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Bringing Massage Therapy Back into Nursing

It was at one time, a standard of practice in nursing to provide patients with the comforts of... Read More

A Comparison BSN versus ADN Faculty Role

by VickyRN

The ability to shape and mold future nurses – and thereby indirectly impact countless patients’... Read More

What is Parish Nursing

Parish nursing is a relatively new nursing specialty that focuses on promoting health within faith... Read More

How Do I Become a Forensic Nurse/Role of the Forensic Nurse

by sirI

Forensic Nurses deal with individuals who are victims of violent crimes such as sexual assault,... Read More

Types of Nursing Careers

I currently am on the waiting list for my local community college's adn program. I am taking my... Read More

Typical day for a Home Health nurse...

Hi guys, I thought it would be nice to start an ongoing thread to just post/vent about your usual... Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The concept of cognitive behavioral therapy is not a new approach. As a previous counselor working with diverse populations, I had often found that... Read More

Murphy's Laws of Nursing

When you need the money, your shift is cancelled; when you have a weekend planned, you have to do overtime. Realizing the patient you've just... Read More

Not Getting Emails? Email Whitelist Instructions

by Brian

Since your ISP probably uses some type of spam filter we ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders, contacts or address book - also... Read More

EXCELLENT Resources for Parish Nursing

by VickyRN

FAITH BASED NURSING Faith-based nursing = parish nursing = congregational nursing practice Faith-based nursing practice is also known as parish... Read More

My Life with a Nurse: A Man's Perspective

Ah, such mysterious, wondrous creatures are nurses. What treasures lurk beneath those crisp, white uniforms....What young man doesn't have fantasies... Read More