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Programming Your Brain for Successful Learning in Nursing

Programming Your Brain for Successful Learning in Nursing

by Aromatic - Since I’ve been picking up so many shifts for people’s vacations this summer, I have not had time to write a whole lot for this article yet L. But I will give you all a quick base from which we can...

Telenursing: The future of nursing

Telenursing: The future of nursing

by lilcyn - Telenursing: Is It in My Future? How would you like to receive medical care, education, and support without ever leaving your living room? Through telehealth services medical assistance and...

Passed on the 3rd Try - Tips to Pass NCLEX-RN (On a Budget Too)

Passed on the 3rd Try - Tips to Pass NCLEX-RN (On a Budget Too)

by RC1990 - I wrote this in hopes that I could help someone out there who is struggling to pass NCLEX-RN (knowledge-related and financially-related). It can be done. Read on and see what tips I can possibly pass...

Mistakes? Need advice, quit or recover?

Mistakes? Need advice, quit or recover?

by WillowtreeRN - I have been an inpatient PEDS Rn for 1 yr. I made a mistake, a lapse in judgement, that caused no harm and was fixed immediately. I was helping a physician with a procedure and I misunderstood what...

The Agony of Ecstasy, Act 2 - NTI 2016 Session

The Agony of Ecstasy, Act 2 - NTI 2016 Session

by NotReady4PrimeTime - In Act 1 we looked at an overview of the impact designer drugs may have on those who experiment with them. Now let’s get a little deeper into the ugly side of these pernicious pharmaceuticals....

NTI 2016 - Nurses in Search of Pens and Other Freebies

NTI 2016 - Nurses in Search of Pens and Other Freebies

by tnbutterfly - NTI is such a world class convention that offers so many educational and networking opportunities for nurses. It also offers something another important opportunity that almost takes a nurse’s...

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    Quote from steti1221
    If anything, go in late, and tell the other nurse he/ she has to stay because you need sleep.... at least being late is better than calling out??
    PP- So your solution is to make another nurse, who has likely just worked 12+ hours and is tired him/herself, stay until the OP feels ready to come in?! Would YOU like somebody doing that to you? It's not the off-going nurse's problem.

    OP- I'm confused. You worked a 12 hr shift Friday that went until 3:30am, which would make it Saturday. However, you state you only had one night to get back to a 7am schedule. Saturday night and Sunday night make 2 nights to get back to a normal schedule. I honestly wouldn't be happy if a coworker called out because they were "tired" if it made the day harder for the rest of the nurses working (unless there were extenuating circumstances like being up caring for a sick child, etc.).

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    Sounds like you did everything you could. Nurse's like the one you described are nearly impossible to please. Nursing is 24/7. You did your job and Now Its time for her to do hers. Hang in there nursing can be tough.

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    You can ask for whatever you want but a few things to consider,
    Why are you going into a field that is known to have round the clock shifts and ask for special treatment?
    Who do you think should work the evening and night shifts? The experienced, long term employees?
    As a seasoned employee whose kids are older I do try to help out any coworker with younger children but I would have a hard time with any new employee who expected what has taken me years of night shifts to obtain.

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    Of course you can ask, but they might say no. You might also find yourself working on Christmas, Easter, etc. Having a child does not entitle you to any special treatment ...but the more you have to offer and the more they need you, the more they'll be willing to negotiate.

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    Quote from DreamerMW
    I'm sorry for all the unasked-for opinions and negativity that some previous posters offered. And to answer your question, yes, days- only jobs absolutely exist. They are many hospitals who even offer 8-4 and such (one that comes to mind is CHOP). And there are always clinics where you can work 9-5. This is what's beautiful about nursing, it's so versatile. you put enough work and effort into looking, you will likely find a position that works for you. Good luck!!
    I honestly don't think that any of the replies were unkind, I think that they were trying to offer realistic advice to OP. Making it sound like it's relatively easy for a new grad to secure a daytime job when that might not actually be the case depending on OP's location, isn't really helpful in my opinion.

    About the unasked-for opinions, it's something that you get when you post a question on a forum. They might even be helpful because as someone new to a profession there might be questions that you don't yet know that you need to ask. If OP doesn't find them helpful, she is of course free to disregard them.

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    Pretty sure that nurses are ethically required to be fit for duty,
    when they present to provide cares, & must be cognizant of this.

    If your functional capacity is compromised, even by fatigue,
    it is best to call in, rather than risk a real bad outcome.

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