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Lessons Learned as an Expert Nurse Witness

In the past couple of years I have been asked to serve as an expert nurse witness for several... Read More

Failed NCLEX 1st attempt, PASSED 2nd attempt

Preparing to take the NCLEX can be a scary thing; the thought of failing is even scarier! I failed... Read More

What makes a better pediatric nurse? Life experience vs. credentials


Pediatric nurses have unique challenges. Nurses are not only caring for the patient but the parents... Read More

Stop! Is that Assessment Really Necessary?

by dinah77

While playing with my 3 year old daughter today, I had an opportunity to reflect on an issue that... Read More

Udderly Amazing! : An Era Gone By

Blumgarten, in his book, A Textbook of Medicine once again gives us more than instructions, he... Read More

One of Our Own

We care for many lives every shift. We provide emotional support, life sustaining, and life saving... Read More

Where Will I be 5 Years Post-Graduation from Nursing School?

The future is unpredictable and inevitable, but I cannot help but image how things will pan out for... Read More

Floating Kidneys: An Era Gone By

In this “Era Gone By” article, we look at a case about nephroptosis and how the approach by... Read More

Nursing as a Human Experience

My own experience with "compassion fatigue" aka "too busy and tired to think about the big... Read More

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9 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Education Goals

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Our healthcare landscape is continuously evolving and changing. In a world of continuous... Read More

I'm an LPN and I understand.

Not being phased out. But being forced back to our traditional role as Licensed Practical Nurse.... Read More

Acing the Interview: Tips for Getting the Job

Just having an awesome resume isn't enough to get the job these days. To land a position in your... Read More

Nursing Brain Sheets for Beginners

Nursing Brain sheets are summaries that help nurses remember their patient’s particulars. Most veteran nurses already have brain sheets that they... Read More

Time, No Longer Standing Still

On a recent visit to the site of Chimborazo hospital in Richmond, Virginia, I realized that I had only a glorified idea of what nursing used to be.... Read More

This is where I'm meant to be

by jdd112

Reflecting upon my time as a I/DD nurse, I realized too many people do not know about our little corner of the nursing world. Others don't understand... Read More

Poor doesn't always mean poor

What happens when you travel to Guatemala on a mission trip? You learn that (1) Your high school Spanish is never going to be enough; (2) Even... Read More

You might not want to read this...

by rn_xoxo

It is something I would write in my journal, I am sharing something I normally wouldn't. It is about my experience on becoming a nurse and the... Read More

Don't Lose Your Grip Now

As nursing school comes to a close there is more than enough on your plate. Advice is spilling over from people who understand what you are about to... Read More

More Than Bowel Sounds: Abdominal Assessment

Summary: A complete assessment wouldn’t be possible without examining the abdomen. Containing a great deal of the organs of the body, the abdomen... Read More

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Nurse Practitioner Program

Choosing to go graduate school is NOT an easy decision. It is one that requires a ton of thought and internal processing. In this article, I will... Read More

How Nurses Cope with Death

I received a comment on one of the articles I wrote from a new nurse telling me she is dealing with death in her workplace and is having a hard time.... Read More


We all want to improve. In my experience, nurses and complacency do not mix well. But what happens when we set our goals too high? If you are like... Read More

Beyond Burnout: What is Compassion Fatigue?

Burnout and compassion fatigue are often seen together in nurses stressed to the limit. Find out what this common condition is, what the common... Read More

Masturbation Is a Bad Habit: An Era Gone By

If you have a child, you remember the first bath. How carefully you placed the baby in the infant tub with the water temperature just right. The... Read More