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  1. 2 Hi Everyone! I am a new grad RN (taking NCLEX on 6/20!!!), and have been offered a job in the PACU at a local community hospital. I will be receiving 6+ months of training (SO AWESOME!) but am looking for some resources to start reading up on PACU basics before I start... any suggestions? I don't need basic basics (I have a strong critical care background) but I don't know much at all about PACU because most of my critical care experience has been in the ICU setting... I would prefer a good textbook, but am open to good websites too!! Thank you so much!!!
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    Try any the resources for ASPAN. There is a Certified Peri Anesthesia Nurse (CPAN) test and a really nice study guide with lots of questions and answers. When working in PACU remember your ABC's, Bleeding and Pain.

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