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Inspiration is the Fancy Half of Breathing

by jadelpn Gives new meaning to the phrase "take a breath". Ethics classes in nursing should start looking at... Read More


Critique of nursing school

by NormaSaline Many nursing schools are mediocre. They are dropping the ball on teaching unifying concepts, which... Read More

Expecting the Unexpected

by SmoothKeys Life's circumstances have a funny way of forcing an individual to reevaluate goals and weigh... Read More

Biting Your Tongue

by Ruby Vee Haven't we all had to bite our tongues at times in order NOT to say that which is desperately... Read More

How I Passed NCLEX-RN the second time.

by Tesfanurse I wanted to share my story for anyone who is struggling with fear about the NCLEX...Fear held me... Read More

One Strategy To Land a Nursing Job: The End Around

by KeepItRealRN If you're looking for a nursing job the competition is fierce, especially for new grads with no... Read More

A Time to reflect

by homenow09 Nursing has been a rewarding career for me. Looking back, I never thought my way of thinking could... Read More

No! It is NOT OK.

by Episteme As a student you learn that the nurse-patient relationship is critical for effective, humane,... Read More

Don't choose a school until you ask these questions!

by ixchel Are you trying to figure out your plans for nursing school? Choosing a nursing school takes more... Read More

My Kaplan Experience (Passed 05/06/14)

by moychiiiii Having taken NCLEX three times, I was able to evaluate what I did right and wrong during my NCLEX... Read More

To Those Educators That Care

by DeepBreath A thank you to those professors, clinical instructors, registered nurses, and preceptors who take the time to instruct nursing students. Who actually... Read More

What I Would Love To Send to My Hospital's Inpatient DON

by Lev <3 Nursing is a very physically and emotionally demanding profession. Here are some ideas I would love to send to my DON that would make my job a little... Read More

The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

by Ruby Vee Not every family who visits is there to be supportive of the patient. Some of them are even downright unsupportive. Here are some of the worst... Read More

You could instantly tell something was wrong

by RschIVF40 A nurse's intuition / insight are essential aspects that can allow one the ability to make a difference in someone else's life ... You could... Read More

NCLEX question? READ THIS!

by RNsRWe Preparing to take the NCLEX soon and have questions? Have you just taken the exam and have more questions? Have you begun working on your last frayed... Read More

Ten Tips for New Grad Nurses

by JayPeacock These tips will help any new nursing graduate find a great job from the get-go! Even an experienced nurse may benefit from following these points. I... Read More

Emergency Response for Dummies

by big al lpn As camp nurses we are asked to fulfill the role of emergency response for our organizations. This article is meant to help nurses get a handle on... Read More an imperfect world.

by Anna Flaxis We all give a lot of lip service to teamwork. But what is teamwork, really? Merriam-Webster online defines teamwork as: "work done by several... Read More

"I'm not the doctor!"

by sweetdreameRN As a patient family member (who is also a nurse), I recently encountered an interesting situation. The nurse corrected the assumption she was the... Read More

Humble Pie

by jadelpn After many years as a successful LPN in acute care, there are more and more LPN's who are being shred of their nursing duties. Even more that are... Read More

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