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The direct admit, a funny story.

by oramar

Early one morning I received notification that Dr. So&So was sending a patient, a female to our... Read More

The Mystery of the Denture Bandit(s)

We once had a denture bandit at the nursing home I worked at. Several patients dentures came up... Read More

Chocolate anyone???

Walking down the hall one Valentine's day I hear a little old lady calling out, "Chocolate anyone?... Read More

An Unbeating Heart

I woke to what was supposed to be a usual work day. How could I have known that in approximately 6... Read More

The day you died.........

The day you died your daughter came running outside as I pulled up in your drive. It was around 3... Read More

Why I'm a nurse

by alsal41

Well. Here I am. A nurse. An Endorsed Enrolled Nurse to be exact. At the age of 47, I've finally... Read More

My Stint In The ICU During Fallujah Attacks

At this time I am only a nursing student, but before I took this leap, I was an active duty soldier... Read More

The Weeping Turkey Diaries

It was a cold, snowy, and generally rotten Thanksgiving afternoon. I was especially thrilled to be... Read More

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

Hospice is not a word to be feared but a word that brings service, comfort, understanding and... Read More

How My Life Was Changed By One Patient

When I think about the patient that has changed my life the most, I am taken back to a time in my... Read More

Night Nurse: Just Call Me "Grace"

I once destroyed a patient room in less than five minutes. I'm not kidding. Now, I have been blessed with a good many talents, but the ability... Read More

Anniversary Interrupted...

I once had a husband and wife couple. It was my first week at the job and I was a brand new nurse working the night shift. My CNA was on her lunch... Read More

My Funniest Nursing Story....I Gotta Learn to Speak the Language!

by skwlpn

Ok everyone has one of those days when things just aren't going well. You know the one, where everything was routine yesterday is now like a foreign... Read More

Funny Nursing related Stories

Okay, my fellow nurses…….let me share my story. I only share this, mind you, so there may be a smile upon your face, the next time you are faced... Read More

Hospice Nurses The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Hospice: A program that provides palliative care and attends to the emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients at an inpatient... Read More

A&P Help...from my brain to yours!

So I've gotten several requests for copies of my AP here they are. These are all the ones I could find, so it's not EVERY body... Read More

Long term care nursing

I am a geriatric nurse. By choice. I have a BS in nursing from Rush University, 1978. I have a scattering of graduate credits in parent child... Read More

The Doctor who broke my heart, the patient who opened my eyes

Life is hard and income is meager in our country. Many took nursing course as a stepping stone out of poverty. I confess. I’m one of them… until... Read More

Singing with the Angels

by YelenaV

The best thing I like about Nursing is that our task is to aid in the restoration of the wholeness of a person. Yes, we are mainly concerned with... Read More

Be a Nurse

Before I ever thought about going to nursing school, I was a paramedic. Paramedics are taught suppress their emotions at all costs. Emotions take... Read More

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