Med-surg to PACU transition

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    Hi everyone. I have been a med-surg nurse for 2 1/2 years. This was my first job after receiving my RN degree. I have been approached and recruited by the PACU department to consider working in PACU. I will be shadowing a nurse this week. How difficult is it to transition to PACU from med-surg? I will need to get EKG training and ACLS. To be honest, I am just getting comfortable in my med-surg position. However, I love the idea of weekends and holidays off. Also, I live directly across the street from the hospital so being on call is no issue. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Being recruited to PACU with limited RN experience and no ICU/critical care is unusual. Obviously they see something in you that they like and it is a fantastic opportunity. You will learn more in six months than you have in your entire life. I would jump on this, as it can be difficult to get into PACU without experience. I would start looking at ACLS and care of the perioperative patient if you decide to take it. Good luck!

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