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A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

by jeastridge - A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse I slung my computer bag over my shoulder and pondered the question one of my nurse colleagues who worked at the hospital asked me. She wondered what my typical...

Becoming A Mental Health Nurse: A First Hand Account

Becoming A Mental Health Nurse: A First Hand Account

by allenmrtux - Mental illness is an equal opportunity illness; it affects persons of all races, ages, and income. Mental health nurses take care of patients who suffer from mental illness; they help in the process...

My currents issues with my course as a 2nd year BSN student

My currents issues with my course as a 2nd year BSN student

by AvaVermillion - I've only recently started community service and clinicals and I swear to god I am close to begging my parents to allow me to take up Journalism. Now Nursing wasn't really my choice since I have a...

Addressing Sexual Orientation in Healthcare
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Addressing Sexual Orientation in Healthcare

by CareerSmart Learning - Medical providers may often ignore the sexual orientation of a patient, for a variety of reasons, but doing so can cause a patient’s comprehensive health to also be ignored(1). Whether the topic is...

New Grad:  How can I get experience if nobody will give me a chance?

New Grad: How can I get experience if nobody will give me a chance?

by Nurse Beth - I am getting rather down and frustrated. I am aware that they want experience but how can I get any experience if no one is willing to give me a chance to show that I want to work hard for them and...

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    It's a recurring theme because some posters do not know that 'nurse' is a legally protected title and some do not read allnurses terms of service before agreeing to them.

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    It's both against the terms of service and against the law to present yourself (through name, username, introduction, etc) as having healthcare credentials that you do not have. That's the big deal.

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    Quote from DelaneyB
    I was reading a post earlier. Normally I love to do that, when I get some downtime I am entertained/educated by posts here and I enjoy it. However I saw something on here that bothered me. It is a recurring theme.

    A user said that since a poster was a nursing student and not a nurse she should change her username. I see that a lot here, other users telling posters to change their name because they are students, or CNAs, etc. Does that really bother you??? It's not like it's that big of a deal. If I was a culinary student I would call myself DelaneyBaker and it would be fine. If I was an engineering student I would call myself DelaneyEngineer. It wouldn't be a big deal. Y'all act as if there aren't millions and millions of nurses in the world and are so prideful. It's not that hard to be a nurse. People from dinky little schools are "nurses". People who did things completely online are "nurses". It isn't a big deal.

    I don't know why this riled me up so much but it did. Sorry for the rant.
    I'm going to excuse your ignorance about what it takes to get through nursing school, pass NCLEX, and work as a nurse. You obviously don't know what you don't know.

    But perhaps you can understand this sentence from the RULES of this message forum:

    8.You agree NOT to use titles that you have not earned. (RN, Dr, LPN, LVN, Nurse, etc)

    So when people tell nursing students to change their screen names, that is because they have violated the terms of service that THEY AGREED TO when they signed up. This is a privately owned web site, and they can make the rules.

    So basically, if this bothers you, TOUGH.

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    "It's not hard to be a nurse." Do you even read these forums? Ever go on the student forum and see the threads asking for help? Ever venture into the NCLEX forum and see the "I failed the NCLEX I feel so bad" threads? How about the threads on the general nursing tab that talks about the emotional and physical toll this job has.

    Reading comprehension...not everyone has it.

    If you're not a nurse, don't say you are.

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    Are you a nursing student? If you are that maybe why you don't understand. It is illegal in most states to call yourself a nurse when you aren't one. Plus I don't want someone who hasn't gone through the rigors of nursing school & passed the NCLEX to carry around the title. Maybe one day when you become a nurse & hear a CNA or med aide refer to themselves as a nurse, you will understand. But until then, no, not everyone can call themselves a nurse.
    While you are in school, do you call yourself a nurse? No! You haven't received the title yet. It's very simple, if you passed the NCLEX you're a nurse. If you haven't, you're not. I'm sure one day you will work with a tech who thinks they are a nurse, acts like a nurse & tries to give you or your patient nursing advice. Then maybe, you might understand.

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    No one is getting their RN or LPN completely on line.