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Help making a decision

  1. 0 I have been an RN for 16 months now and have had a hard time finding a position. I have been working PRN as a school nurse, a one to one nurse for medically fragile children and in OR/PACU settings (mostly PACU). I would say that I have about 3 months of ambulatory PACU experience total and those are for women's health, orthopedic and plastics types of surgeries. I was offered a travel position at a prestigious hospital and I am wondering if I should take it. Before I became a nurse, I was in EMS for 8 years. I will be in ambulatory surgery at this facility. I really want to take it and hope that it will be a good experience. I won't get much orientation and that worries me. Any advice please.
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    I think you have a strong background.
    It also appear you have enough flexibility to travel.

    If this "prestigious" hospital is willing to give you a chance, you should also give yourself a chance.

    However.. I am concerned about which prestigious facility this is.
    I took my first travel position for a well know hospital.. it had a different set of challenges.
    Feel free to pm me.