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New Grads, A Few Words of Encouragement

by brian After reading so many threads here on about the hard times many new grads are having... Read More


Just One Person

by Angie O'Plasty, RN Shift change. Lights blinked and bells dinged in front of almost every room on the 40-bed telemetry... Read More

What Are Private Messages?

by Joe V Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members with 15+posts. You... Read More

Watching My first Open Heart Surgery

by csclarkrn I had just started to work at this newer and larger hospital in 1982 and it was on a telemety unit... Read More

Um... I don't know what an EKG is.

by 86toronado The good thing about writing about my beginnings in the nursing field more than 2 years after the... Read More

Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse Part 2

by madwife2002 Update on Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse It has been a couple of weeks... Read More

The Clinical Reflection

by VickyRN A clinical reflection is a descriptive "story" that nursing students write about their clinical... Read More

Gerontological Nursing: The Interrelationship between Theory, Practice, and Research

by VickyRN This paper discusses the interrelationship between nursing theory, research, and practice in the... Read More

Active Learning Strategy: Concept Mapping

by VickyRN A concept map is a flowchart or diagram that shows the inter-relationships among concepts (ideas, images, or words). It is a graphical tool for... Read More

Mommy will be there

by canchaser People frequently ask why did you become a nurse? It's like the day time talk shows calling an unsuspecting person and playing everyone has a story.... Read More

How do I clear cookies?

by Joe V What is 'Automatic Sign-In'? When you sign-in, you will be given the option to 'Remember Me'. This will store your identity securely in a cookie... Read More

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

by VickyRN structural equations comprehensively represent the complex multidimensional relations among research variables in a theory. structural equation... Read More

Active Learning Strategy: The One-Minute Paper

by VickyRN As teachers, gauging our students' comprehension of class content can be challenging. Sadly, low scores on the first exam often serve as the wake-up... Read More

From Teaching to Learning - The Advantages of Passive vs. Active Learning Strategies

by VickyRN Passive learning Occurs when students use their senses to take in information from a lecture, reading assignment, or audiovisual. This is the mode... Read More

Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

by VickyRN factor analysis is a broad term for multivariate statistical methods used to identify common underlying variables called factors within a larger set... Read More

Logistic Regression

by VickyRN Regression analysis is used to predict a continuous dependent variable from a number of independent variables. If the dependent variable is... Read More

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