1. 0 Have a question for all the PACU nurses out there. Do you always wear gloves while taking care of your patients? If not then why and if yes then why? Thanks in advance.
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    Nope. I do try to have them on when receiving a new patient. That's the point at which the most bodily fluids are flyin' in my experience (esp. saliva w/ coughing and removal of airway adjuncts). Sometimes the bedding/gown is pretty bloody depending upon how messy the case was.

    But once I've done my initial assessment the gloves stay off unless I'm doing something that warrants them. I absolutely hate the feeling of gloves and my hands get sweaty.
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    I hate working with gloves, but always wear them when dealing with infectious cases, and if the diagnosis is TB or hepatitis, will also wear a fluid shield mask.

    It's always a good policy to don gloves for the immediate reception of the patient, and especially those kiddies who've had dental extractions or adeno-tonsillectomies.

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