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Lessons from an Autopsy (Warning: Graphic)

By LovingNurse - What, other than an A&P review, can a nurse gain from attending an autopsy? I wondered. This was certainly not my first post-mortem experience, but it was my first autopsy. I pretty much knew what to expect as far as the autopsy process, so I felt prepared for the format I would see. I did not know... Read More

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LPN school: The First Year

By Ms Kylee - March 5, 2007. My first night of LPN Nursing School. I was sick to my stomach, nervous as a cat, and ready to quit before I started. Sheer determination made me walk through that door to the classroom and find a seat. Sheer stubbornness kept me coming back night after night, and giving up... Read More


Help with Care Plans

By rn/writer - Every single nursing diagnosis has its own set of symptoms, or defining characteristics. They are listed in the NANDA taxonomy and in many of the current nursing care plan books that are currently on the market that include nursing diagnosis information. You need to have access to these books when... Read More


Sexual Abuse Enlightenment for Teen and Nurse

By detra - Upon finishing my last semester for my ASN degree, I had clinicals at a psychiatric hospital. I was assigned a teenage female patient who had made her second attempt at suicide by ingesting pills. As I sat and talked with this teenager who had many problems including anxiety, depression, and... Read More


Tips for Radiology Nursing

By Rae78 - If you are a nurse who is new to the specialty of radiology, congratulations! Radiology nursing is a wonderful learning experience. Not only will you gain a deeper knowlegde of human anatomy and pathophysiology, you will begin to understand how the many imaging modalities are individually unique.... Read More


Hints for Med/Surg Nursing

By nurse grace RN - I always wanted to be a nurse but it took me over twenty years to do it as a second career. I only regret that I waited so very long to do it. I also regret not starting out on med/surg in the beginning. I am there now and enjoy it everyday. My number one tip for med/surg nurses is to connect... Read More


Tips For Human Beings Entering Nursing

By interleukin - Janet didn't belong in nursing school ... or so we thought. Fresh into the first semester, she began arriving late or missed class altogether. If it wasn’t a doctor’s appointment, it was a car problem or some child-care issue. This single mother always had a quick excuse. Soon, anyone late... Read More


She - A Sexual Assault Story

By mother/babyRN - Sexual assault is never prejudiced. Sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of color or creed. Sexual assault can even happen to nurses even though we think we are immune. I have had the extreme honor of sharing this piece with several SANE nurses and participants and it is my hope someone... Read More


Time for a Gentle Exam

By mother/babyRN - There are no classes on how to deal with doctors. At least, there weren't any when I was starting out in nursing. What follows is a true account of my relationship over many years, with one such physician and when he retired, we both finally figured out just how special we had been to each... Read More


Follow Your Dream!

By nurse grace RN - I always wanted to be a nurse as far back as I can remember. I know I put splints and bandages on my dolls; Mom told me. I graduated from high school already married with a baby, school was out of the question. Then, my marriage fell apart and I met my next husband and had another baby. I still... Read More


Nursing: Taking Back Our Power

By Bugaloo - A few months ago, I wrote an article on Allnurses about dealing with annoying co-workers. During the time I wrote that article I was mired in negativity about my nursing career in general. I would wager a bet that every nurse has been there at least one time in their nursing career. I am not a... Read More


Who me, a techy? A whole new world-nursing informatics!

By crazErn - To boldy go where I had never gone before!:dance: So was my entry in to "nursing informatics". Let me tell you about the journey! I have been a nurse for 26 years. Although for many of you that seems like a life time, believe me it is not. It is significant though in relation to my work... Read More


What Graduate Nurses Need To Know About Nursing

By Bugaloo - My co-workers and I were sitting at the nurse's station the other morning after a rough 12-hour shift. It was the first time we had sat for longer than 10 minutes all night long. We were sleepy, exhausted and a tad irritated. As we sat resting our poor feet, the student nurses arrived on the... Read More


Crumbs from the Crusty County Nurse

By it'sallbueno - Perhaps I am taking poetic license in this attempt at answering Tips for your fill-in-the-blank of- your- nursing- specialty article contest, largely as I feel my specialty is nursing. After all, I am older, but not quite old. I have been in the trenches quite a few years (and wish I could be on... Read More


Tips For Student Nursing

By angelchick - I looked at the Competition Title and thought... Hmmm I can't comment on this one and then all of a sudden I thought, 'What about all those out there pondering the idea of going nursing', so here are my tips for "Student Nursing/nurses". :nurse: Certainly this is based on my own experience,... Read More


Pickels and Elbows...

By mother/babyRN - Pickels and elbows…. “Get the hell out of my room!” That, more often than not, was the greeting I received from my ornery elderly patient David. He was so angry that I could literally feel the hatred seething from him. Unfortunately for me, David was my patient and I was the newest nurse on the... Read More


Along A Jetty - One Nurses Walk Through Parental Diagnosis And Death

By mother/babyRN - Caravanning single file over a roughly hewn stone breakwater, mom, dad and I embark on a journey in my dreams. Unaffected by the waves slapping against the sides in a timeless hypnotic rhythm, we continue onward on some mysterious journey my mind has chosen to make me aware we must... Read More


The Sweet Old Man in Room 724...

By mother/babyRN - Many years ago, when a student, I encountered an elderly gentleman with a CVA. He inspired me to write, in my own way, the depth of compassion and empathy, felt and practiced by nurses everywhere... One can forever discuss the unmistakable magnificance of mountains or sunsets, or millions of... Read More