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Tips for Surving Cardiac Telemtry

By Spatialized - A Newbieís Guide to Cardiac Telemetry Itís like a nursing nightmare. Not the kind where you end up in front of the school body naked, but close. Thereís a patient in rapid atrial fib who keeps climbing out of bed in room 23. A new admit just came up from the cath lab and is cooling their heels in room 34. You hear an IV pump going off in room 24 and hope that itís not your cardizem drip out of fluid. The family of the gentleman... Read More


Tips for Home Health Nursing

By homehealth20 - As a Registered Nurse, this year marks my 20th year in home health nursing. It has been a wonderful ride and I have met some interesting patients and co-workers along the way. I have worked in the field and in the office. I have done private duty and Medicare intermittent visits. I have cared for patients in mansions on the ocean, and intercity homes with holes in the floors and roaches so big that they almost carried my nursing bag... Read More


Sleeping Patient And The Panicking Student nurse

By blue_yuina - I am an incoming 3rd year and during my one year of duty... I was so nervous during my first day . Am I doing it right? Do I know what I am doing? But, when I came in to my assigned room I saw this lady smiling at me. The thought came in again...Do I know what I am going to do? The lady was the patient's daughter. I approach the patient lying on the bed. He was sleeping. Tubes were connected to him. He was an post-operative... Read More


Walking Two Blocks

By zenman - Walking Two Blocks Going to work for most people is probably an exercise in boredom. Not for me. My day in Dhaka begins with a slow awareness that the noise outside has sounded the alarm to awake. Banged-up autos at the intersection below my apartment blow their horns in urgent awareness that their drivers have no intention of slowing down. Most make it through without incident, leaving rickshaws, bicycles and motorbikes... Read More


Tips for Surviving Nursing: The Trauma of caring

By sandygator - I'm pretty sure my first post here was maybe in a newly recovering addict. After 34 years in this profession, mostly in PICU and nearly 98% pediatrics, I realized today that I am indeed traumatized by my past. I came online looking to see if I was alone. But it is not due to abuse within my family. Today I remembered a 4 yr old... lifeless, so pale, except for the bruises which covered his body. I remember so vividly the... Read More


Tips for Geriatric and LTC Nursing

By handyrn - I have worked in Geriatric/LTC nursing for over 20 years. The same scenario has played out hundreds of times in my career. It goes something like this: I meet a new person who asks me what I do for a living. I tell them I am a nurse. They are impressed and ask which hospital I work at. I tell them that I actually work at a nursing home. As I watch their face it is usually always the same. The expression changes from awe and... Read More


My Senior Nursing Experience Paper

By crestathewise - What Nursing Has Been And Is For Me Our nursing class has known about having to write this paper since the very first week of nursing school. We were divided into groups and the faculty that led our group read us the nursing experience paper they had chosen, with the writer anonymous of course, to help us foresee the journey we were about to embark upon and give us each a glimpse of the not-so-distant future. So, here I am a... Read More


Follow Your Dream!

By nurse grace RN - I always wanted to be a nurse as far back as I can remember. I know I put splints and bandages on my dolls; Mom told me. I graduated from high school already married with a baby, school was out of the question. Then, my marriage fell apart and I met my next husband and had another baby. I still wanted to be a nurse so badly. My husband laughed at me---"You a nurse, never going to happen". So, then that marriage disolved and there I was... Read More


Nursing: Taking Back Our Power

By Bugaloo - A few months ago, I wrote an article on Allnurses about dealing with annoying co-workers. During the time I wrote that article I was mired in negativity about my nursing career in general. I would wager a bet that every nurse has been there at least one time in their nursing career. I am not a positive person by nature. Unlike naturally positive people, I have to work at it. I want to be positive. I feel better when I am positive,... Read More


Forgetful Nurses and Older Moments

By mother/babyRN - :Forgetful Moments and Older Nurses… Getting older in nursing is just like getting older in real life. Sometimes it’s worse. It can be worse because not only are you charged with caring for older people and their physical, emotional and psychological changes; you are tasked with dealing with some of the same issues WHILE caring for others. The other night I drew some blood from a patient with routine orders post partum. Read More


A Day In ER

By ms.t - March 29, 2008 It was my usual day in the emergency room of a highly specialized hospital in the Philippines. Since I’m still new in the area, was the one assigned as an ambulance nurse which means that if there is a patient for ambulance conduction, I will be the nurse who will be accompanying the patient. On that day, at around 9:30 am, a patient was to be brought to another hospital for lab/pulmonary exam which was not... Read More


Tips for Human Nursing

By vadushkas_nurse - The list of things that I would share with new staff or those that may have forgotten why they became a nurse. :p REALLY LISTEN AND REFLECT, THEN YOU WILL LEARN: First of all I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to complete a grad initiative in acute care. This was an experience where I am paired with staff RNís for six months and in a way be mentored by them. At the time, having a new RN with me every shift was somewhat... Read More


What "REAL" Nursing Is All About

By jausgirl - :redbeatheFirst off I would like to say our clients, patients, and residents really on us for many things: N-urses wear many hats U-nderstand you don't know just how I feel R-eliable (don't make promises you may not be able to keep) S-ympathetic I-ndividualize my situation from everyone else N-oticing when something just isn't right G-rabbing on to the fact that you should help me even if i'm not on your assignment or even... Read More


Tips for Pediatric Nursing: For Every Heartache There Is A Reward

By oreo11 - Life as a Pediatric nurse can be very difficult at times. I remember being in nursing school and helping to participate in two different adult codes within a couple of hours of each other in the ICU. Later that day I went to post conference and recounted my experience to my instructors and the other nursing students. I was so excited because I got to do something “cool.” I got to do compressions! It was the happiest day of my life... Read More


Gringo's Question

By General E. Speaking, RN - Gringo’s Question The decision to further my education and become a Registered Nurse (R. N.) has affected my life in ways I would have never imagined. Twenty years ago, I did not have any aspirations of attending college. Like many others, I was not a particularly bad student; I just did not apply myself. When I learned of the Cosmetology program my high school offered to junior and senior students, I decided that was for... Read More


Lessons from an Autopsy (Warning: Graphic)

By LovingNurse - What, other than an A&P review, can a nurse gain from attending an autopsy? I wondered. This was certainly not my first post-mortem experience, but it was my first autopsy. I pretty much knew what to expect as far as the autopsy process, so I felt prepared for the format I would see. I did not know what type of case I’d be seeing and just hoped it wouldn’t be something that “hit too close to home” in my personal life. I knew my... Read More


LPN school: The First Year

By Ms Kylee - March 5, 2007. My first night of LPN Nursing School. I was sick to my stomach, nervous as a cat, and ready to quit before I started. Sheer determination made me walk through that door to the classroom and find a seat. Sheer stubbornness kept me coming back night after night, and giving up my weekends. It took me 40 years to get to that point. I had tried for 5 years to be able to enroll and take the spot where I was... Read More


Help with Care Plans

By rn/writer - Every single nursing diagnosis has its own set of symptoms, or defining characteristics. They are listed in the NANDA taxonomy and in many of the current nursing care plan books that are currently on the market that include nursing diagnosis information. You need to have access to these books when you are working on care plans. There are currently 188 nursing diagnoses that NANDA has defined and given related factors and defining... Read More