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Patients who have changed our lives

By WildcatFanRN - Iíve been an LPN for 13 years and just graduated with my ASN this past May. Iíve been wracking my brain trying to find that one patient or patients that have changed my life for better or worse. For the life of me, I canít think of just one exactly which is weird. There is one... Read More


The Little Old Lady

By Ms Kylee - It had been a rough day, and I had to be out of work at 3:30 because I had clinical that evening. I was doing the usual end of shift vitals when I walked past what had been an empty room all day. In the room chair sat a very petite lady looking very lost and scared. I walked in, shook her... Read More


Remember the days before my death

By goldens - As a usual night shift, I was taking handover from my co-worker from previous shift. She continued her patient reporting, and I was being attentive throughout that. She mentioned about a new patient admitted during her shift. After receiving report from her, I headed to see my patients. I happened... Read More


Did you hear me?

By NurseEdward - written monday, may 29th 2006 after working all night in an inner city chicago emergency department. i entitled it: did you hear me? did you hear me? to the man that presented to me dead on arrival. we intubated you, gave you 3 rounds of epi, followed by 3 rounds of atropine, continued... Read More


My First Day with a Wonderful Lady

By ellifant - My fortieth birthday present to myself was to begin pre-requiste classes to obtain entry to nursing school.January 2007 marked my admission into nursing school. I was so excited to have made it this far along with taking care of my family, working and constantly studying. The first seven and a half... Read More


A Patient Who Changed My Life

By oncnursemsn - I teach second semester nursing students med surg on a 36 bed oncology unit outside Boston. I always ask the nurses on who would be good for a student- good learning experience, receptive to a novice learner and hopefully interesting diagnosis. My students are often uncomfortable taking care of... Read More


One Patient that changed my life

By Ms Kylee - She was evil. The devil incarnate. Meaner than a rattlesnake. She had active MRSA, dementia, and was in for cellulitis. She threw four nurses, the Physical Therapist, the Occupational Therapist, and the daylight aide out of her room, and it was only 10:30. I was new to the floor, and... Read More


Bruce and Ethel

By aknottedyarn - Bruce and Ethel It seems like I have been a nurse forever but two patients stand out who quietly taught me about the real spirit of the human being in the bed. They changed me in ways I still can’t believe. Many years ago I worked in a CCU, before many of the sophisticated machines,... Read More


Patients Who Have Changed Our Lives

By Lia~PasteL - I may not have the most extensive work experience, but I would to share this wonderful experience, and most likely, a nursing experience that had a great impact on me. Before, I entered this path, I had no interest in knowing other people's interest for taking up nursing. All I know was, I enjoyed... Read More


We are so lucky....

By ag01medic - i am currently on a one year assignment in east africa. the conditions in which the people live here are dire at best and many suffer from easily preventable and treatable diseases. the story below details a recent event that i experienced, which happens here on a daily basis. today was a... Read More


John Doe

By JKBrn - Working 7p-7a, what is on our minds at 6a? Our cozy, warm bed and counting sheep. This was what I was thinking of when a pt, we'll call him John... John Doe, came rolling into CCU. He was a transfer from an outside hospital. Standard chest pain, had some nitro tabs, needed a cardiac cath. We... Read More


Inspiring Patient Story-Why we do what we do!

By jlmb214rn - As nurses, we all have those days, weeks, maybe months, that get really stressful. Sometimes, those rough ones may even leave us wondering why we chose such a physically and mentally exhausting profession. Every now and then, though, we get to care of someone who shows us exactly why we do what we... Read More


"Us" and "Them" ... It Could Mean Trouble

By vadushkas_nurse - :nurse: "US" and "THEM" :rolleyes: IT COULD MEAN TROUBLE :argue: The more I think about stories about patientsÖ the more this thought comes to mind. I finished my nursing education in Dec. 2004 and since that time I have noticed a major shift in the health care ideologies. :confused:... Read More


One World

By mariel7 - My first love was writing. This I discovered during intermediate school. Looking back, I think the reason for this was that growing up in a big family, and I being the 7th, with all my other siblings older and their ages closer to each other, made me turn to expressing myself on paper. I... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad

By kharyn77 - May 13, 2002. A patient was wheeled into a private room accompanied by a female companion named chona. She was 23 years old about to turn 24 a month after. She was the eldest among 4 sibling and her parents were divorced. She was living with 2 of her younger sibling (ages 18 and 12), both of her... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad

By Sabby_NC - In my job as a Hospice RN Case Manager I could honestly say that each patient I have looked after has changed my life in many different ways. Thinking about all these dear folk that I have had the pleasure of looking after I am drawn back to one of my dear patients that died only a few months... Read More


A Path of Learning

By dianah - After many years as an RN, I do recall three memorable patient encounters that impacted my life and changed how I practice nursing. Over 30 years ago, I was a young 'float' RN doing morning Team Leader rounds in the Post Partum unit. I had just left a four-bed ward on my way to the next... Read More


Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad

By pattylpn54 - :nurse: :D The patient who changed my life was a 72 yr. old woman. The winter of 2004 she thought she had a cold that she couldn't shake so she went to her primary care dr., who said it was probably the flu and prescribed her an antibiotic. When it persisted she returned to her primary care... Read More