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The Grey Nurse

After graduation some fifteen years ago I failed to gain a position in an approved Graduate Nursing... Read More

Wearing A Nursing Cap - Not these days

Gone are the days when the nursing cap topped the white starched nursing uniform. It is a very... Read More

That Locked Door!

As a childbirth educator with an eighteen-month old son at home, I enjoyed getting to know the... Read More

Foley Fiasco!!

As I was thinking back over the years of funny stories I've lived as a nurse, two immediately... Read More

Doctor Loses Pants

All of us in OB had a soft spot for an elderly general practice physician that delivered babies at... Read More

Drool Nurse & the Lesson He learned

It was a usual week in the Cancer ward for a senior nursing student like me undergoing clinical... Read More

Inserting Urinary Catheters: OhFunny Nursing Story

I vividly remember a particular episode in nursing school which happened during our clinical... Read More

The Vaudeville Suturing Experience

Many years ago I worked in a small rural hospital that had had more than its share of motorcycle... Read More

My funny experience gaining experience with a "great learning opportunity"- SOAP SUDS

Opportunities to practice skills often came in waves with proclaimed "learning opportunity"... Read More

Late Preterm Infants (Part 2) - Hyperbilirubinemia

by Elvish

This next entry deals with hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice in the late preterm infant. Just to... Read More

"JAWS" - Medical breakthrough?

About 15 years ago, a young Dr. known for practical joke-playing, talked me into assisting him with one of his more outlandish tricks. I usually... Read More

Autopsy: Get Your Front Row Seats!

Don't you just hate it when someone picks on you just because you're the smartest and that it cramps their style? They would think of you as a... Read More

The patient I "slept" with.

Working 3rd shift as a CNA on the Med Surg floor was a great introduction to nursing for me. It had taught me many valuable lessons I was not able to... Read More

When good phone calls to the doctor, go bad.

We all have to call doctors at home sometimes, about our patients. Shoot, nowadays I have to do it about 3-4 times a night, on average. Being... Read More

Adam's Apples (An unforgettable clinical experience)

Working in a behavioral facility can be challenging and fun. As soon as I turn the key to open the last door to the Nurses's Station in our locked... Read More

White Lady

As a nurse in a big and prestigious university hospital in our country and who has been in the nursing profession for almost two decades, I have... Read More

Caught with his pants down :)

by hfdguy

I recently graduated from LPN school here in Connecticut, and I'll never forget the experience. I was one of 6 men who started the class, and one of... Read More

And whatever you do.... DON'T.. FALL... ASLEEP

for one year, i worked the night shift on an adult acute psychiatric unit, in a state hospital. actually, i worked night shift and night shift... Read More

The Hair Not There

Bustling out from another freshly finished triage encounter, I spin a corner and position myself in my chair, prepared to triage my next patient. I... Read More

Misadventure in The Hospital of Infectious Diseases

Warning: Contains events not suitable for those with a brainstem vomition center that's easily excitable (whatever). Misadventure in The Hospital... Read More