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I Can See it When You Smile

by 2shihtzus every once in a while i have what amounts to be an awful night at work. the night started out a... Read More

Where I Need To Be

by cannew304 I work on a large acute care pediatric unit, and have come to love the kids, the families and my... Read More

Significant Others Requesting Euthanasia

by namzy Four years ago, before I got admitted to a nursing school, I went to hospital at Intensive Care... Read More

How To Select Patients for your Student Clinicals

by jcaste Student clinicals can be very stressful for students. Some clinical instructors will pre-select the... Read More

Nurses Must Learn to Take Care of Themselves

by Virginia PMH-NP taking care of yourself is much easier to say then do! although there are more men in the helping... Read More

How can she take that...

by sarahrain I vividly remembered a case that touched the bottom of my heart when I was a nursing student posted... Read More

This Is Intensive Medical Care!

by walk6miles Has this happened to you? You walk into the nurse’s lounge, get your assignment; head out the door... Read More

Story: CNA rags to CNA riches!

by degraypoole Critical Care leads CNA to Nursing Degree Gift! I'm a CNA, at the bottom of the nursing... Read More

Reflections of a New Grad

by la bellota I had always felt that I had it in me to be a nurse. I had the heart. I had the courage. I had the... Read More

Pay It Forward

by faltura When you begin your career in healthcare, at some point you likely had someone you could call a... Read More

The Fixer: School taught me everything I know.

by Tele_Nurse4u Working in a critical care field, Cardiac IMCU, has evoked many emotions from within me: fear, excitement, determination, and frustration. Looking... Read More

Candid Conversations With Families

by gal220RN I feel sorry for hospital patients. They are required to wear flimsy backless gowns and frequently subjected to invasions of privacy. I have been a... Read More

Technology's Impact on Critical Care Nursing

by saga As a husband wife team of CRNA's, probably exposed to more Critical Care Nursing than most. Being in nursing x 40 years & advanced practice as a CRNA... Read More

That Day in the ER

by Ms Kylee I reported to clinical on time, and then went down to the ER to check in with the nurses. I had been here before, and knew most of my time would be... Read More

To Terminate or Not to Terminate

by Justhere Sometime in your life time you may have to make a decision to terminate or continue life support for a family member. For one reason or another you... Read More

Caring for unconscious patient.

by namzy Nursing involves caring people with different ailments,caring for unconscious patient is critical care nursing. It is very important for a nurse to... Read More

Delight Thyself Nursing School at Last

by Daisykay Delight Thyself LPN SCHOOL FINALLY! Psalms 37:4 “Delight thyself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart.” The... Read More

Just Another Code

by interleukin A code is called…it’s the woman in room 11. Earlier, the paramedics found her--deep in the winter of her life--lying like a rag doll in a man’s... Read More

A Nursing Dilemma

by kda340 Nurses, When I was a student Nurse in the late 50’s, the educators in nursing started the movement to upgrade nursing from Florence Nightingale’s... Read More

One Last Goodbye

by tvccrn Working as a nurse in a very small rural hospital gives you a chance to get to know your patients. You meet them on the street, in the grocery... Read More