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A&P Help...from my brain to yours!

So I've gotten several requests for copies of my AP here they are. These are all the... Read More

Long term care nursing

I am a geriatric nurse. By choice. I have a BS in nursing from Rush University, 1978. I have a... Read More

The Doctor who broke my heart, the patient who opened my eyes

Life is hard and income is meager in our country. Many took nursing course as a stepping stone out... Read More

Singing with the Angels

by YelenaV

The best thing I like about Nursing is that our task is to aid in the restoration of the wholeness... Read More

Be a Nurse

Before I ever thought about going to nursing school, I was a paramedic. Paramedics are taught... Read More

Brave little soldier boy...

When becoming a hospice nurse I was asked several questions. The toughest was how I would deal with... Read More

Patient who changed my life.

by abemwe

GILBERT CHANGED ME. I have known only to cycle,my old bicycle. The accident occured and I... Read More

I, Patient

she has been lying on her bed. a pleasant lady, determined to keep her baby for the next 14 weeks,... Read More

The First Patient I Cared For

by al7139

In 2003, my parents moved from Maryland to New Jersey. They were looking forward to the move. ... Read More

A Patient Who Changed My Life

by pn77

I am lucky to have been accepted to an LPN program in an accredited school and am in my third week.... Read More

My Stint In The ICU During Fallujah Attacks

At this time I am only a nursing student, but before I took this leap, I was an active duty soldier for the U.S. Army as a medic, stationed in... Read More

The Weeping Turkey Diaries

It was a cold, snowy, and generally rotten Thanksgiving afternoon. I was especially thrilled to be working the second shift in an inner city trauma... Read More

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

Hospice is not a word to be feared but a word that brings service, comfort, understanding and education to people with life limiting illnesses. Our... Read More

How My Life Was Changed By One Patient

When I think about the patient that has changed my life the most, I am taken back to a time in my life where things really began to change for me. It... Read More

A very special bond

I was only 21 years old when I started my nursing career. I love babies. They have a very special place in my heart. I specialized in Maternal and... Read More

My father, his final lesson

I remember the day we went to the oncologist with my father. The doctor came in said hello, and before he finished sitting down, he had delivered the... Read More

Every life has a purpose.....

January 23, 2007 is a day that I hope that I never forget. It was a normal workday for me, a Sunday, which is usually much quieter on our NICU unit... Read More

The Passing of "Mrs. Jones" and How She Changed My Life

by skwlpn

In our facility, "Mrs. Jones" (not her real name of course) was what we called a "needy" resident. She was completely bed bound and constantly in... Read More

On the edge of insanity

"What are you doing! Get off her!" The aide was straddling the patient on the floor with a tee shirt on the patients neck. I had just came back from... Read More

Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad.

I am convinced that ICU, CCU, OR, etc... are the ones who's more on the spotlight for all nurses. That is why I got my first work as an OR nurse, but... Read More