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On Death And Dying

By mayagoose - On Death and Dying It was not long into my nursing career before I experienced the first death of a patient assigned to me. I was working on a telemetry unit and went in to assess the lung sounds of my patient who was on bedrest. I asked him if he could roll onto his side so that I could put... Read More

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They Changed My Life With Exercise

By PiaLove - Rita was one of my favorite homecare patients: not too difficult, always kept her scheduled time and definitely was in need of my assistance. She was well over seventy years old,cognitively challenged, and was not the patient I would expect to be overly excited! She was dependently independent (... Read More


What I Love About My Job

By amcgraw - What I love about my job. 78 years. That's it. That is the average life expectancy at birth in the United States. Doesn't seem like enough time to accomplish it all does it? As a nurse I work with people who are at the end of their lives everyday. Most are elderly and have accepted it - even joke... Read More


Patients Who Have Changed My Life

By Jessiedog - Tammy. A Ray of Sunlight. I am a paediatric nurse, and a patient that comes to mind who had a huge impact on me is a little girl called Tamara. She was 9 when she died, and I nursed her for the last 5 years of her life. She had Cystic Fibrosis, and was a pale, frail-looking little thing with... Read More


"I'm Leaving You Here....."

By NurseAlwaysNForever - I graduated nursing school in August of 2005 and went straight to work at a local nursing home. I had never intended on becoming a nurse, however that is the direction that God sent me in and I have not regretted it ever since. I loved the nursing home and getting to know all of the patients... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives

By WildcatFanRN - Iíve been an LPN for 13 years and just graduated with my ASN this past May. Iíve been wracking my brain trying to find that one patient or patients that have changed my life for better or worse. For the life of me, I canít think of just one exactly which is weird. There is one... Read More


The Little Old Lady

By Ms Kylee - It had been a rough day, and I had to be out of work at 3:30 because I had clinical that evening. I was doing the usual end of shift vitals when I walked past what had been an empty room all day. In the room chair sat a very petite lady looking very lost and scared. I walked in, shook her... Read More


Remember the days before my death

By goldens - As a usual night shift, I was taking handover from my co-worker from previous shift. She continued her patient reporting, and I was being attentive throughout that. She mentioned about a new patient admitted during her shift. After receiving report from her, I headed to see my patients. I happened... Read More


Did you hear me?

By NurseEdward - written monday, may 29th 2006 after working all night in an inner city chicago emergency department. i entitled it: did you hear me? did you hear me? to the man that presented to me dead on arrival. we intubated you, gave you 3 rounds of epi, followed by 3 rounds of atropine, continued... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives good or bad

By ociusmedinfo - Patients who have changed our lives good or bad. This happened to me before I finished nursing school. It was written at the end of 2007. This part of the year always causes me to pause and take stock of where I am, where Iíve been, and what I hope for the future. I donít know what it is... Read More


What We Do Not Learn In School

By the_alchemist - It was as if the universe conspired to get me working on my dream job after going through a huge deal of drama. Since "Girl, Interrupted" I knew that I'd like to be in a mental health facility (to work, that is). In a place surrounded by numerous rules on patient confidentiality, I can't help but... Read More


The Patient I Failed

By nerdtonurse? - I met her one Tuesday night, and spent that night pouring Jevity into her tube, only to suction it back out. Her legs were cool and mottled, her bowel sounds were non-existant, and her blue eyes stared blindly at a ceiling she could no longer see. The MD refused to terminate feedings, but I held... Read More


Rocking Camille

By vernix - Stepping into my clogs and starting my shift in Labor and Delivery always brings a sense of anticipation to my heart. Nearly two decades have passed and I am still excited to assist with the birth of a baby. People often comment on how lucky I am to work in such a happy environment. This is... Read More


The most beautiful curls I'd ever seen

By kessadawn - You had two simple requests of me, a drink of water, and to go home. I had started out my shift on high note, caring for my two favorite cardiac patients, working with some of my favorite co-workers. It was going to be a good night, I told myself. Then you came. The charge nurse had... Read More


We are so lucky....

By ag01medic - i am currently on a one year assignment in east africa. the conditions in which the people live here are dire at best and many suffer from easily preventable and treatable diseases. the story below details a recent event that i experienced, which happens here on a daily basis. today was a... Read More


John Doe

By JKBrn - Working 7p-7a, what is on our minds at 6a? Our cozy, warm bed and counting sheep. This was what I was thinking of when a pt, we'll call him John... John Doe, came rolling into CCU. He was a transfer from an outside hospital. Standard chest pain, had some nitro tabs, needed a cardiac cath. We... Read More


Inspiring Patient Story-Why we do what we do!

By jlmb214rn - As nurses, we all have those days, weeks, maybe months, that get really stressful. Sometimes, those rough ones may even leave us wondering why we chose such a physically and mentally exhausting profession. Every now and then, though, we get to care of someone who shows us exactly why we do what we... Read More


"Us" and "Them" ... It Could Mean Trouble

By vadushkas_nurse - :nurse: "US" and "THEM" :rolleyes: IT COULD MEAN TROUBLE :argue: The more I think about stories about patientsÖ the more this thought comes to mind. I finished my nursing education in Dec. 2004 and since that time I have noticed a major shift in the health care ideologies. :confused:... Read More