hope?

Hello, I graduated from HS in 2013, and from there I attended a local community college where my major was music (huge mistake) I ended up hating music and failing 2 classes that year. i also had...

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failed breathalyzer

does anyone know if failing a breathalyzer at work is a reportable offense to the bon? I am going to be terminated next week cuz of a stupid mistake I made. started a new unit and had a few daytime...

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Can I get Hep C?

Hi everyone, a little bit of a hypochondriac here. At work I noticed I had blood on my wrist from a Hep C positive patient. I was wearing gloves but I guess it still ended on my sleeve and skin. I...

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Labor and Delivery Staffing Question

I'm a fairly new grad, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by my position. I'm seeking some guidance/encouragement/honesty/anecdotal advice from other labor and delivery nurses out there who have...

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Today is the last day! Woo! Students have a 3.5 hour day (my kids were begging not to have to go!). My office is at the preschool and those kiddos were done yesterday. Just gotta clear out my office...

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Fertility/IVF Nursing

Hi everyone! I am a new grad working on a med surg unit. I am trying to figure out where I want to specialize. I have some interest in fertility/IVF Nursing. Does anyone have my...

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Failed A&P 1... idk what to do

I just finished my first year of college and i have never felt so unmotivated with my life and career choice. This is because about a week ago i discovered that i failed anatomy and physiology 1....

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