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  1. Our hospital has all the usual hospital sounds. Monitors, beepers, phones, paging system ect. However the one noise which we can control is the biggest problem. The constant personal conversations between staff.
    It is always the same people. Loud talkers who can never come up for air. They continue to carry these conversations on over pt.s who are waking up or even if they are wide awake. I find it embarrasing when my pts. have to hear it. Repeated request to have them lower their voice have proved fruitless. Management agrees it is a problem but yet will not deal with these offenders one on one. Just broad statements at staff meeting. "We all need to keep our voices lower". I don't think this is going to change, just needed to see if it happens elsewhere and how you deal with it. (Have thought of wearing my I Pod but decided that it would not be a good idea)
    If I woke up hearing someone talking about their paycheck, legal issues or what ever the woes of the day are I would be sure to write a letter.
    I feel better already!
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  3. by   ativanni
    We had the same problem. We cut down on some of the lighting we were using, turned some of the overheads off. BIG difference! Some reason DARK tells everyone these people are sleeping.