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My First Patient

by littleRNthatcould Like many 19 year olds, I didn't have a firm grasp on what I wanted to be when I grew up. The only... Read More


Lest We Forget

by Angie O'Plasty, RN i was in the process of discharging a patient. i thanked the patient and the family for being so... Read More


by FranEMTnurse When I was an EMT, and a CPR instructor, I always took extra classes in order to learn more. One... Read More

They Call Me The Swamp Nurse

by Nur_1996 They call me the swamp nurse. I work with male juvenile offenders ages 14-18. In Ochopee Florida... Read More

One Man

by ShannonRN09 Wrinkles adorned his face in all the right places that a man aged to his 70's should have. He... Read More

Learning a Life Lesson, The Hard Way

by vadushkas_nurse For me learning to strive for balance in my life is utmost important. I didn't know this when I... Read More

Family Centered Care in the ICU Through Open Visiting Hours

by RNPATL Nurses today have a unique challenge and opportunity to effectively balance the provisions of... Read More

Come on! Breathe!

by 2shihtzus So I've been at my new job for almost 3 weeks. I won't say that I like it. Truth be told, I hate... Read More

In my prayers

by awongaemtcc In Emergency Medicine we don’t get the lovey dovey stuff so often with patients. We see patients at... Read More

Why nursing was for me...

by awongaemtcc Most people grow up having a clear understanding as to what they want to be in life. It is the norm... Read More

A Place Of Safety

by nightmare A Place of Safety I have worked long term care for a long time; standing joke at work is that I am just waiting for them to offer me a... Read More


by nightmare Imagine You wake up slowly, open your eyes and……where am I? Four white walls, white door, brown door…….This is not my bedroom; where is... Read More

Health Website Analysis:

by VickyRN context the web resource is the world's largest nursing online community, with upwards of 280,000 members and 30,000 users daily.... Read More

Midas' Touch

by hollyhockstorm daughter had a hard time enunciating that word word that touches a heart, tries a tear, gives a lump in the throat. As... Read More

I could NEVER do PICU!!

by NotReady4PrimeTime This blog post serves as an explanation of why my career as a PICU nurse isn't something to simply survive, but an opportunity to serve the needs of... Read More

The Blue Gown Syndrome

by vadushkas_nurse I am almost four years into my career as an ER nurse and now concurrently working through the obstacles known as graduate school. I am constantly... Read More

"Nancy" and Babs

by Babs0512 On my way to work I usually got the "performance jitters" - you see, I was not the Nurse my patients saw each day, that was a role that I played; I... Read More

Shaving Cream & Expiration

by thisgirlsanurse I shaved a dead man today. I hadn't planned to. I'd planned to shave my patient. When I mentally scheduled his "bath appointment" for 1600, he... Read More

No patient should ever feel embarrassed.

by awongaemtcc I’m such a dork now that I think about it but I love my job. The evening started off well.. We were full and within 10 minutes of coming into work,... Read More

It'll be Alright. God's with them.

by RecoveringKite I have been an RN for 11+ years now. After 5 years of working in a rural small hospital, I thought it was time to break out to obtain experience in... Read More

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