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To Terminate or Not to Terminate

By Justhere - Sometime in your life time you may have to make a decision to terminate or continue life support for a family member. For one reason or another you may decide to continue with life support or you may have to decide to terminate it. This is usually a very difficult and heartbreaking decision for everyone to experience and decided. This is the story of “Baby”, the nickname his family gave him so affectionately. He was born in the... Read More


Story: CNA rags to CNA riches!

By degraypoole - Critical Care leads CNA to Nursing Degree Gift! I'm a CNA, at the bottom of the nursing profession's "totem pole"! My last assignment was as a 24/7 live-in caregiver. My client died of natural causes 12/31/2007. Three months into the assignment my client and I got into a discussion regarding my career path. I told him I wanted to continue my nursing career and become an LVN, with a long term goal of having my own small... Read More


Delight Thyself Nursing School at Last

By Daisykay - Delight Thyself LPN SCHOOL FINALLY! Psalms 37:4 “Delight thyself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart.” The strength and inspiration the above quotation has given me is unparalleled. I have found this to be true in numerous situations in my life. After being told time and time again how encouraging my story was to the people that I have shared it with, I feel obliged to also share with you. I had... Read More


Reflections of a New Grad

By la bellota - I had always felt that I had it in me to be a nurse. I had the heart. I had the courage. I had the brain. I thought I might have the stamina. A few months into the program, I realized…..that *I* was not going to make it through this alone. I read a lot of books. Stayed up lots of nights. Tried to make it. Struggled. Cried. Wept. And then I remembered to go to the Bible…the Greatest Reference. God made the world….surely he... Read More


Pay It Forward

By faltura - When you begin your career in healthcare, at some point you likely had someone you could call a mentor. If you were fortunate, you may have had more than one mentor. Whether that mentor was someone you found – or they found you – that special person helped guide you in some way as you were starting out. You may even have retained that relationship and friendship to this day. Maybe now is when you step up to help someone near you... Read More


My brother, James.

By tachybradyRN - My brother, James, had a rough time as a child. He was quite socially awkward, showing many of the characteristics of Asperger’s Syndrome (without ever being formally diagnosed). He was constantly teased and left out, which made for a desperate need for attention from his family. Sometimes, trying to always be his friend grew tiring, but I tried my best to be a good example and a loving older sister to him. I can remember countless... Read More


Till We Meet Again

By TiaKay - It seemed like it was going to be just another usual Sunday night on our med/surg floor where I work as a tech prior to starting nursing school in the fall. A 3-11 shift doesn’t include baths, but if the patient is incontinent of bowel, there’s a good chance that a tech will change the sheets, bath the patient, provide a clean gown several times in the course of the night. This can be an unpleasant task; let’s face it, being up to your... Read More


Seeing the letters 'RN' with new eyes

By SillyStudent - Not too long ago, I signed my name as "RN" for the first time. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I mentioned it to one of my co-workers, right after I did it. She said "AWWWWWW!" like you would coo at a child's accomplishments. She was delighted, and mentioned it to someone else. They grinned from ear to ear, and it was obvious that they remembered a similar moment in their own lives. I knew that signing those letters after my... Read More


Positive Reinforcement for the GN and the Nursing Student

By nurse grace RN - I remember my first day as a GN as if it was yesterday.... "I finally made it and what a rush"! I had a great day and couldn't wait to come back... This was so awesome and I was a NURSE! Well, guess what? Reality soon settled in and all of a sudden I felt like a ship lost at sea. No one helped me, my preceptor was condescending and wanted to know why I was so slow and stop teaching---get those meds out! Then, one day my world fell... Read More


Caring for unconscious patient.

By namzy - Nursing involves caring people with different ailments,caring for unconscious patient is critical care nursing. It is very important for a nurse to have understanding and wide knowledge as to what is affected to such a patient,for instance this patient wouldnot be able to carryout some activities of living such as feeding.It is therefore important for a nurse to know how and what to feed this patient. If the nurse does not know how to... Read More


This Is Intensive Medical Care!

By walk6miles - Has this happened to you? You walk into the nurse’s lounge, get your assignment; head out the door for report only to be told that you are getting a third patient who has been in the ED all day so “hurry up”. You get report on your two patients (rushing through the assessment as quickly as possible) and just as you go into the empty room assigned to your third patient, the phone rings and it’s for you. You put the phone down after... Read More


Just Another Code

By interleukin - A code is called…it’s the woman in room 11. Earlier, the paramedics found her--deep in the winter of her life--lying like a rag doll in a man’s lap. Shocks and drugs refocused her heart’s energy. She is whisked to the emergency room and then transferred intensive care. Now, the team of nurses and doctors stream in, prepared to wage war against the various demons of fate, or to some, the will of G-d. “Who is she,” asks a... Read More


A Nursing Dilemma

By kda340 - Nurses, When I was a student Nurse in the late 50’s, the educators in nursing started the movement to upgrade nursing from Florence Nightingale’s vocation ( “a calling”) to a professional status. They diligently and systematically phased out the diploma programs and moved nursing into the college setting. We were very proud of their success. However, they made a major mistake by keeping the clinical experience out of the... Read More


One Last Goodbye

By tvccrn - Working as a nurse in a very small rural hospital gives you a chance to get to know your patients. You meet them on the street, in the grocery store, and at school functions. They become more than a number or a disease process, they become neighbors and friends. Members of their family work beside you. One night as I was the charge nurse and the ER nurse all rolled into one, I received a call from the front desk that I had a... Read More


Fight Nursing Stress Through Inspiration

By Nurse_Advocate - Have you ever asked yourself “Do I work in the sickest, most unhealthy environment that anyone can work in OR do I actually work in the theater of the unsung hero in which the human will is constantly waiting to inspire me?” In other words, as nurses we see the terrible effects of disease on the human body and the human spirit. And sometimes it’s easy to slip into focusing only on the negative. But if you do that, then you’re at... Read More


Warning Nurses! Holding It All In Can Kill You!

By Nurse_Advocate - Have you ever wondered what the stress of nursing is doing to you? We know that stress causes cortisol levels to rise which raise our blood pressure, raise our blood sugar levels, increase our lipids, etc. Blah, Blah, Blah. The point of this article is not to teach you something you already learned in pathophysiology class. We know that high stress levels can cause weight gain and we know that obesity complicates every disease... Read More


Tip for General Nursing: Remembering the Person within the Patient

By sst73 - Often we overlook the most important aspect of our careers as nurses. In my observation of nurses dealing with patients on a day-in/day-out basis I have become attuned to the tendency of “mechanized” medical care as a commonplace occurrence. It is not an intentional practice as we have all chosen this career path due to our love of caring for individuals in need of help, but the practice is unacceptable nonetheless. In choosing a... Read More


My Litttle Blue Nursing Bag

By - Everyday when I leave for work, I pack my little blue bag. It is nothing special, just clear on one side, blue on the other and a zipper on the top. In it I have my swipe badge with the horrible washed out picure and my name and facility and that I am a nurse. In it also, are assorted pens. Pens that I have bought at Walmart, pens from pharmacy reps(my favorites), and pens that appear out of nowhere and find their way into my bag.... Read More