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Damion Jenkins

Inadequate Nursing: Patient Safety in Today's Healthcare Marketplace - A Four Part Series

One of the greatest challenges in today’s rapidly changing healthcare system is maintaining the highest standards for patient safety. Last week, we talked about the issue of inadequate staffing...

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Favouritism in nursing school!

I just had my nurse pinning and it was an amazing experience but I also left feeling a little bit upset. They gave out awards and some if the awards for clinical excellence. A good bit of the...

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Have Nurse

Job Decisions: What Means The Most To You?

"You're driving how far?" "What kind of gas costs do you incur?" "Is it worth it?" These are some of the questions I get when I share where I work. I live in the northwest and work in the Twin...

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Accepting a position as an RN after being the CNA

Hello! I am in my last semester of nursing school and I am starting to look for prospective jobs. I currently work as a "Student Nurse" at a local hospital, which is essentially a CNA position....

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NP Students
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Bachelor in Human Biology to DNP pathway

I will be graduating with a Bachelor in Human Biology next spring and I want to become a DNP, but I'm just not sure on the pathway that I should take and I would love some advice. I have shadowed a...

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Kind of scared right now

*Admin please do not post on Facebook* Got into a meeting with teachers and bosses, basically put we have a student was reported for threats, but none of them were true. We have a police...

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End of year

For those of you not drowning beneath all of the field day scrapes and bruises, how do you prepare for end of year? I feel like I should be doing something.

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PVT trick?

I took my NCLEX-RN this morning and I answered all 265 questions plus the extra questions after the 265. I do not feel confident at all, the questions were so hard to me. I did the trick about 10xs...

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Sometimes I hate rules

Little K student shows up in my office with a bottle of Rx eye drops- clearly has allergies, poor thing eyes look terrible. No paperwork, bottle not in original Rx box, so does not have her name or...

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Kaiser background check

Has anyone gone through Kaiser's background check and had their position revoked? I have a misdeamenor "wet reckless" and have just started the hiring process. I'm terrified this will disqualify me....

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Doctor Reported my Mistake to Clinical Instructor

Dear Nurse Beth, I am finishing up my first year in a 3-year graduate nursing program. On my last day of OB-GYN clinical, I made a huge mistake in patient identity (due to a lapse in attention in...

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Pregnant and do you do it?!?!?

I'm an ER nurse and currently 26 weeks pregnant with my 1st child. My 1st trimester hit me hard with 2nd trimester has been absolutely amazing! I had all my energy back, I was able to...

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Grooming/Human trafficking

**Please don't post to Facebook** I had a student (14yof) tell me about a "professional" relationship she had initiated with a "record label/music producer/manager." She found this guy cold...

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Concerns about Transition to School Nurse

I have an interview today for school nurse at a 6-8th grade campus. My first two years of nursing have been on an adult tele/step-down unit at a trauma hospital. I actually enjoy my job most days but...

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Nurse pay in France equivalent to CNA pay here

I work with a young French gal who immigrated to the United States. She was a nurse there. She hasn't gotten her license here yet and is working as a CNA. She says that nurses are paid poorly in...

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scheduled meds

At the end of the year we turn in all medications that haven't been picked up to our boss. Every year I count the Ritalin/Ritalin-like products/the odd pain reliever with codeine/Fiorcet (this...

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I'm not crying, you're crying

It started when a sweetpea with a chronic condition (well known to me) came in to have my sign her yearbook. In the 9th grade she spent a lot of lunches resting in the clinic because she was...

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Blatant false documentation

Hi all! A situation arose at work where documentation was changed two weeks after the fact to indicate a doc had assessed a pt in an emergent situation. The pt was never assessed by the doc. I...

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Overcounting valium in pyxis

Just curious if i triggered a discrepincency in which there was an overcount of diazepam in the pyxis and found a methadone inside its bin, is that an issue? I did report it.

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

I Put my Organization at Risk

Dear Nurse Beth, I'm a nurse that works in quality Improvement within Dialysis. I made some mistakes and gave too much information that showed some weaknesses in the company that I work for. I...

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