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We all want to improve. In my experience, nurses and complacency do not mix well. But what... Read More

Beyond Burnout: What is Compassion Fatigue?

Burnout and compassion fatigue are often seen together in nurses stressed to the limit. Find out... Read More

Masturbation Is a Bad Habit: An Era Gone By

If you have a child, you remember the first bath. How carefully you placed the baby in the infant... Read More

Understanding Herd Immunity from Vaccination – How much is enough?

Herd Immunity means lowering a population’s susceptibility to a disease to the point where a... Read More

The Hug Heard Around the World

At the end of life, a hospice nurse walks a fine line of being respectful while at the same time... Read More

Clinical Humor

I remember being a nervous nursing student. Now the tables have flipped, and I have become the... Read More

Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

Are you a nursing student who is having conflict with an instructor? You are not alone, even... Read More

50 Things New Nurses Need to Know about Orientation

Orientation is meant to get a nurse ready for life on the floor, but it can be a gut check that... Read More

How I Passed the NCLEX

My names Mike I'm a 30 year old RN who is an eight year military veteran. I'm currently into a RN... Read More

ABC's of Pediatric Respiratory Assessment: The Basics

Once you become a nurse, “ABCs” no longer refer to the beginning of the alphabet. They are the... Read More

Why I Love IV Nurses

IV teams are a luxury that most facilities don’t have. Yet in the facilities where IV nurses are... Read More

Is this you? "Freaking out! So Scared! Terrified!"

by GrnTea

Every new semester we hear from students who describe themselves as scared about what they're about... Read More

I'm an LPN and I understand.

Not being phased out. But being forced back to our traditional role as Licensed Practical Nurse. This article adresses the LPNs role being phased out... Read More

Acing the Interview: Tips for Getting the Job

Just having an awesome resume isn't enough to get the job these days. To land a position in your field, you need to perfect your interviewing... Read More

There Were no Good Samaritans: Perform CPR in Strange Places

This article discusses how nurses and other individuals, not just health care workers can save lives no matter where they are located. It gave... Read More

ABC’s of Pediatric Respiratory Assessment, Part 2: Respiratory Distress

Children are so resilient. When they are sick, their young bodies compensate in amazing ways, often for quite a while- until they don’t anymore. ... Read More

The Sad Truth: Version 2.0

I recently wrote an article about my experience on attempting to find a nursing instructor position at a traditional four year university. The... Read More

The Sad Truth: Online Nursing Schools vs Traditional Schools

The stigma of an online degree remains for some brick and mortar schools. The future of nursing education is online in the 21st century. It is time... Read More

The Color of Mourning

Nurses form attachments regardless of the protective walls we build. There is power in change and acceptance. When an end result arises there is a... Read More

“Have you seen the patient in 222 today? I have never seen her smile!”

by Lori215

As a student nurse, it is easy to get frustrated at times and believe all I am doing in clinicals is “CNA” work. Not that there is anything wrong... Read More

The End of the Tunnel...Holy Cow - is that LIGHT?! Ch 9

When you are in the midst of nursing school, it seems that you will be stuck in the muck forever – and there never seems to be light at the end of... Read More

The Smell of Death: An Era Gone By

This is the third in the series “An Era Gone By” looking this time at how disease modes of transmission are the same as the 1900s, but treatment and... Read More

Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

by Brian

Facilities are firing seasoned, higher paid nurses and utilizing younger less experienced nurses. This cost-cutting measure is putting patients at... Read More

Dear nursing students: We need to talk about homework help

Nursing school and the assignments that instructors give require effort on students’ parts to get the most out of the work. Why are some of the... Read More

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