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Risk for Diabetes in Relation to Obesity or Being Overweight

by Angela0486 the main focus of this article is diabetes education. the purpose is to point out how obesity or... Read More


Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Recertification

by VickyRN the cne credential must be renewed after five years. to apply for recertification, the applicant... Read More

Do We Really Understand Each Other?

by rodgerssm We all have those times when we feel like we are being singled out. But have you experienced a... Read More

The Archaeology of Personality

by TrishJK Renee lies in bed all day; refusing to come out to play at being 'good' the way They say she... Read More

The Day My Bucket List Changed

by nslpriv The day was February 21, 2003, a blustery, cold and overcast day. I was working a flight shift on... Read More

Does God Make Mistakes?

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN I ran my fingers through his beautiful wavy hair. 3 years old next week! Wow, who would have... Read More

Clinical Day 1: Discoveries

by SarahLeeRN "No, hon, you're not going to want that. Those are old. You're going to want these," said the... Read More

Destiny Forward - A Patient Lost, a Future Gained

by Tait The Patient Diagnosis: Small Bowel Obstruction Age: 55 Gender: Male That was all I knew... Read More

Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions

by Joe V Cookies are small text files that some websites put on your computer to store a variety of information about you and your preferences. Here are... Read More

I Dont Remember His Name

by rjglbws I was into my fourth month as a labor and delivery nurse when I received report on a patient who was diagnosed with a term intrauterine fetal demise.... Read More

In the Presence of an Angel

by hartmom In the Presence of an Angel As a nursing student we have a short time to make a lasting impression on our patients. Each time I enter... Read More

The Ultimate Question, Why?

by craziechiq The question of WHY??? has consumed me from the very beginning when I chose nursing to be my major/future profession. The main question being, why... Read More

Treating Angels Instead

by rissajacintorn Treating Angels Instead Sometime as we walk along this beautiful journey called life, we are destined to face different kinds of... Read More

I wish I were blind

by Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN He was huge, from the floor up and side to side. he walked down the hallway, never looking up, never acknowledging our presence. as he walked past... Read More

“They’re all liars.” Are they really?

by burnbabyburn I was sitting at the Nurse’s station trying to avoid expending any energy when the Triage nurse came in and interrupted my reverie. “You know, I... Read More

Effective PowerPoint Presentations

by VickyRN "Oh no, not another Powerpoint presentation!" you mutter softly to yourself as you slip into a seat in the back of the dark auditorium.... Read More

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