Does anyone work in a pediatric PACU? Does anyone work in a pediatric PACU? | allnurses

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Does anyone work in a pediatric PACU?

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    I just applied for a job in a pediatric PACU at a children's hospital in my area. I currently work in PACU with primarily adult patients as we don't have a "real" PEDS department at my hospital. We occasionaly recover peds patient's who have had anesthesia for MRI or have had minor orthopedic surgeries. I think this may be my dream job! I have always wanted to work in pediatrics but this children's hospital where I'm applying has very LOW turnover, so this is the first job opening I've seen there in 6 years (as an external applicant) that wasn't 3rd shift and I'm really excited that I may be able to get it! I'm just curious if anyone has ever worked strictly in a PEDS PACU and what it was like? Did you like it? Let me know what you think. I'll keep you posted. I just applied today:-)
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    I work in a Peds PACU. It's a good job, easy work with occasional moments of tension. I'll send you a msg.