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The Sweet Old Man in Room 724...

By mother/babyRN - Many years ago, when a student, I encountered an elderly gentleman with a CVA. He inspired me to write, in my own way, the depth of compassion and empathy, felt and practiced by nurses everywhere... One can forever discuss the unmistakable magnificance of mountains or sunsets, or millions of other unforgettable miraculous occurrences...So many moments we take for granted, assuming other such moments will follow with scarcely a... Read More


Borderline Personality Disorder on the Behavioral Unit

By Thunderwolf - Folks with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD can often be a challenge on a behavioral health unit. When dealing with BPD, here are some cognitive-behavioral tips: 1. Focus on the here and now, not yesterday or the past. The present is all that matters and where it leads to in the immediate future. The present is what placed the person on the unit in the first place. The future allows a way out. 2. Focus on cause and... Read More


Some Kind of Friendship

By mother/babyRN - Not long after that initial orientation and introduction to nursing school, the staff gets down to brass tacks. That is, in my day (which I cannot believe I am old enough and learned enough to admit to), we were warned not to become emotionally involved with patients or families. It wasn't professional. It wasn't healthy. It wasn't encouraged and it certainly was not expected of a "professional" nurse. I probably lasted six months.... Read More


Previous Article Contest Winners

By brian - Congratulations to all winners! Thanks to everyone who has submitted articles. Latest feedback we are getting: We've had many wonderful articles, why not share your wonderful nursing knowledge? Why Submit An Article? Read More


Being The Best CNA While On The Road To Becoming An RN

By racing-mom4 - CNA on the road to Nurse. You are the Certified Nursing Assistant. You want to become a nurse your self one day. So what can you do to “assist” the nurse? As well as improve your own skills Lets begin with you are the nurses eyes and ears, you are probably spending more time with your patients than the nurse assigned is. Listen to a good report; if all possible listen to report along with your assigned nurse. Make sure you... Read More


Tips On How To Be An Extraordinary Med-Surg Nurse

By Bugaloo - Medical-Surgical nursing is the largest specialty area in nursing. Many nurses start their nursing career in Med-Surg, acquire excellent clinical skills, and then move on to other specialized areas. Others, like myself, enjoy the myriad of medical conditions on the Med-Surg floor and thrive in that environment. What are the advantages of being a Med-Surg nurse? Med-Surg nurses develop a broad knowledge base of many different... Read More


That's My Girl!

By 4nrn - That’s my girl! Ruben Frank (not real name) rose this morning, as he does every morning, to the sound of rustling bed covers, running water and squeaking wheelchairs. All courtesy of the nursing staff who come in to wake his dear bride of more than 50 years to bath, dress and ready her for the day. This was the daily routine before breakfast was served in the main dining hall of the assisted living community in which they now live.... Read More


Becoming A Nurse

By NebraskaRN - I did not even finish high school I only had a general education diploma (G.E.D.) and I thought that I could not do anything. I had a lot of times when I was sick. I knew that I liked to care for people and things. That is when I thought about being a nurse. I thought that taking care of babies that a lot nurses would not be able to care for would be very rewarding and challenging. I enrolled into college even before my high school... Read More


Hospice Career

By vwevans - I have been a Nurse for 27 years. That seems like so many years, especially if you are a new graduate nurse. Yet, for me, the years have passed very fast. Many times I have wondered how my nursing career could have been different. You see, I am one of those nurses who could never seem to find my niche in the many areas available to us in the profession. In fact, when I was in nursing school, I wasn't even aware of all the areas... Read More


Tips On How To Transition From Studentnursworld To Realnurseworld

By mother/babyRN - It is a tempestuous, terrifying and terrific journey from the perils and excitement of "Studentnurseworld" to "Realnurseworld". What follows are just a couple of things I learned along the way..... Tips On The Transition from Studentnursewold to Realnurseworld Almost thirty years following the nerve wracking September morning I entered nursing school, I am often reminded of the first lecture and introduction. That’s because it... Read More


I Hear Singing And There's No One There

By mother/babyRN - Ive been a bonafide nurse since 1981. So say my credentials. But, I'm not certain we ever "become" nurses the day we graduate or receive our licences. I believe we are nurses in flux the span of our careers. I know that I was supremely tested as a nurse when my dad became sick and then eventually died. It reminds me of the query "what came first, the chicken or the egg." Do you become a good nurse because of your life experience, or... Read More


I Hate You - Heart Attack! Never Assume A Nurse Knows Everything.

By mother/babyRN - Barely six weeks following the birth of our first child, my husband had a heart attack. It was completely unexpected and occurred just before he was due to go out to sea. It was a scary time and I wrote this not long afterwards. All the tips you ever receive on the hows and whys patients and families react in the face of trauma can in NO way prepare you simply because you are a nurse…. I Hate You, Heart Attack… I hate you,... Read More


Tales From Behind The Mask - OR Nursing How-To

By GadgetRN71 - An old OR nurse once told me that any good OR nurse always carries scissors in his/her pocket. While I make use of my scissors daily, there are other factors that are vital to being a great OR nurse. One of the first things that any aspiring OR nurse needs to do is find a good pair of shoes...for me, I'm always on the hunt for the "perfect" shoe. This has led to me having a nursing shoe museum in my locker. I open it and nine times... Read More


Caring For A Family Suffering A Fetal Demise

By mother/babyRN - Sometimes the most difficult and poignant things we can do as OB nurses, is simply be there.... George and Martha Night time briskness slapped me in the face as I climbed in to my car for the familiar trek to work. It was my third scheduled night shift but only the first I had felt half way healthy enough to attend. I had called ahead to prepare myself for the pace of the unit, and was already exhausted at the prospect of a... Read More


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

By andre - One of my assigned patients is dying of metastatic liver cancer. I was told in report, "he's full of mets". The day before I took care of him, Hospice was consulted. He had a significant amount of pain, but if we kept up with his Oxy (he also has a Duragesic patch) he was comfortable. So my usual morning routine goes like this: print my report sheet, and start putting in my little boxes for med times, assessments, etc (yes, I'm the... Read More


The Crusty County Nurse Cracks Just a Bit

By it'sallbueno - I see by the glowing green light on my 80's digital alarm clock I have missed the article contest deadline by 8 minutes. Granted, the forums were down and I was unable to submit at 2350 (when I first attempted to log in) but that hardly excuses my month long procrastination. But I have some thoughts to share, regardless of deadlines, so here goes... You don't get to be a nurse for almost 20 years and not learn a few tricks of the... Read More


Baby Doe

By DutchgirlRN - There is only one group of people in the United States that are required and forced by law to accept medical treatment. The argument is that this group of people are not rational autonomous individuals and that they are not able to give free and informed consent. In 1984 Congress amended our laws to mandate that all infants born in the United States receive medical care. No matter how sick or disabled, all newborns must be treated... Read More


In Bed With Dying Patient

By interleukin - Sometimes, a family member's behavior is so clouded by the grief and shock of a loss that we must be courageous enough to practice outside the box. My patient had been ejected from his car after hitting black ice. His prognosis for any recovery was a hairs-breath above zero. We knew he would never again walk this earth. The family was large and streamed in and out of the room. All were polite and respectful. The wife dutifully... Read More