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Who else if not nurses?

by Chizoba Nwokeleme P - I may not make the most money or receive the highest recognition, but I’ll be making the biggest differences in the lives of my patients. I know that every day, I will touch a life or a life will...

Developing X-ray Vision: Caring for Difficult Patients

by jeastridge - As the EMS transport unit pushed the gurney out,I set my bag down on the empty chair before walking across the nursing home room to the Bob’s side. I introduced myself as his hospice nurse and asked...

Remembering the First Black U.S. Army Nurse During Black History Month

by TheCommuter - In the spirit of Black History Month, the astounding achievements of a relatively obscure nurse deserve to be illuminated. The purpose of this piece is to remember Susie King Taylor, the first black...

A 1 in 110 nurse!

by Donna Maheady - February is Heart month and the 7th through 14th is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) awareness week. More and more infants born with congenital heart defects are living and thriving and some become...

The Emotional Work of Nursing

by Nurse Beth - There are some thing nurses do behind the scenes that people never know. Read this story to find out what Nurse Tiffany did when her patient Bryan was at end of life, and the plan of care was not...

Nursing: The highly skilled customer service representative

by gleanns - Over the course of my nursing career I have heard endless spiels about "customer service" and "patient satisfaction" and the importance of these two things. What no one really explained was how I fit...

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    That union might come in handy if you ever find yourself in disciplinary action for carrying all of those anti- personnel devices.

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    Quote from Ruger8mm
    I hate, despise and detest unions. And I make no bones about it.
    Then why on earth would you work in a unionized facility? If you disagree with unions, it makes no sense to even apply for a job there.

  • 22

    I use it Every. Single. Time I don't get my full 30 minute break.

    My employer had better "offer it as an option," because the federal Dept of Labor requires that they do.

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    When I was a tele tech at a union hospital I had great benefits. Not perfect, but still great. Those benefits were spelled out in the nurse's contract - I benefited from their negotiating strength. I work in a non-union hospital now, in a part of the country known for unions and higher than average wages (in a city where they can't build homes fast enough), and the pressure from the nearby unionized hospitals means I have good wages and fair working conditions equivalent to those facilities. I have 4 patients on day shift and a nurse staffing committee - not the hospital - sets our staffing matrix, thanks to a law that was written, lobbied, and passed in large part by the nursing union. We all take turns working holidays (everyone has to work Christmas at least every third year, etc).

    I listen to people talking about stagnant wages and new grads getting hired who make as much as a nurse with 5 years of experience, and none of that happens here. Wages are set based on your years of experience, and when the base rate changes everyone gets a raise. When you get a new job at a new hospital you start at whatever the rate is based on your time as a nurse. All set by union contract. Good stuff.

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    Union filth? Them's fighting words!

    You might try discussing things in a less inflammatory manner. Just a suggestion.

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    Have people not read the situations on this board and thought "where is your union?" I can't believe some of the stuff nurses are putting up with and I am so grateful I have a union. No, they're not perfect, and I don't like paying money for union dues when non-union workers get the same benefits. However, during contract negotiation we would have been thrown under the bus from administration if we hadn't had a union.